Sights And Sounds

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Thousands of rays of sun upon me fell,
As rain with her soothing sounds away from me ran,
And to the dancing rays asked,
From which lover you stole that warmth.

Every step with care laid,
As away the crickets jumped,
The fresh mowed lawn under the legs kissed,
As through plains the body mind carried.

The little stream in steadiness flowed,
The humming birds from flower to flower flown,
The wood pecker in haste again and again pecked,
The tree held the hands of wind and swayed.

From the small pond mama frog hopped,
And under the dead willow wood hid,
The wild cat in disappointment looked,
As the Cardinal after sharpening his beaks whistled.

These sights and sounds always took mind in a journey,
A journey in which foot always ahead laid,
But ageless soul rejuvenates when relived,
The wonders I thought with the childhood days gone.

The rejuvenated soul through the wilderness wandered,
Wilderness of a world made wicked by men and women,
Ah’ what wonderful ways well paved lay empty,
As journeys traveled were to inside than material.

Time the healer of all stood by and laughed out loud,
As the paths went on an on interweaving with others,
Ah’ life all through time and space played,
A melancholic melody in the rhythm of a broken heart.

The feelings of affection a soul to bury again, tried,
But the mockery of life evolved into romantic clarity,
Oh’ dreams that wept and slept all around woke,
But abandoned them all and observed to write a new verse.

The verse that will tell the story of love in everything new,
And one by one stories based on past with the new girl wrote,
As back into loneliness fell to tell the stories loud and clear,
In soliloquy and abandoned like a tree leaves the leaves in fall.

But every story that left a mark in heart that ached,
And the paths took turns to reality and fantasy surprisingly,
Echoes from past, though brutally suppressed still rang devilish bells,
Ah’ every playful push by her gave birth to demons that hid my love,

Away from my heart to doubts and indiscipline and past acts of failure,
And again and again she pushed to stay out of sight making me an unbeliever,
Of love, romance and every good that comes from every act of care.
Oh’ prayers failed as passions eroded and the demons danced in ecstasy.

Winter fell ill as the armies of Spring defeated the frost and cold,
All the feelings she pushed away under the icy cold lake,
Started flowing as Spring erased all that blocked,
Mind found ways to kill every demonic thought and found a new prayer.

Oh’ those sights and sounds that echoed from the childhood days,
Joined hands with the singing Spring to erase every mark,
To rejuvenate heart into love when looked into the bright eyes of her,
One last time romance prepared the story of love that forever unites us.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2018.

Photo by Hai Phung on Unsplash

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