Hide Not Within Forgetfulness

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Mother Nature kept her eyes closed,
As darkness all around loomed,
Winter a season many don’t want to feel
And in the season of winter upon your eyes I looked,
And warmth of care and love cloaked me.

In your warm smiles and caring words woke,
Nature all around earlier than Almanac spoke,
Nesting birds as if in meditation sang to bring rain,
In the spring rain upon your eyes I looked,
Nature stealing colors for flowers I saw.

Sun from far joined Nature’s dance,
The glitters of morning dew spread,
The pollens all around flown,
In the summer warmth upon your eyes I looked
And calm and cool the restless mind became.

Realities to my mind rushed,
Rationales in soliloquy argued,
Then I sang, forget me not O’ darling,
Forget me not, for in your heart resides,
The loving heartbeat of mine.

Enslave the body,
Enslave the actions,
Enslave the speech,
But when it comes to soul,
In love surrender it for you I will.

Hide not O’ Darling, hide not,
For in the blink of your eyes I feel,
The breath of mine synchronized,
Every breath of mine in penance I surrender,
For the gladness of yours O dear.

A thousand dreams I can weave,
But they all on the smile less face of yours will melt,
So forever to keep you smile I pledge,
So hide not if any feelings for me you have,
Spread to my mind the calmness of autumn dusks.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

Photo by JD Mason on Unsplash

Video Of Zane Reciting The Poem. The Intro is pretty long.

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