The Girlfriend

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Blog Post About This Poem – Please Read This Before Reading This Poem.The silence took a life on its own at dawn, Dragging through the man-made pollutants came, Rays of light many as new hope seen, But for most just another day, a step into future.So one would think life prettified in every moment, The brutality of it none ever ventured to learn, Such was the life of a man in my past I knew, Who lived life neither touching the brutality nor being touched by it.Into that dawn from all love filled and nitty witty dreams he woke, Leaving flying kisses to a beauty that reflected her beauty in his smile, Telling her to wake up in versified words just for her he wrote, “Wake up dear to feel more love of mine in the conscious world.”.Then to her about the day ahead he spoke, About the morning meetings and lunch with the contractors, And the meeting late afternoon with the banker for mortgage, “Will be back early honey and I will cook some food you love.”.The morning chores and the breakfast fast ate, During those running around aloud he sang, “Darling of darlings who as an image in mind sprouted, You my dear, in time became dearest than life.”.Life in him filled thoughts about how to make her happy, Life for him filled with talks to her and talking about her, Daytime, work-time, Ah’ back in his mind about her he thought, And when all that burden freed in those little moments he weaved.Weaved dreams that filled the happy thoughts of life, Where they both championed each other’s hearts and erased, Unhappiness of the raw and bare life people failed to live, Ah’ then back to reality that gave him another reason, a new lesson.The day passed by and late evening danced to the arrival of night, Twilight surrounded him who only found the beauty of her, In every bit of living life, accessories and unknown life, Anything in his mind without her image, no sense can complete.The night arrived and enacted a dark episode with patches, Of stars and moon, Oh’ they too filled in him her beauty. Then the lucky angels filled his heart with dreams to see, When sleep slowly caressed his aging cheeks.About an early morning meeting to her he spoke, And his side bed lamp he turned off and time stood, To feel once more the lover who fell deep into sleep, The other side bed lamp remained on with that side of bed,Oh’ empty remained as the lover fell deeper and deeper into dreams.©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.
Many days, many months waited for her in front of hot tea, Many faces I saw at none I looked, as she defined the love in me. Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

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