Know Her, Seasons.

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Sincerity, Oh’ if you were a human you will have,
The face of my darling, the smile of my dearest,
For upon the face of her I always wish in prayers,
To see the prettiest smiles for which tirelessly I work.

Sanctity, Oh’ if you were a human you will adore,
The heart and soul of a woman, who weaves my dreams,
Every day with a new thread in her own heart she weaves,
And in the beat of her heart I listen and in my mind’s eyes see.

Commitment, Oh’ if you were a human you will be me,
For through my eyes a soul the world will see,
A soul that took her image, a soul that in love for her fills,
Every sense that touches my senses, the knowledge of her.

Days spread out weeks and weeks to months of romance,
Love, they say, “Is an ocean in which one will be lost”,
Lost I am not but, Oh’ touch of your lovely heart I gained,
A heart I know a little more, day and night in my romance.

Ah’ the air is warm; light is bright to carry my love to you.

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Unforgettable Inspiration.

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The blue jay as if in a flow of music from a flute, flew,
The winds in counterpoint played the leaves like violins,
Her wings fluttering through the falling dew rhymed,
With beating hearts of lovers, holding breathe in prayers.

The sun from his hiding spot behind clouds sneaked,
As if soft fingers upon a harp glided swiftly,
Ah’ music through nature up and down danced,
And romancing smiles upon hopeful lovers sprouted.

Stillness and silence have left the valley of the lovers,
All that fell in the fall and froze in the winter, forgotten,
The cheering sprouts up to heave looked as if in thankfulness,
For the spreading prosperity, of land, air, and the singing river.

The inspiration to live longer and longer, happier and happier,
Ah’ shook the whole body into forgetfulness of reality,
The unreal looked and sounded like the real but then we know,
Oh’ all that we imagined as unreal ah’ in real unfolded.

Unreal to real, happier to unhappier, ah’ life can seesaw,
Clouds can conceal, yet light from sun still will reach,
Nature can unfold the magnificence of a mighty creation,
All will make man a forgetful creature of flesh and blood.

Yet, inspiration from unreal and real, happier and unhappier came,
Not to forget the one true inspiration to construct happier thoughts,
A smile and bright eyes, a heart and fantastic soul, and beauty that fills,
Every bit of nature a man through all his senses feels, your face.

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In A Coffin

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The sky over the cityscape floated,
Mind felt looking upside down at the world,
And over the landless lake moved,
Clouds, to heal the wrath and crimes,
Upon the passed by lands seen.

The pained, and painning, cruelty, and kindness,
The dreamers, and dreams, the fulfilled, and failed,
Laughters, and tears, smirks, and smiles,
Oh’ emotions of humans outshined even the thunderbolt,
The cry of the shattered dream unheard, deliberately.

The clouds scattered into the darkness of night who spread,
His wings across plains, and plateaus, and mountains, and seas,
Life for many a drama of upon a floating stage filled,
With unanswered questions, and unpredictable actions.
The scream of the soul pierced, ah’ beyond human hearing.

Dawns came, noons flourished, lives lived, but for the unloved,
Blooms bloomed, dusks came, nights widespread, but still failed,
To feel the heart, to feel the soul, and for eternity pain unfold,
What better curse an unloved can have than being unloved?
Fail their dreams, siege them and make them feel, in a coffin.

Lifeless dreams, dreamless lives, compassionate hearts lay wreaths,
Define to heavens compassion, after broken hearts fall and buried,
Define to the world, what charity pays dues, for shattered dreams,
Oh’ dear, the dearest no more love can be sought without your face,
For I know none can ever come anywhere close to the way you love.

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Footprints No Time Can Erase.

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Innocence in the early age that comes,
From all corners of the world to you,
As majority of the Earth with water covered,
Surround you and even in that walking in solitude,
Through the wooded paths of life and you turn,
To look back at paths passed and footprints left.

The wonders seen in a world in all chaos still beautiful,
The wonders heard in all the screams that still echoes,
The wonders learned, all tools of life to be lived,
Everything one element in a flight of fantasy in a journey,
No details ever mattered as through life in a hurry flown,
Into that seaside, where nothing ever ends but a new beginning.

Innocence all through the wonders of life danced,
When moment of happiness, sadness, and anger clutched,
Innocence teaching to laugh at all as silly little things,
Teaching to see little things big and heavenly send,
Teaching to open heart into bigger than the known big,
Of the universe and receive life’s blessing one element at a time.

A path that leads to an inevitable dusk,
Where in the same way one came to the wonders of world,
Solitude awaits for the cheerful, the broken hearted, and the mute,
Solitude one feels as every sunset one watches, silence inside grows,
Silence that brings meanings unknown to the forefront of mind,
Where pain and passion evolves into the gain and compassion.

Every step passed a stop on a rough road in the long journey,
The rough pebbles pained the legs, yet, the paths must be passed,
Even upon pebbles, a footprint we all must leave without leaving none,
The inevitable end one must not care about, for, beyond it, all unknown,
When walking sideways I begin, in the sight of footprints I remember
The love for you I carried in my heart left footprints no time can erase.

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The Power Of Verses.

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The night wrapped the world around me and suppressed,
Every bit of light and brought eyes sleepy chaos.
Then to the coming dream I asked,
“Do you know the pain of a broken heart?”

Silence surrendered me to the darkest part of the dark,
Where even the phantoms of the world dare to embark
Then I felt a movement in the passions that surrounded,
And to my sleep and my conscience a tweeting voice spoke.

“Have you ever felt the beginning of the winds,
That twirls and explode the atmosphere and becomes a storm?
Have you ever known the pain of a mother,
Who lost her child before the child known the world?

Have you ever felt the first touch of the first leaf of fall?
Have you ever woke from a dream in which you lost,
A fight with an unknown enemy whom you can never know?
All that together brings, a grain of pain what a broken heart feels”.

With very question of the tweeting voice I saw,
The reality of the answer that in my eyes came,
And stayed until a drop of tear filled my eyes,
Except the pain of a mother that I will never know.

Into darkness I woke, hearing the sounds of heaters,
I know no dream hold me down oppressed,
Ah’ through the day into the next night I slept.
For a dream to speak eight lines of verses of present reality.

Conscience questioned my life as a poet and a lover,
And to him I said, “Feel the peace that comes to us,
When with a broken heart every night to sleep I fall,
But with the power of love in verses every time I wake,

The power of verses found only in my love for her.”.

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Flashes Of Happiness.

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When eyes are moist, a silhouette of you I still see.
The sprouted anguish at a fate well written,
Yet, misunderstood by my mind as a romantic feelings,
Championed every emotion, but still blurred vision.

The foggy weather through the air spread,
Wind rested upon pine trees as if in fear,
Oh’ is it from my anguish at fate or in quarrel,
With my fate, everyone misunderstood as my mischief?

My actions, my fate and, a world at odds with my love,
“Time will never slow down” they say, ah’ my time paused,
All I did for the world and you at me to frown,
Where words beaded in verses saying “I love you”.

The changed times and minds all around us scatter,
The face of life reddened and faces of us in love smiled,
Fools we will be if our eyes we keep off from each other,
Let us be the champions of each other in life and love.

The world one day around us may perish into dust,
We will perish to dust with each other’s love some day,
But ah’ my love for you I know will not perish in time,
Nor will be stolen by anyone here and hereafter.

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Writer’s Romance.

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The empty sheets so pale yet so pure looked,
Ah’ no metaphor can bring the heart of a poet,
To a paper nor could any singer could sing,
His pain, as his imagination across the universe spread.

From darkness to blankness and to black and white,
Oh’ “every image carries a thousand words” they say,
Every verse of a poet sprouts a thousand images in minds,
Of readers who imagines and completes the poetry.

Some writers to artificial imagery fall,
Oh’ intoxicated minds they lose reality,
Some fall for addiction to fame and fortune,
Ah’ falling life through fingers they can’t control.

Then there are those who with emotions play,
Oh’ not any addiction or artificial imagery they seek,
Through reality of space and time they move and write,
Life in its essence, gladness they take from a bit of love.

Romance many write as romance they do,
When balance of reality and emotions in timelines fit,
Ah’ a writer of romance or a lover who is loved.
Oh’ what he should be becomes a terrible dilemma.

Fell back then looked ahead, then looked deeper,
Ah’ those eyes, those lips, the masquerading make up,
That smile, those little frowning, the anger, the gladness,
Ah’ always will be a lover who at times may write his love.

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Loving The Unknown, Unknowingly.

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The winds tried a dance with the golden rays,
But the shy girl through swaying branches eluded,
The touch of wind through the leaves swirled,
And lightened the touch with sprouting leaves.

Oh’ Nature you are the mother who touches a mind,
With love for a doubting mind and, burns,
Like the setting sun and then all night dreams,
Then wake up with the rising sun with rejuvenated love.

Oh’ Nature you are the one who held the hands,
When none else stood by and held hands in pride,
And all gave looks and murmurs of doubts and dread,
Always shown life in full, raised when fell in despair.

Though her mind an ocean of wonderful mysteries,
Loving the unknown, unknowingly through the known,
Shown, touched and, taught what her love means,
Ah’ even the darkness you have shown beautified her soul.

The world around, the life around ah’ all in witness stands,
Some knows; most in their own affairs lost to notice,
The pain of a heart that in every beat rhymes,
With her love, who knows his love and smiles at hope.

Oh’ Nature, who wraps Earth with seasons,
Teach her how a heart feels, how a man aches,
How hands thrives a touch and eyes fills in her image,
And a soul for her happiness and love dedicated.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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The Dream Translator.

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Oh’ my love, my fantastic feelings define you,
The good and bad in me passionately refines you,
Ah’ the world wish and maybe you brutally wish I can betray,
My conscience and yours by feeling another in my heart.

Love for me is not a toy I play with and sleep leaving it,
Especially my love for me defined and refined me to be yours,
Oh’ a tyrant I am to my own feelings to hold you tight,
In a heart broke but in hue of a smile for my memory you gave.

The worldly ways, so fanciful they maybe for all,
The ways of mine so feisty maybe for worldly ways,
But that which defines me ah’ they origin in my soul,
And blend into my blood and flesh and becomes me.

The very essence of you in love or in dislikes,
Ah’ in my own senses they defined and became me,
So leave I cannot, you from my senses as you are my love,
How can I leave my own self as my love lives me?

So love me or not Oh’ live your life with happiness filled,
In no fear or in any remorse about me you may feel,
Empty my time will not be as myself repeatedly refines,
Thoughts into dreams and dreams into poetry translated.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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Colors Of Drowned Dreams.

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The sun up in the further sky like a one eyed car shined,
The winter clouds froze up seeing the might of each other,
Houses like addicts in quest for uncontrollable highs, smoked.
Horizons filled with loneliness like an exotic dancer, undressed.

About passing days, no knowledge in passions I seek,
For in them the fortunes and misfortunes of other souls, reside,
Just as an onlooker bothered by none, bothering none, I rest,
Ah’ dreams in many combinations into my life I painted.

Most dreams as dreams they lived and in occasions woke,
Some died as time added numbers to my growing age,
Some where drowned compassionless by a hurrying crowd,
Oh’ they know not the mind of their own or the painter’s soul.

Those dreams they drowned where I painted my love,
As those were painted with words in verse, I weaved,
None cared, none lived it, none ever understood.
Colors of those drowned dreams, Oh’ in your rejecting eyes I saw.

Oh’ dreams are like seeds in winter times,
Like pieces of marble under the frozen grounds they lay,
But when through the times of warmth Earth tilt and moves,
I pray colors of those drowned dreams will fill your love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved -2019.

Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash