A Lesson She Taught

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All the lights of night in the brightness of her eyes faded,
Ah’ this is not a dream as the pot hole I stumbled,
Poetically gave pain which in a moment erased,
When dreams about togetherness in depths of mind weaved.

Daybreak prayed for me to gain her gaze,
Ah’ those prayers with the dew melting failed,
Bright morning sun for me to be her wish prayed,
Those prayers by the clouds from north consumed,
And as snow all around her showered.

With no prayers to her I approached,
With no intentions her welfare I asked,
The pebble in the stream in rolling sounds said,
“Wait not O’man wait not,
For her life to material life forfeited,
Her senses to the feeling of love forever sealed,
No learning of any kind to paths to you she can learn,
So speak no ill of her,
See not the bad of her,
And wait not for her love.”
And the pebble rolling and rolling sang,
Sang a song of prayers to save my soul.

Mindless to become I tried,
But nothing in my life I learned shown,
How to be mindless, uncaring and hurtful and walk away,
Oh’ through her eyes her soul I searched,
And to her from the depths of my soul I whispered,
The way to life from soul in spirituality live,
And to material fulfillment in paths united to eternity.

At her the sweetness of poetry every day I sang,
Teaching her to live from soul not from heart,
To her in verses I spoke,
To live a life taking what one needs,
Not what one wants and dreams,
Every bit of life to her in living I’ve shown,
Oh’ every lesson the pebbles and winds to all corners took,
And the world learned and waited,
Waited for the lessons of purity she can teach,
Lessons of life to her in every way I explained,
She taught none as in through her material ways she danced,
And every bit of true love from her she erased,
Then she taught a lesson none ever want to learn,
Ah’ she taught me well how to cry in silence.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2011.

The Fallen Lover.

Oh’ I look at those eyes with tears in my eyes filled,
And think about the days, in which I loved,
Though the merry feelings in my heart you left,
Brings image of you stand holding the light in your hands,
Light upon your face reflecting,
Those lovely lips, straight nose upon which some shadow fell,
Those rose colored cheeks, pointy chin,
Irregular eyebrows, brown hair in candle light as reddish seen,
But those eyes as little shiny ones in the image I see,
But deeper than the vast outer space mankind ever known,
Now in that image I see no love in your eyes for me,
No love in your eyes for me O dear,
All I felt, misunderstandings of a mind lost in fantasy.
Tired hands never rose to wipe away those tears.

Why did I loved you, for what I loved you,
Oh’ God, why did I ever met her and took her in my mind,
And cared for her more than anyone ever cared for her,
From falling in love with her Oh’ God why you never stopped me,
If ever the charm of that soul I ever swayed,
Oh’ forever in my own curse, my life will crush,
As for the wonderful soul she is no forgiveness I deserve.

Never for her words will I wait,
As forever I will remain in dark searching for more darkness,
And forever my own shadows I will curse,
For the wishes, hopes, dreams and my moth eaten soul,
Filled with only her image and love only for her.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

The Floating Effigies.

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The small waves upon the foot rolled,
As face by the wind caressed,
The floating lilies around facial reflection danced,
As a smile with sarcasm filled, upon my face sprouted.

The ripples like dragon tails wagged,
As some rooster from far, lust filled screamed,
Oh’ the echoes of those screams drowned,
And lilies their dance continued.

Sitting by the shore I remembered,
A poem in melancholic thoughts I wrote,
About poems of many kinds I read,
And that poem on a lily leaf I wrote,
And in the lake waves to float I left.

Walked I further, beside the lake in the evening sun glittered,
And a floating plank of wood I found,
I recited aloud a poem in gladness I wrote,
That poem upon that piece of wood I wrote,
And in the lake waves to float I left.

Oh’ past I remembered when Sun beyond west dived,
And many memorable lines upon dead leaves I wrote,
And in the lake waves to float I left.

All that brought a wonderful face in every corner of soul filled,
All those floating leaves, wood planks like effigies near to me came,
When about the realities I thought,
The poem of that future in short waves of lake I wrote,
And left into the woods with darkness filled.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Plea Of The Lost Lover

Solo dancer will you show me steps?
Steps expressed the feelings from your heart.
Oh’ follow I will upon those foot prints,
As first steps to your heart.

Serene Singer, will you hum a tune in your heart born?
A tune to this spring wind counterpoint,
Leaving loving feelings in the minds of all living,
For me to image your love in tune with my verse.

Silent lover a heartbeat of love will you give?
A beat with the feelings of this fading spring rhymes.
And blow life into every soul in hope,
A beat a billion more times for heart to beat inspire.

Sketching artist, will you draw the eyes of mine,
So that those eyes can look at you at least once in real,
As choices have taken you far,
Far away from my love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2018

Sights And Sounds

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Thousands of rays of sun upon me fell,
As rain with her soothing sounds away from me ran,
And to the dancing rays asked,
From which lover you stole that warmth.

Every step with care laid,
As away the crickets jumped,
The fresh mowed lawn under the legs kissed,
As through plains the body mind carried.

The little stream in steadiness flowed,
The humming birds from flower to flower flown,
The wood pecker in haste again and again pecked,
The tree held the hands of wind and swayed.

From the small pond mama frog hopped,
And under the dead willow wood hid,
The wild cat in disappointment looked,
As the Cardinal after sharpening his beaks whistled.

These sights and sounds always took mind in a journey,
A journey in which foot always ahead laid,
But ageless soul rejuvenates when relived,
The wonders I thought with the childhood days gone.

The rejuvenated soul through the wilderness wandered,
Wilderness of a world made wicked by men and women,
Ah’ what wonderful ways well paved lay empty,
As journeys traveled were to inside than material.

Time the healer of all stood by and laughed out loud,
As the paths went on an on interweaving with others,
Ah’ life all through time and space played,
A melancholic melody in the rhythm of a broken heart.

The feelings of affection a soul to bury again, tried,
But the mockery of life evolved into romantic clarity,
Oh’ dreams that wept and slept all around woke,
But abandoned them all and observed to write a new verse.

The verse that will tell the story of love in everything new,
And one by one stories based on past with the new girl wrote,
As back into loneliness fell to tell the stories loud and clear,
In soliloquy and abandoned like a tree leaves the leaves in fall.

But every story that left a mark in heart that ached,
And the paths took turns to reality and fantasy surprisingly,
Echoes from past, though brutally suppressed still rang devilish bells,
Ah’ every playful push by her gave birth to demons that hid my love,

Away from my heart to doubts and indiscipline and past acts of failure,
And again and again she pushed to stay out of sight making me an unbeliever,
Of love, romance and every good that comes from every act of care.
Oh’ prayers failed as passions eroded and the demons danced in ecstasy.

Winter fell ill as the armies of Spring defeated the frost and cold,
All the feelings she pushed away under the icy cold lake,
Started flowing as Spring erased all that blocked,
Mind found ways to kill every demonic thought and found a new prayer.

Oh’ those sights and sounds that echoed from the childhood days,
Joined hands with the singing Spring to erase every mark,
To rejuvenate heart into love when looked into the bright eyes of her,
One last time romance prepared the story of love that forever unites us.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2018.

Photo by Hai Phung on Unsplash

My Darling

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From far, far away my mind thrives for you,
To see those eyes, to hear those words from you,
Beauty that all kinds of perfection defines,
And glow in every way in purity divine.

The essence of all happiness in this world,
Life of every hope in this world,
In the liveliness of those eyes resides,
And the pained in your beauty confides.

Oh’ so long I was thinking about you,
So long I was thinking about you,
I was thinking about you O My Darling.

The flame upon every heart that you spread,
When seen your eyes, in my mind happiness spreads,
And to my mind I say,
Calm down now, without a sway.

Candles, colors, balloons and creams,
None can hide your soul that streams,
Passions my mind, absorb and writes,
And for your arrival my mind waits,

Oh’ so long I was waiting for you,
So long I was waiting for you
I was waiting for you O My Darling.

In the gloom of life for lucky stars I searched,
No way any of them, my life fetched,
All blessings to my life came,
But unloved and uncared, shadow of truth life became.

Every way the unloved life stretched,
To find peace of mind I again searched,
From darkness to my life you came,
The true warrior angle you became,

Oh’ So long I was looking for you,
So long I was looking for you,
I was looking for you O My Darling.

So long I was thinking about you,
So long I was waiting for you,
So long I was looking for you, O My Darling.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2006.

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The Abandoned.

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The walks facing the setting sun buries,
The pain of the day and sometime some pathos come,
As a tune or and a line or two in that tune I may sing,
On that day when to bury a pain I tried,
Sung these lines in a tune in my mind sprouted.

“You the one from view faded,
The one behind the veil of past hidden,
Oh’ glory of yours always will fill,
In the smile filled memories of those days.”.

Yeah, smile filled were those days,
Smiles given and taken in hopes and dreams,
And about those days only this I can say.

“Didn’t I waited for love,
Waited and waited and in waiting I waited,
Ah’ in through waiting birthed,
Dreams of all kinds with you.

Every dream ended with a new flower shown,
In images of your silhouette made,
A God given gift of beauty and charm,
Spreading into the depths of soul.

The full moon in dark you became,
Erasing every bit of darkness from my soul,
And in the moonlight birthed wishes,
Wishes by those moonlight kissed.

Every sense of mine filled,
With dancing scenes nature shown,
And the heart every sense filled,
With wishes seen in the light of your face.

The wishes grew green like the sprouts of spring,
And they waited for the rain to bring flowers,
But no blessing of rain came, no sign of daylight,
And for the wishes to flower no spring time given.”

When walking alone through well paved paths,
Empty hands inside pockets placed,
Searching for the reasons why wishes no spring time seen,
Once more from my mind rise my own song,

“You the one from view faded,
The one behind the veil of past hidden,
Oh’ glory of yours always will fill,
In the smile filled memories of those days.”.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

A New Spring Bloom.

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A New Spring Bloom.

Dragged down from the world of imaginations when you told,
Love left the nest we built and only anger and bitterness remains.
Silent I stood as in haste you dragged your aching heart.

The unfortunate, the misunderstood and in despair I lived,
To know more about me and more about the world.
Ah’ I learned there is gladness in every event.

The happiness I found made me more important than the sadness you gave,
My love never touched your heart nor any love sprouted out of yours,
Lifeless minds around you made you numb to the affections of mine.

As the spread out world fast moved round and round through time,
Ah’ what fantastic images to my conscience came and bloomed,
But all faded to the frozen winters of my memories about you.

Metaphors and similes filled mind back to romantic imaginations,
And bitterness and anger melted to soothe the aching heart,
Ah’ spring morning dew bloomed a face into my love.

A face I thought in veils of colors and creams covered,
Oh’ the dream shown without the worldly masquerades,
Slowly like spring she bloomed my heart in verse filled smiles.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2016.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Smile Of The Snowman

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Smile Of The Snowman.

The mid-winter evening fell prey to the gathering,
Of the dark clouds from west came and spread,
All around the horizon like an invading army.
Then upon everything fell, the white mischief of nature.

The next morning woke up to a feet of snow,
Then in the fun of all took birth the snowman,
His big bulky belly and thin hands,
No clothes but a hat, but all smiled at the well-drawn smile.

He stood like the warrior guarding the town,
The freeze gave him more life every day,
All who looked at him smiled and walked by,
And kids and grownups all at him waved.

The freeze went with the arrival of the nesting days,
The trees shook away the last bit of frost,
Little birds squeaked with all their body strength,
The snowman went underground as only his hat can be seen.

As flowers bloomed and later warmth of summer came,
In golden evenings everyone scattered in summer fun,
The games of love once more played with full hands,
And love left with the golden rays of the evening sun.

When the soul was once more left unloved,
Looking at the dusty torn hat I remembered,
The only realistic smile my mind can remember,
The smile of the snowman in that winter freeze.

©LonelyPoet. All Rights Reserved. 2009. This poem is part of a book “Flames From Frost”. A compilation of poems written during winter times.

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A New Poem.

Some people are very good at romance. Some people are really pathetic at romancing. The problem with extremes of both is .. it is very boring. Now this problem can come from many aspects.. Sometime even the best of the best can crumble in front of a potential partner(Male or female) because of circumstances. One example, I met this girl a while back and the very first time I saw her I felt attracted to her. The issue is the elusiveness of life took her away. Now I see her everyday still there is that elusive part where I cannot talk to her, she is not free, when she is free I am not free. Every bit of reasons comes and takes us away from each other. This is in many ways interesting and challenging. But there are times it becomes utterly boring. Earlier today when the temperatures with windchill felt like about -9F I took a walk to see her and talk to her. Hmmm nope, missed her totally. I came home and tried many distractions (Good, bad and dirty) naaa nothing working… then I opened this poem.. The first stanza was written a while back and I finished it.. Though a bit lame, Opposite thinking worked.


Walk through the beach hand in hand
Fill the air with scent of romance
Ah’ promises to own conscience unkept
As the waves erased our footprints
And summer winds fell to the autumn cold
A dream I weaved within the waves that came
And my message of love will walk over the waves
And will bring a smile of warmth upon your face
When your own heart will whisper my verse of love
Into the depths of your soul from where sprouted,
Unknown meanings of a new romantic feeling.

Oh’ between the written unknowns I searched,
But the romance from you soul sprouted,
Carried the love of days gone,
The magic in your eyes seen
And galloping of tomorrow’s waves.
And deeper and deeper into my soul pierced,
The inevitable defeat of every defence of mine,
I loved not as good as you did and now in your soul I am lost.

In the beautiful feelings of a timeless romance I fell asleep,
Where I saw no dreams, my breaths woke me to a realization,
Ah’ every dream I ever weaved, carried,
A bit of my love only meant for a soul where I am lost,
The soul through the eyes of yours I see,
Ah’ an ocean filled with waves that came and took,
Bit by bit the sand shore where I defined my love for you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2018.

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash