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Clouds like dragons float around firing,
Venomous fire at each other sparking,
And falling on to Earth, as summer danced in,
In this season when spring left with promises unfulfilled.

The lush greenery spring time left bore no flowers,
And days like magical serpents into the depths of nights grew,
Still all across the horizon I see not,
No star with the glow from your eyes, born,
No wind in the rhythm of your heart singing, blown,
Ah’ still at the wonders of the world I look and wonder,
Why without a dream for me to see you left,
A thousand reasons you can tell,
A hundred different ways to walk,
Away from me into the world in rainbows bound.

Unrealistic all definitions are,
In every definition in the wonderful mind of yours,
And to the world around you, me and everyone else,
Why not walk on one of the rainbows into my heart pierce?
Didn’t you named the glow in your heart once after me?
Oh’ will you ever be able to turn off, the light you and I are?

Wipe away the mirages,
Whip away the whining distractions,
Who all with friendly smiles shadows,
But will leave you to melancholy and pain in dark.

O’ Summer sun come from above the darker clouds,
And with those gentle palms of light caress,
The face in brightness only seen by her,
Shine bright through moon at night,
To show her dreams filled with love of mine.

O’ my dear, there are no more definitions for my love,
As all my love was molded and made for your soul,
As in your thoughts even nature around me dissolves in me,
Why not make the unreal real and bless the love of ours?

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Photo by Ryan Jacobson on Unsplash

She Twelve.



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She – Twelve.

The imprint of smiles upon my mind you left,
To them I seek solace oh’ dear I seek,
That flowing hair, I wish to touch,
Those wonderful eyes my eyes seek,
Those smiling lips my lips crave,
And the imprints to me sung tunes,
That kept your face an ever living image.
Days lived around me as the living meaning,
Of the reality of you so close yet light-years away,
Memories wrote pages of imaginations of you,
In mind as soul to receive the soul of yours craved,
And to them can I sing an anthem of love?

Spread through your smile, love, electrifying,
As gentle and gentle those eyes blinked,
The charm of kindness every vein absorbed,
No better ornament God can give Earth for her patience.

The western breeze through your hair moved in and out,
Great words and stereotyped love you don’t deserve,
As the essence of divinity one should learn,
To weave the web of love, with glow from souls as strands.

Though imperfect in the world around you I maybe,
The gladness you leave every time your soul you show,
Binds together all the fallen pieces of life,
You are that perfection erasing every imperfection,
In the world you are and in the mind of mine.

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She – Eleven.



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She – Eleven.

The sunlight shined with the love for you I felt,
The wind sang a new tune dancing with my love for you,
A new step, a new rhythm and a new line of verse birthed,
In the love of mine that wrapped the nature around you.

Happiness woke only when I think about you,
Then every moment a joy filled dance,
Ah’ happiness upon my heart danced,
With your image the only love I know.

Reality the monster will try to tell a different story,
And to that story even reality knows no end,
For if any wrong and wrong of wrongs forgiveness I seek,
Any wrong from you Ah’ your love for me will erase..

The image of you ah’ eyes with love filled,
A thousand misfortunes about how misfit I am I can say,
For that love, that filled every moment of you,
I can only wish I were the love you only loved.

At wishes and dreams, reality mockingly laughs,
That unending story oh’ let that monster write,
Love me and write the epilogue no reality can write,
As the reality of my love always will be you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

Photo by Ilya Pavlov on Unsplash 
There should be a little more about this picture than just a link credit. She is the wife of the photographer Ilya Pavlov from Kiyv City, Kiyv, Ukraine. The photo is rightfully named “My Lovely Wife”. She is indeed a very lovely woman.

The Girlfriend

Blog Post About This Poem – Please Read This Before Reading This Poem.

The silence took a life on its own at dawn,
Dragging through the man-made pollutants came,
Rays of light many as new hope seen,
But for most just another day, a step into future.

So one would think life prettified in every moment,
The brutality of it none ever ventured to learn,
Such was the life of a man in my past I knew,
Who lived life neither touching the brutality nor being touched by it.

Into that dawn from all love filled and nitty witty dreams he woke,
Leaving flying kisses to a beauty that reflected her beauty in his smile,
Telling her to wake up in versified words just for her he wrote,
“Wake up dear to feel more love of mine in the conscious world.”.

Then to her about the day ahead he spoke,
About the morning meetings and lunch with the contractors,
And the meeting late afternoon with the banker for mortgage,
“Will be back early honey and I will cook some food you love.”.

The morning chores and the breakfast fast ate,
During those running around aloud he sang,
“Darling of darlings who as an image in mind sprouted,
You my dear, in time became dearest than life.”.

Life in him filled thoughts about how to make her happy,
Life for him filled with talks to her and talking about her,
Daytime, work-time, Ah’ back in his mind about her he thought,
And when all that burden freed in those little moments he weaved.

Weaved dreams that filled the happy thoughts of life,
Where they both championed each other’s hearts and erased,
Unhappiness of the raw and bare life people failed to live,
Ah’ then back to reality that gave him another reason, a new lesson.

The day passed by and late evening danced to the arrival of night,
Twilight surrounded him who only found the beauty of her,
In every bit of living life, accessories and unknown life,
Anything in his mind without her image, no sense can complete.

The night arrived and enacted a dark episode with patches,
Of stars and moon, Oh’ they too filled in him her beauty.
Then the lucky angels filled his heart with dreams to see,
When sleep slowly caressed his aging cheeks.

About an early morning meeting to her he spoke,
And his side bed lamp he turned off and time stood,
To feel once more the lover who fell deep into sleep,
The other side bed lamp remained on with that side of bed,

Oh’ empty remained as the lover fell deeper and deeper into dreams.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Many days, many months waited for her in front of hot tea, Many faces I saw at none I looked, as she defined the love in me.
Photo by Jon Ly on Unsplash

The Howling Wolves

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The howl of a wolf from far I heard,
The cunning darkness those howls break,
From them in fear I always ran,
A fear that grown thin every day.

Upon our own kindness we step,
And as if unknown away we walk,
Emotions are by products of senses,
And to express them Oh’ we forgot.

Another kind of emotions we have,
Far beyond any sense can comprehend,
Oh’ my love for you fades,
In those emotions none can ever understand.

When mind in earthly atmosphere suffocates,
The flames of fire of unknown origin consume,
What left of a heart that still beats,
Beats in rhyme with your heart.

Curse those who made these cages,unseen,
Curse those who fabricated binding rules,
Curse those who drawn unseen lines,
Curse those who can never stop this bleeding.

The howl of many wolves from near I hear,
They are growing in numbers every day,
They will find me and eat me one day,
Oh’ they will kill and eat in thankfulness,
Than those who in fake love consumes a lifetime.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2015.

The picture was edited from its original as the original is taken from an awkward angle.
Photo by Perchek Industrie on Unsplash

She – Ten.

Blog Post About This Poem – Please Read This Before Reading The Poem.

The young, young days that we all remember as sweet,
Memories of a piece of time where we learned,
The future so bright, yet, we all limited our dreams,
With barb wires of rules, faith and unrelated connections.

Oh’ I wish life danced through the moonlight,
And grew high like a redwood in the rains,
But boxed ourselves within a realm none knows,
And looked up at the redwoods in awe.

Oh’ I wish life flown through time like a stream,
But neither life nor time can in real mean,
The burden of the stream that came in union,
Of the billions of drops from all around came.

Oh’ I wish life held me like my mother in her hands,
Whe as a child many nights upon her palm I slept,
And dreamt about the pleasantness of dream fulfillment,
But life knew nothing about me to carry me to fulfillment.

Still the young, young days passed and about life never bothered.
Same tunes of a broken symphony time again and again played,
Same themes of an unfinished act life again and again played,
Rewinding in repetition in a fast-paced world my time and life stayed.

The deeper and deeper I went into my own age I learned,
Neither time nor life in ways and means wronged,
As passion both in equal filled, Ah’ dreams from subconscious seen,
As the passing shots of a journey so wonderfully driven.

Every yard passed took me closer to a new reality and closer,
And every minute passed into history, a new line of verse written.
Ah’ the rhythm of the verses so vividly scattered, yet still connected,
Into life and time as one force and then I knew, I am in love with you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Understanding poetry needs eyes that can see a thousand images in one word.
Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash

The Willful Battle Against Fate.

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no, further and further the bottle too rolled,
Nothing can
intoxicate the mind more,
And stop it from knowing the loses,
the rough edges of life grind him down.

shallow short cuts he tried,
To bury the pain, lived in the
depths of mind,
Sometime wishes joined hands with those
And memories held them all in wedlock.

childhood and uncontrolled youth,
O the good in life remained in
him mummified,
As through the darkest paths through life he
Intoxication no liquor or drugs can give.

for his life what season one can compare,
Everyday went like a
winter night, long,
Every night like a summer night, warm,
that meant to blossom, died away at budding.

he searched and found none,
Patterns he followed with futile
Always behind, always waited, always failed,
success like mirages around him haunted.

he gathered the will to live,
And for that he need no
The belief in life in him so strong stayed,
he fought his way against fate.

rhymes in life never existed,
Tough mind found rhyme with
another dimension,
Then the mummified good shown him a way,
way to a beautiful soul with love for him filled.

success remained as an elusive prey,
His own success was in his
battle against fate,
God indeed gave mankind the will to
God indeed made fate mankind’s enemy number one.

Rights Reserved -2007.

No Ability To Walk On Water
Photo by Benedicto de Jesus on Unsplash

She – Nine.



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She – Nine.

Oh’ in a dream I saw, a dead end I reached,
And with a heart that lost all hopes,
At the corner of the street I sat,
Crippled thoughts and dried out throat,
Oh’ even in the autumn cold,
Heat from inside felt,
And in heavy breathes I sweat,
And losing my breath I wept.

Got up I and around the block I walked,
Kicking pebbles and empty soda cans,
They all meant something sometime,
Precious pieces now in dust kicked,
By someone precious never was.

Oh’ how lost were I, I knew not,
As serenity became an old English word,
The actions to create tranquility, by the world discarded.
Sadness around me with light and wind danced,
“Disappointed I am” said I,
And again at the corner of the street I sat,
More gloom added by the clouds above gathered,
Then, Oh’ all barriers broken,
And a mix of green and blue light came,
Erasing every gloom around,
Soothing body and mind with coolness,
Oh’ like a feather covering me I felt,
As the tranquility of heavens unknown I felt.

The dream gone when into the morning I woke,
An aroma never ever felt filled my nose,
Then to see the visual manifestation of smell eyes I closed,
And from dark her face bloomed to my mind,
Oh’ senses in unity paused and nothing else I felt,
Then to me up close her eyes she showed,
The mix of hazel, blue, and greenish colored eyes I saw,
The beauty of the dusk as mascara upon her eyes I saw,
The passions of every heart of the future I felt,
The sanctity of womanhood upon her filled,
And upon her dissolved every disappointment of mine,
As smile after smile she showered,
Her smiles covered me with a feeling smooth,
Caressing every feeling and emotions deep,
Oh’ She, the true fulfillment of my dream,
A dream that shown every day of my remaining life,
Keeping her at a higher plain than me and everything on ground.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM- All Rights Reserved – 2006.

Photo by Lawrson Pinson on Unsplash

She – Eight.




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She – Eight.

Oh’ to the cold morning winds I said,
Calm down, O naughty girls, calm down,
Prepare to spread the scents that fill a lovers heart,
Stand by to caress the cheeks soft and warm
Your friend will come out for her walks.

About her I thought I don’t know a lot,
But in the depths of those eyes I see,
Purity of a soul I’ll never learn in whole,
Gathered upon her is beauty in unique perfection,
Flaws of humans none can see upon her at all.

Little by little eagerness in my mind grew,
As the winds still hit upon my face,
And scrolled through my whole being,
Mind felt none of these at all,
As eagerness, in my waiting grown up to anxiety.

The willow branches clashed in vengeance,
The ones lost broke and fell right behind,
I still know she will never disappoint,
The whole nature and two eager eyes,
The whole feeling  pounded my heart so fast.

The wind went behind me and pushed me ahead,
As if asking me to move from my petrified pose,
Accidentally my lips said what mind just thought,
Oh’ dear where are you in silence hide?
I looked around to see if anyone else around.

The naughty winds never calmed down,
But from all around growled into my five senses,
With bowed head I stood in disappointment,
As the beauty I waited, left me in waiting,
Anxiety now matured enough to pain my heart.

Then the winds just stopped hitting on my face,
But upon the willows they still danced,
The painful anxiety left me in that instant,
Calm before the storm in my heart I felt,
Then I saw her slowly walking through the garden path.

Eyes never flickered, ears heard her soft foot steps,
The wind now rested upon the willows,
The rays of the morning sun warmed all around,
She never looked at me at all but my mind said she knew,
A harmless poet not from far absorbed her beauty.

On this day she walked holding her hand so tight,
Then turned to me and smiled from the depths of her heart,
I closed my eyes and opened them again,
She was gone, not another sight of her I saw,
And the winds came back with all their naughtiness.

For a long time kept my eyes closed and seen her in my mind,
Then got up and wrote her in full before her image faded,
As the last words were written down in my mind she filled,
Now all of you will see her and know her in the same way I do.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM- All Rights Reserved -2008.

Photo by Jayson Hinrichsen on Unsplash

She – Seven



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She – Seven.

In the sunlight facing westward she sat,
Not looking at anything but,
The book of cheaper romance,
More beauty inside than outside found,
Still upon the dry clean sheet the pencil I pressed.

Between the curly hair her pretty face shined,
And what dark part, the graphite pencil can draw,
Mind can’t figure out still the silhouette slowly started,
To appear on the sheet from her left temple that glowed,
The kind face of sun in every ray from her reflected.

The line the pencil drew so smooth,
Towards the eyebrow bending,
Then the dark eyebrow draw, curved,
The brittle eye lashes covered the edge of the eyes,
The eyeballs were hard to fix,
As if in a dream, fast they moved.

And a little bulge my pencil felt,
As a little smile upon her face blossomed,
As the pencil curved through her cheeks,
And came all the way towards the only ear I can see,
Between those curly hairs pointed hide and seek it played.

From the outlines the pencil went,
To copy the fainted shadows,
The smiling, rosy cheeks leave around the eyes,
Oh’ I can see the rays of the evening sun fight,
To land upon those eluding eyes.

Then the pencil went about to draw her nose,
A little curve that went up to a rounded tip,
Those little nostrils where the air she breathed,
Oh’ that heart gets its air from those, I wondered,
As the three dimensional touch the pencil finished.

Then what remained were those lips,
They twisted and many times whispered,
That which she read and those occasional smiles,
The pencil in my hand as it finished her lips shivered,
As deep into mind the image of a beautiful face, merged.

Oh’ with an apologetic mind I walked away,
As deeper and deeper into her romance she fell,
Not knowing through the tip of a pencil an artists too,
Felt a little crush at a beautiful poetry,
The unimaginable supreme being wrote.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COMAll Rights Reserved – 2008.

Photo by Alexander Krivitskiy on Unsplash