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Waking up from a dream, Ah’ what a dream it was I said,
I saw her in a crowd in locomotive I’ve never seen,
She said something when her head she raised,
Her humming oh’ still echoes,
Her perplexed face, Oh’ felt sorry for being there.

Reminded me of a promise I made,
A promise to a mother I once made,
To never love her daughter with romance.
Even if she comes to me with her loving heart,
Sure will I return her to that mother burying my love.

Ran, Ran and through the sands of beach faster I ran,
The wind upon my face with vengeance slapped,
The falling snow upon eyelashes froze.
Her humming still echoed in my ears,
The word in a language I don’t understand sounded,

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Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

The Prisoner.


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The Prisoner.

The Rain outside lashed with the fury
Of the Northern winds blowing and roaring,
Ah’ what wonderful sound I hear from the dungeon I sit,
The warmth of the land into the dungeon crept,
The smell of the fresh wet sand all around danced,
Thirst in the summer warmth with every blink of eyes clutched.

The dungeon of me ah’ my mind wrapped,
No human touch can break the ball and chain,
The one who can, ah’ left me to rot in sweat,
Went to drown in her self-doubt and melancholic mockery.

Oh,’ then a drop of rain upon forehead fell,
The cool through every corner spread,
The stretched empty hands in thin air felt full,
One smile of her a blessing of this kind not even in dreams I saw,
I am stuck in the dungeon of my own self-doubt,
Hearing the rain and to the wind listening.

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She – Eighteen.


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She Eighteen.

Thunder and lightning all around fell,
And a new dance rain drops learned,
Wind the hands of rain night fetched,
And howled aloud around the horizons, echoed.
The heaven sent verses of my love for you.

Then the sun came up and taught rain a new dance,
And rainbows birthed and melted beyond reach,
Rivers and lakes like naughty girls giggled first,
Then from my heart a handful of beats took,
And in those beats sang a song of my love for you.

The whole nature stood and sang,
The world around screamed out loud,
No rhymes between world and nature I heard,
As the songs of love of mine to you drowned,
In wild screams of the world all round you..

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Well Wishes.


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The smile and laughter you bring,
Became the prayer of mine for you,
Every moment passes, in past drowns,
Every moment together spent, as a blessing taken,
Oh’ a century of happiness I wish for you,
In the wellness of heart, soul and body gains,
And every breath of mine will be a prayer for you.


Daytime brings light everywhere,
In nights we see stars spreading the beauty of light,
May the light of healing spread night and day,
And make you the light in starless nights.


On any given moment, billions exhale and inhale,
On every moment, everyone is part of a bigger picture not seen,
On this moment unwell you maybe,
But in every moment in every heart that known yours,
Very well you always will be that gives you strength to get well soon.

Photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash

Time To Fly.


The attached image was given by ‘Realistic Poetry’ on Twitter and told to write a short poem. Here is what I wrote.

Time To Fly.

Started with a crawl, ah’ then many hands held,

When fallen wept then shed tears my parental hands wiped,

Many miles away from all wandered,

The vagabond life, learned, lived, enjoyed and cried more.

Everything to the wrath of time with age fell,

Never crawled, never cried but in wheels rolled,

Now time beyond senses passed by,

No need to crawl, no wheels needed, time to fly.

Happy Noon!!



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Happy Noon!!

The wind through the fans round and round went,
And from the heat all around in vengeance danced, tried to cloak,
Silent I sat as in depths of mind patience settled scores with passions,
A thousand reasons I can say to be frustrated, sad and depressed,
Oh’ time can drag his feet around me,
A thousand curses and black magic, foes at me can throw,
Take away every means of life I have,
Cry I will not, silent I never will be,
The patience will persist, the lover will never sleep,
The waiting first brought pain, then all froze,
Then it became a habit, now an addiction,
In the obsession of one successful blessing,
I find happiness this day and will find every day after,
As somewhere in my mind echoed the vows,
Of love and happiness for my darling I want to share.

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An Enemy Unknown.


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An Enemy Unknown.

Digging deep into life with colors filled,
Tried my best to gather the best of all,
Found everything with with wonder filled,
Ah’ but lost them all between cup and lips.

Even from the days when innocence left,
To see the thrill of world mind thrived,
And ran, ran and always I ran in a plight,
With a thought to get ahead of time.

Bound my soul to a place and pretty face,
Smile filled were the beginning of dreams,
Ah’ when to stop my plight I tried,
Reality shown me, upon a fate given treadmill I am.

Oh’ the God given fate never will I deny,
But the events came back again and again.
People different, results repeated, patterns same,
Ah’ God will never write such a dreadful fate.

Then through my melancholic thoughts I searched,
And when the past through timeline unfolded,
From birth through now a deliberate deception I see,
By an enemy even when good or bad done, that won’t rest.

What is it? Why me? a million times I asked,
From family to friends, loved ones to arch enemies,
Many names, many events ah’ all to my mind, came,
And every action of mine again and again, reevaluated.

My enemy, the one who knows me more than I know myself,
The one who takes away everything I love and block all good from me.
Ah’ that one elusive enemy I hunt in the shadows of past,
Unnamed and unknown remain in my life, unsatisfied.

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My Love For May.


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My Love For May.

The strength of wind ploughed order in Nature and swept,
Through every corner of the town screaming,
The cry of lost lovers who all in failures to react failed.
Along the way the dried leaves the wind took,
And upon a tree I once planted showered,
Oh’ that little seed I once sowed,
Now as a tree to withstand the test of time grown.
Ah’ beside that tree I buried,
The love of mine a darling girl denied.

The month of May upon the lap of Nature birthed,
And she took the hand of the fallen spring and calmed,
The howling wind with love and care,
Then to every new growth she said, give me love,
And to her call no sprout so early in the season could answer.
And she stood stale and pale and wept,
The wind sang lullabies moving through the bamboo woods,
And moved the clouds from high above, bringing,
The shinning sun to warm up the cheeks of spring.

Still in gloom of loneliness May sat,
Counting hours passing by like wild stallions,
Her naughty looks in mind brought,
Light unseen by day or night,
Then in my mind I wished,
With all the power of my faith I wished,
With all the passions in all my life I had I wished,
To make my love for the month of may real,
A flicker in my heart I felt,
And I ran all around to see,
I ran all around to hear,
I ran all around to smell,
I ran all around to touch,
Oh’ nothing special anywhere I found,
Then with bowed head about myself I thought,
“A curse filled with dreams unrealistic”.
When walking back tired,
One last time upon my child tree I looked,
A little color, a flower, the first bloom of spring I saw,
Upon that tree, beneath where all my love I buried.


Photo by Šárka Jonášová on Unsplash

The Power Of Heart.


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The Power Of Heart.

Talking through time in limitless words,
Walking through in rhythm heart listens,
When painless one wish to feel,
And pain from all sides squeezes, mercilessly.

The world in sympathy speaks and looks,
Some minds in empathy adores,
Love defines meanings in new found ways,
Material of another life cut short, but in love fulfilled.

Medicines, therapy, effects and side effects,
All ready to crumble even the strongest,
But deep inside a power reigns and consumes,
Every corner of soul, mind and in turn the whole body.

Be the power that think not about the past,
Bring forth the will that crowns every supporting soul,
Fall not in despair of pain or weakness of blood and marrow,
For every sickness the mind and brain holds the cure to heal.

Every beat of heart empowers the soul,
Every moment a well cherished fulfillment,
In the power of heart no pain felt,
A power that heals every wound in light of love.

No pain can over shadow the healing touch of love,
None can stop anyone from giving love,
Such is the power of heart one in will can give,
And in giving everyone can find.

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Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

Death Of A Material Man.


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Death Of A Material Man.

Where are all the dreamers gone?
Were they really torn apart?
By the harsh realities that stoned,
From all corners of life.

Deep into the mocking alleys walked,
When the loser to the darker side of life moved,
Graffiti from the walls laughed,
Completed was the mockery of living this shady life.

Oh’ how wonderful it all looked,
The smiling faces and colorful eyes,
Truth in those eyes filled and every mind were hooked,
Oh’ how much the world learned to fake emotions and passions.

Anger in frustration boiled from the mind,
With rolled fists he walked through filth and dark,
Nothing can stop him in his passionless offense that binds,
His heart to shadows that never had any real figures.

That which in real never existed,
Only in the rolls of smoke born,
And in the intoxication he found those shadows dance,
And every moment more and more life torn.

Hated he the light to his path came,
Never looked at any eyes as emotions he divorced,
A player of screaming illusions he became,
As into the darkest paths of life he himself forced.

With imaginary pride he held his head high,
Even when wine, women and drugs failed,
To satisfy his want for more pleasure, he cried,
No tears, no emotions he felt as the murder of emotions he hailed.

Then one night another like him into his heart fired,
For his own pleasure of blood and death,
No screams, no tears, no pain, as silence filled the air,
But when closing his eyes one last time accepting death,
From far far away he saw a light conquering his soul,
Which he never thought ever existed.

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Photo by Hadis Safari on Unsplash