The Stranger In The Heart.

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Drained mind like a tired ballet dancer stood,
No more steps can be taken, no more moves to show,
Still deep inside amid the shallow paths of mind,
That once with brighter glow of romance filled,
Ah’ a stranger played hide and seek in a maze.

Turn, turn and turn and a dead end she found,
Where she hid and as my mind’s eyes reached,
She moved and moved and moved beyond sight,
Ah’ my own maze through which she moved,
Mind’s eyes fell apart as another turn I know not she found.

Took the lesson that mind in whole I know not,
Then I looked and I found a way out of the maze,
Stepped out and away from the maze walked,
Then I remembered ah’ I remembered I never seen,
The face of her, the stranger who played hide and seek.

Drained mind for a way ahead looked but only mirages seen,
When looked back I saw, she running away from the maze.

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An Image You Forged.

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Days of every kind I walked through,
As fast as they could light took away the days,
Oh’ spring, summer, fall and winter,
The days carried me too along,
The life that perplexed me as usual,
Always changed with the changing days.

From youth to middle age I rebelled with “My ladies”,
Images of them in my mind they left,
For me to see and cherish,
Even when in the darkness they hide.
In my mind every one with a name I kept,
But many I forgot as ‘much older’ I became,
But some from the long lost memories filled in,
When a beautiful lady pass me by who bears that name.

The world passed by that bit of time,
When images and omens drawn paths,
Then deliberately a path I have drawn,
Love is the omen through every sense I felt,
Only one image in my senses filled,
That image I vow to carry the rest of my time.

The image of you that erased every sin of mine,
With the purity of love deep in your heart you forged,
Just with my image that never stopped smiling.

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Circles And Cycles.

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In circles and cycles time traveled,
As morning mist tried hard not to fall,
From the blooming trees that danced in morn,
Of a new birthed spring where to bind I tried,
Hopes buried in the winter frost of youth.

Ah’ life through cycles in circles unraveled,
Fortunes and misfortunes, ah’ wilder rides,
Eyes always felt as if to stained-glasses glued,
As beyond moved the puzzles of romance,
For reasons unknown cycles and circles they never felt.

The world around, oh’ the critics and mockers,
Gossips and laughs about the loveless life felt,
The buried talks and the whispers they know I heard too,
Ah’ none carried a spear or a dagger with them,
Still all pierced with looks and words that hurts worse.

Circles and cycles oh’ they bent time as one moved,
From thoughts to dreams and dreams to reality,
Ah’ as along space bent Oh’ nothing stayed same.
Dragged along the gossip lines the truth of loveless life,
Love, a wonder never ever felt as it lost me to loneliness.

Then the story I turned backwards and sideways to see,
As reality has many different faces than one knows,
The fortunate and unfortunate buried lot many tears,
Oh’ how lucky and peaceful I feel when I know I loved,
And how lucky I know you are, when I know you are loved.

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The brush into the depth of paints dipped,
The palette the symbol of mind’s chaos became,
One by one colors mixed and merged on a canvas,
Oh’ the sanctity of the painted known,
When I saw the loved filled eyes of mine,
Perfectly portrayed by her passions.

Silent stayed the light with her image
Bound by the flow of our love
Love that failed to reach our souls
In ripples of the world,
Away and away they sailed.

Haven’t you heard the cry from your heart?
Haven’t you felt the touch of your own soul?
Oh’ how can you hear those cries as lost they are,
In the blabbering of the minds around you,
Who all in ordurous machinations into your ears, screamed.

Oh’ how many veils you may wear?
To hide the love upon your skin glow.
How many times away from my eyes you will look?
To hide from happiness you and I can have,
Then kneel and pray to all doors of heaven to keep our love.

My dear, my dearest the world ah’ just an apparel,
Fight not a demon I never was nor a man of material exploitation.
As, though from far I hear, the whispers of your soul,
A soul that spoke the story of our love that let,
Let the ripples of the world sail away and away and away.

Invisible became the brush that painted,
Colors once bulked the tubes now part of a masterpiece,
The poetry of the poet a million images portrayed,
Ah’ all the verses and colors meant a meaning,
Meaning of a promise like a jasmin fresh bloomed.
Ah’ forget I never will to leave a smile upon your face.

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The Beginning Of The Fail.

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There was a ray that came
Spread by the Sun in the morn,
That touched your eyes to wake
The world around you and I.

Then your soul in reluctance stood,
Spoke no thoughts and shown no dreams
As it rhymed in my shyness to speak my love,
Still a glitter I saw in your winking eyes

The world around us ah’ they frowned
The material senses deep inside growled
The feelings though stronger grown
Stronger strangers injected venom of hate.

The leaves have fallen
The dreams they buried deep
Souls like phantoms wandered
As you told why you can’t like me

A scene of the drama in tragedy ended
Oh’ how many more to be played
How many more roles to be acted
But still our souls in each other will fail

Fail to understand why each other we can’t love.

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Ancient objects looked down and smiled,
Before they bid adieu to the night that shown them bright,
Oh’ how wonderfully innocence filled we all slept,
As the light day brought, sprouted out and all around spread.

Beautiful things, pretty people and all events they both made,
Woke up in hurry some still half asleep walked, bathed and ate,
Many went to their work; some helped those who went,
Some slept more, then sat, ate and sat again in research of laziness.

I woke up my day from a dreamless sleep and asked,
“Do I have the fortune of love today?
Or the misfortunes of another day?
Or do I have pleasantness in meaningless hours I spare?”

The air stayed still and my breath disturbed its peace,
Time in a frequency spoke I heard not, the heart understood none,
Oh’ the vibrations from my heart and the charges from my brain,
Filled the air with questions, none understood well to answer.

Actions and thoughts O’ left a man astray and none noticed,
Life moved like a serpent with venom-filled fangs of negativity,
Time O’ time an enemy that left arrows of fire that burned the past,
Meanings searched only left the air unbreathable with “Why” questions.

And leaving all, in the heartbeat imaginations ran after threads,
Threads that vibrated through time and space uninfluenced,
Capturing threads steadily and in purls and knits weaved dreams,
And in each and every purl and knit I left a heartbeat of love.

The roads mind far beyond the speed of light travelled,
Ah’ nothing seen, just a feeling of a meaning,
Meaning that needs no light or darkness to understand,
That meaning unrolled from the purls and knits left a smile.

Smile that lifted a falling dream to the heights of reality,
Where two souls thriving in simplicity to be found,
And they found meanings of each other eye to eye.
Love has found its meaning exalted once more.

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Scents Of An Undying Spring.


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 Scents Of An Undying Spring.

Holding on to a dried flower for so long,
Ah’ many spring times around me passed,
And away into time past forever buried.

Leaving no memories of any color in mind,
Dried maybe the flower in my hand,
The scent from every nose may have left,

But died not the flower in my soul,
As color and scents of spring with her spread,
Better than all the springs went by unnoticed.

Remembered I the dance of the dust in winds,
Summer heat and the wraths of the thunderstorms,
Oh’ all competed to gather the memory of my love.

Summer left shades under trees where I sat,
As the thickening air burned the tree tops in fury,
Every fallen leaf wept a drop of tear in sadness left,

Ah’ by the unaccepted love I told to a girl I love.
The hurried winter flurries eluded me to fall and melt,
The frozen frost upon trees sat, giving winds a cooler touch.

The Sun, Moon and Stars witnessed the space and time that left,
Life recycled and brought nothing new to the love of mine,
Freshness of the felt love only sprouted words of that old song.

“Died not the flower in my soul,
As color and scents of spring with her spread,
Better than all the springs went by unnoticed.”

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A Truth In The Beauty Of All Images.

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A Truth In The Beauty Of All Images.

Lost my mind in the twists of a soul,
Time collapsed into the dark of that day,
And through the wind and then through the light,
I searched and searched for a way to you.

You twisted and twisted in your search,
From soul to soul you thought,
And thoughtless became your life in obsession,
To prove me wrong, to defeat my romance.

In every beat of your heart you found a rhythm,
To dance through every emotion that touched,
And your whole life became a theatrical masquerade,
In it you lost the reality, the heart beat you found was mine.

Run, run and run you will in the same ways from oneself,
Ah’ conscience became a relentless hunter,
That hunted your obsessions to almost extinction,
But you relentlessly fought and fought and ran again.

All the colors of material life you painted,
All the screams of material life you shouted,
All the chasing and hiding to bury a silent truth.
A truth in the beauty of all images you know,

That truth is your love for me.

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The Future Dream.


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The Future Dream.

One after the other came ashore waves of lake,
Relentless passion even when winter upon them danced,
To touch the shore and roll back in haste,
Without touching braving the cold wind with a smile I watched.

Some wild goose still stood by watching,
Me in the early winter days that came in haste,
And got thrown out of the Northern wood screaming,
The curses some long lost lover left before suicide.

Looked back at the so called “Mid Twenties” days of mine,
Oh’ those days when as a potter I imagined and made,
Fantastic vases many adorned in their lives.
Then as a weaver myself I imagined and weaved,

Baskets were many kept all their valuables and some,
Kept their dreams along not to be lost in the haste of time,
When leaving those days to my own conscience I asked,
“What did I forget?” and he replied “A dream for future days.”.

The world ran, I ran along, life unfolded and I unraveled,
As I am no king who oppressed the kingdom for fame,
I am no pauper who begged for a bowl of trash.
Still the party of life took me and through masses danced.

Some nights I listened looking at far away stars,
Silence remained my conscience all through the wilder rides,
The potter and weaver wrote many verses through my smiles I wrote,
Then one day a natural smile through masqueraded colors I saw.

Ah’ the soul swayed, heart stopped and only footsteps of myself heard,
Through the vastness of my own experience I searched,
To walk away many ways I chose and decided to run and run and run,
Then the long silence conscience broke and said,

“You found your future dream.”.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

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