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To The New Dream Architect.

Grab me by my conscience; break the silence of my soul,
Build the castle, in which we can roam,
Like silly love birds, singing and filling hearts with love.

Take the words of mine from the scattered thoughts of mine,
Like a goldsmith takes the dusts of gold,
Merge in your emotions and in your soul melt,
And pour it upon the soul of mine.

But careful in every action and words you should be,
For in my soul you will see prints of another soul, engraved,
Whose image you will never see,
Whose voice you will never hear,
Never bother her even with your thoughts,
As nothing ever from my soul will unbind,
Those thoughts, laughs and disappointments we shared,
But lost all in the tears we shed,
When times through lives played an uncouth dance,
And we fell apart with a generation standing in between.

Never give me the pain of waiting,
Never fail to ask a question in mind,
Fear not about the intentions of mine,
For in purity cast are my thoughts,
And purer than the tears of a newborn are my intentions.

About my love and relationship never you should ask,
For there exists a girl with all pure intentions I looked,
The crazy world, the crooked world Oh and me in it all,
Made her leave a mark in my soul,
A mark that will make me feel,
Her in my soul forever and forever,
Never will I let another soul love mine,
For a criminal I will become in faking the love of mine.

Writer I am and none else I am,
Stories and poems of mine are all you should care,
The poet is a reason for lighting a flame in reader’s soul,
What burns in there the poet can’t control,
Know that well when you leave a smiling image for me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Photo by Alla Biriuchkova on Unsplash

Love Regained.


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Love Regained.

The air above the lake in even pace moved,
And the water below like a venom spitting serpent rolled,
The land like a lover in patience laid,
The storm has arrived every mind told.

The wanderer by the woods he stood,
As pines clashed in unknown vengeance,
Everything material in ear piercing thunders shook,
And the wind took an yellow rose and laid,
At the footstep of the aging wanderer.

Looking deep into the valley he stood,
As no storm nature blow can sway,
The mind of a man who feel none,
As every feeling in his mind focused,
Upon the eyes of the darling unseen.

Ah’ what wonders life at you can throw?
What wonders Mother Nature can show?
The seen and heard, the tasted and smelt,
Oh’ though not touched they all fragments of a reality
Reality of a wonderful childhood dream,
When upon the terrace of a home a boy sat and dreamt,
About an unbelievable future he may never have.
The Earth at Sun stared and glowed,
The Moon stayed away as witness of that warmth,
As through dark matter universe moved,
That little boy too through time and space moved,
And Romance as the medium he took,
To see the unseen,
The hear the unheard,
The feel the unknown.

So all that known sways him not,
As the storm in fury lashed,
Lightning right beside him touched,
The ground shook with the fallen trees,
Even in the wild destruction all he found,
The beauty no one else cared to notice.

Horizons united and all around exploded,
The storm violently all around spread,
Every creature in fear all around ran,
With a smile the wanderer walked,
As mind far away with a pretty soul danced,
And through every bit of what Mother Nature unleashed enhanced,
The belief in the unseen,
Who in turn gave him the feelings of love for her,
That through every vein to every corner of him spread,
And the missing element his time and space found,
The joy of his love to every corner spread,
And a smile upon all that knows him sprouted,
As the love for her through his hand slipped, he regained.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved.2012

Photo by Spencer Dahl on Unsplash

Love Made Me An Unknown Man To Myself.



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Love Made Me An Unknown Man To Myself.

The sea like the vastness of imaginations spread,
In depths, dark and mysterious secrets held,
Silence in some corners in stillness loomed,
And roaring waves with unknown vengeance unrolled.

The vastness of sea and imaginations merged,
As near the never ending shore I sat,
The wicked winds with fury against my mind flew,
Splashing waves into imaginations, diluting images in mind.

Mind a Pandora’s Box none want to open,
And through the vastness of time mind upon imaginations flew,
Backwards through every moment with her in apologies,
And in tiredness of my dreams, time in exhaustion fell.

The galloping time returned me to a reality so ugly,
The pathos of a tune many times heard lingered,
Still for a moment about her I remembered,
And a million roses in the folds of my heart danced,

When against the wicked winds walked,
Once more to the vastness of the sea I looked,
Ah’ somewhere in the depths of that sea lost,
A man in all truths I no longer recognize in me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash

She – Fifteen.



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She – Fifteen.

Darkened sky Oh’ in all horizons filled,
Frozen clouds like mountains stood,
As in the lands below snow froze,
Then a poet sang a poem looking at you.

 Nature drowned in your eyes,
And filled deep into your soul,
Out from the soul flown,
Feelings filled with romantic poetry.

Ah’ those verses in the mind of a poet filled,
And your image by five sense painted,
And that image danced and danced and wrote,
Time of future second by second with every step.

Oh’ many dreams with you in mind one can weave,
But the colors of light into seven whithered.
Then every color a verse of prayer wrote,
In the essence of love of yours.

The magic of life through nature spread,
As love for you from every corner bloomed,
Even in the freeze of winter, spring warmth felt,
As the warmth of your love in every corner felt

When with a soul filled with love this poet sang,
The healing power of love with love of yours increased,
And every wounds of past from mind healed,
And left beauty of smiles on face as a birth mark.

Oh’ future thrived to be touched by you,
Stallions of future time like caged lions roared,
No path to future without your footsteps can unfold,
As in your love filled eyes times of future I see.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved-2013

An Irrevocable Promise.



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An Irrevocable Promise.

One by one days have gone,
Night like days and day like nights,
All part of luck only heaven knows.
As all I feel is a squeeze in my soul.

One by one to shed the memories I tried,
Day after day failure adored my attempts,
All part of a life with smiles I welcomed,
Smiles with the taste of tears to abandon I tried

The good thoughts I thought,
The good wishes I wished,
The good dreams I dreamt
Ah’ all in conscience a calamity brewed.

Every thought and wish from my mind I can erase,
Every dream from my future I can wipe,
The promise I once gave my conscience never to forget you,
Oh’ no evil deed of yours from my life can erase.

Love bound my soul to yours beyond recovery.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash

A Look Back

The idea behind these writings is to bring a thought out into words in 5 minutes. Here is one of them.

5 Min Scribbles

Thoughts flashing through mind,
Some where gathered by the subconscious,
Most came from fragments reality left behind,
By the storm of life at time of birth began.
Others were dead leaves that once stood with a tree,
Cut down by fantasy of better time, space and uncouth ignorance,
Never ever a thought flashed through my mind,
Where you will keep on running on that hamster’s wheel,
Set by the world around who all in stupidity thrives.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.


The picture was taken in 1997 in Chennai, India. I was a student at the Pentafour Technologies doing training and studying to get the IBM Mainframe Certification that eventually brought me to United States. We used to hang out at  an amphitheater there and sleep was almost nil. From my appearance you can see I never followed any style or fashion trends. I used to wear a pocket watch and the glasses were plain ones I have worn.  The trekking shoes were actually big for my legs but that’s how I liked it.   By around this time I knew I am done with India.  Go find ‘Never Ending Day Dreams’ in PoetryBox.Us to know what those thoughts were.. The moustache was there even after coming to USA. But I shaved it off the day I saw the first grey hair on my face. Hey I maybe ‘Much Older’ but not too old.

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Hesitant Lovers.


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Hesitant Lovers.

Oh’ Many, many lines of verse he wrote,
To speak to her, the reason of his heartbeats,
And all those verses in eagerness she read,
Then in silent reverie she left.

Oh’ or is it a purposeful forgetfulness?
As in the boxes of modern day romance,
And frames of life drawn by her fears,
This man can no longer fit in style and age?

A poet’s pen which writes verses of love she fears?
Or a mind in which every moment her face tirelessly drawn?
Or is she in fear that any sight and thought of him may bring,
Likes and romance for him in her mind?

Oh’ none knows what words or actions of him she dreads,
But every word in her a lifetime of love bred,
And beyond knowledge of her and him love spread,
As intoxicated by love for each other in their soul brewed.

In the mind of the poet continued,
Versifying the whispers from her heartbeat echoed,
And every bit of feeling as counterpoint felt,
Ah’ every bit of time birthed and became history,

History of a romance between two hesitant hearts,
Even when forcefully they turned their heads away.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Aiony Haust on Unsplash

Five Little Pigs

The first little pig loved himself,

The second little pig loved the first one,

The third little pig loved no one,

The fourth little pig loved to be afraid,

The fifth little pig loved everyone.

All of them united to be just me.

Photo Courtesy — Right Hand Of The LonelyPoet.

To My Anger

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To My Anger.

Have I not given you space and time?
Thoughtless mind and warmth of blood and flesh?
Have I not given you uncaring words?
Fearless heart and countless energy to grow?

Didn’t you grew old with me as my naughty self?
And threw all away who gave a tasteless smirk?
Neither you nor I won any battles we fought,
Against material shadows with no image.

Those battles in rage and arrogance we won.
But life we lost beyond any hopes of recovery,
Oh’ curses of new kinds you taught as a dance,
And buried I many who questioned in rage filled dance.

And we lost nothing we thought and in celebrations lived,
And kept my head high among all we walked,
But in a micro, microscopic planet lost,
All screams and shouts in the darker paths we lost.

Ah’ an unreachable Island in loneliness I became,
Where none else will venture to discover a loving heart,
The silence all around loomed falling in love with darkness,
But tit-bits of reality like pebbles on shores gathered and prayed.

Oh’ as sanctified some parts of conscience remained,
The power of prayers spread light-years in peace.
Brought the light through life, time and space sought,
The light of love Ah’ deep in soul filled.

So my anger I leave you in your machinations,
And your evil ways and dark shadows forever,
As into the ocean of love the first step I take,
As that light I saw in her eyes shined bright.

When I made her smile with my peace.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2018.

Photo by Liliia Beda on Unsplash



A Repenting Lover.



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A Repenting Lover.

In a night with storms that swayed,
Even stars that are far away,
Lightning in rhythms of thunders danced,
And all around the silent lands crashed.

You took hands of night and danced,
And spread the dark all around,
You made pain from every step you laid,
And into a soul whispered, loveless sonnets.

Ah’ why through those paths you ventured,
Why washed away the graffiti that symbolized,
What in the depths of heart felt, and conveyed?
And through a prism looked into dark skies for love?

Owls and bats at the first light back to their nests went,
There is nothing to express pain filled expressions to,
Rain washed away dirt from material existence,
The new born sun dried wet lands faster in kindness.

A thousand times to forgive you I prayed,
And any wrong thoughts from your heart faded away,
In laughs that echoed through the plains I walked,
Then ran as fast as I could from oneself to escape,
As none can shed a tear in forgiveness of my unaccepted love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010.

Photo by Hector Gomez on Unsplash