To A Young Girl

This poem was written with vague images. The vagueness was deliberately put in so be careful before making any judgments.

Most part of this poem was written about two and a half years ago. I never thought I will post it or even to take it and read it again. The truth about this poem is very nasty and ugly when one looks at it from a distance, but in the details I found, there are couple of great souls that came at each other and one found other ways. But the other one was me who couldnt find a way out. It is at that point I wrote this poem. It was an attempt I really dont know why I wrote it. But I did and felt really weird. Recently I offered the character in this poem something and I felt like a stranger with the response and then I realized, Oh yeah I am a stranger and felt a bit stupid. Today morning while driving some more of this poem popped up in my head and after reaching work I added that. I tried hard to find a proper conclusion to this poem I just couldnt do it in the way I wanted, because at a point mind just went blank which anyone will understand once one reaches the end of this poem.


Read And Enjoy.



To A Young Girl


Once upon a time when time too stood still,

When darkest paths passed but darkness still remained,

When lucky stars faded and fate onto my life frowned,

Came to life a little girl, an angel with glow of life filled.


One thought of her words of good wishes,

Erased all darkness and into life brought light.

From reality to fantasy and a respected figure of fantasy,

And that fantasy figure placed herself upon the little angel.


Thoughts of respect and care merged,

And into a full bloomed garden became,

A garden with flowers and fruits filled,

A garden where birds always sung,

A garden where wishes always fulfilled,

A garden so wonderful none ever wanted to leave,

But the righteousness of me and appropriateness of truth,

Burned that garden in the mind grew,

And in seven seas the ashes scattered.

As stranger I am to the life of her,

As to it only from far away I can look,

Never wanted to meet her and never wanted to talk,

Never wanted to lie and to her never I lied,

Never wanted to pain but her blessed words always I seek.


Still she became the flower that forever will remain bloomed,

She became a darling of spiritual blessings,

She became the budding rose of colors I know not,

She became a life long event that leaves,

A pinch of happiness in every moment of her memory,

She became a star that carries the luck of mine,

And stars always stay far, far away,

Not knowing who received the blessing of her,

As for the lucky one who can only look from far,

Knowing one day that star will burn away,

But she will remain bright and twinkle,

As much as time can take me and from then forever,

And I could do nothing ever to change what reality brought.


 Oh every new seed I sowed failed to grow,

In the place where that beautiful garden grew,

That land none can destroy and I never will,

As somewhere still in memories remain,

The images of a flower filled garden,

And never will I love as never ever I can,

As nothing can grow in that wasteland anymore.


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