The Spirit Of The Spring Morning.

The last 4-5 days went like a breeze. Sorry for not updating folks. Life at times can become too busy to get anything done properly. There are times when one should not use ‘I’ too many times. I meant it clearly. A person doesn’t matter but a group of people matters. Be it politics, sports, projects one does at school or work what truly matters is team work. However is it that way people deal with life at home? If so, why so many people divorce and walk away saying, “I need more of me”? So are we trying to be unannounced hypocrites? Serious questions isn’t it? Yes they are. Well, to say it short these questions or reasons for these questions should be asked before two people get together in a serious way. If one doesn’t have the time to ask these questions, get a pack of condom, get it over with, and walk away with a smile. Because when one get into serious life and build a family and they figure out the reasons for the questions I asked above, people may not be tearing apart themselves. They are in all probability tearing apart little minds too. It is not simple, 95% of serious crimes committed in the world is done by people who had single parents or parents who went in separate ways in their childhood. Duh, think folks think before you do anything. The passions of youth is something too tempting, enjoy it in such a way that you won’t regret it in the future but you will remember and smile about it all while taking a morning walk.

The Spirit Of The Spring Morning.

The slanting rays the morning pierced,
Through the bluish mist that enveloped,
The mother who slept a good night and woke,
Listening to the songs of sparrows and cardinals songs.

“Oh what a wonderful day that is born,
Every way senses feel,
Touching you O our mom,,
Waking you for our charm,
Inspired by your soul”.

Through the window my little peep,
Made think those little birds sang,
Those words with fresh throat,
And made me feel, the rays of sun dance,
In tunes of Beethoven’s Fur Elise.

Mother earth turned, turned and turned again,
The creatures turned along,
Some sat stubborn thinking they are still.
The little sweat upon the forehead felt,
And later the naughty wind cooled,
Said once more, nothing last forever,
Even the just heard tune of the bird changed,
But what in the heart felt,
Gave force for another step forward.

“Oh how wonderful the seasons are,
They change in time with you mom,
And in your arms, we still feel the same,
In your arms, we feel safe”.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All rights reserved 2010.

Historical Inevitability

It is snowing in Kansas now, so I can clearly say… I am in Kansas. It is beautiful to see the spring time snow and all are happy around here too as we all know that this snow will not last long and spring, the beauty of all seasons will gain ground over winter.  Last couple of days we have had fantastic weather. Still lot of gloom on the face of people, many are losing jobs again. Yes the nightmare is back or I can say historical inevitability. Wasn’t this inevitable when policies of previous administrations made it possible to take jobs out of this country to countries like India, China, Brazil??.. damn you name it, we took it all over the world. Let me ask one question, what were they thinking, that money grows on trees here in America? They can make stuff cheaper out of this country and bring in here and sell forever? Without jobs there won’t be any money and without money nothing works. Our health care system, educations system, local government all are failing. Like I said just now, we all can point a hundred problems. Now my friends tell me what are you going to do about it? Fight more wars, pass bills that won’t do anything in the near future? Bring more immigrant workers like me in here? Believe me my friends…. It is not the fault of administrations, we are sleeping on a system that gave us a lot in the past and it just doesn’t work for us anymore. President Obama promised change and he not only learned but also taught us in the last one year, with the current system no change is possible. That is the truth both liberals and conservatives should accept and come together as Americans and change the system for the betterment of America as a whole.

   Those are my thoughts of the day after a night long debate with people in my late show on BlogTV. We talked about a lot more things in there. I don’t want to make a very long post here. I will speak about the other things we talked during the show in here tomorrow.

Here is a short poem I wrote as a facebook update.

Unleash the fires of passions mind told,
Break away the thorns filled chains that binds,
Hands and legs to a prison with five senses built,
Blast away the walls unseen, but every feeling makes it real,
Oh’ rejuvenated soul rebuilt the castle that crumbled,
With one loss. I.
Keep warm and if possible give warmth in words and deeds.

The Blessing Of A Lovely Morning.

Evening update.
   Tuesdays are days when people are more productive at their work, do you know why? Because this is a day when nothing else works, so people do their job. Spring is in the air folks, pushing winter aside new sprouts are pushing their way into life. The very smell in the air is changing and I can see people jogging, walking with a thrill of just released from prison.  In a way I can say the earth is shaking away winter like a dog or cat shakes away water. Yup, lot of shaking going on around now California got a small quake. And I hear politicians shaking their head, Israelis and Palestinians are looking for new ways to harass each other, tech nerds are looking for new apps for their devices and a whole bunch of kids wandering around all confused and say… “Whatever” again and again and again.
   Life is beautiful like I said in my last post, it sucks for many and adorns some with good they define. In a way all are blessed every moment, it is in the way they take things that makes them feel good, bad, nasty or evil.  So those of you who feel bad look from another side where you are and what you are going through. It may interest you that life is showing its beauty unique to you.

Good morning.
    I wanted to post this poem in a morning and here I am in a morning. My promised poems as I said in a post couple of days ago is taking time to finish. Here I am posting materials from the so called “Romantic Age” of me hehehe. It all in many ways for many people may sound stupid. As for me that’s a wonderful life which made me who I am. Here is another poem. Enjoy.

The Blessing Of A Lovely Morning.

The whispers of the night,

Sighs and breath felt all over,

Skin upon skin, heart upon heart,

Merged into one, with passions firing from soul.


How wonderful it is to see you sleep,

As night through time step by step moved,

And dreams filled with you, I too slept,


The touch of lips upon mine erased the sleep,

And I saw the day waking behind you,

In sweetness spread from kisses you gave,

The morning ready to fly with wings all spread.


Like billions of doves flying all around,

Light danced and welcomed the day,

A day with promises born,

Yet, the first step to a lifetime ahead.


I saw no angels flying by,

I saw no glitters of blessings in the air,

The fantasies of love only heard and wrote,

Not stood as monuments for us to reckon.


All the wings of morning spread,

The Sun crawled up to heights and blazed,

House hold dust otherwise unseen now through creeping rays rose,

And through it all you walked with the morning glories in hand.


With the morning behind you and me in front of you,

In those eyes I saw the sparkles that left all in dark and dust,

Then I know who the angel truly is,

As the blessings glittered in your eyes that told,

How blessed I am in your love for me


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010.

Knowing My Love For You

Life is beautiful.. But at this moment of time, it sucks big time.

Knowing My Love For You.

Found a beautiful stretch of land,
Through which to trek I tried in the golden sands,
Oceans of passions wave on one side,
Mountains of emotions rose right beside,
The fruits from the trees so high so sweet,
The springs never ending flown crystal clear,
Birds as messengers flew back and forth,
Still to trek I tried all around.
The golden sands gave away and became quick sands,
The waves roared and to the shore galloped,
Mountains growled and rock from above slide,
Then I knew Oh’ deep in love with you I am, O’ my dear.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

A Repenting Lover.

I am going through this incredible phase of my life trying hard to convince myself and people who cares, how simple minded I am. The problem is the world around is too complicated to understand someone who cares more spiritually than materially.

     A new set of poems are near completion so in the coming months you all will be able to see those poems here. That is another confusion in mind as the kind of style I write must change. From romantic poems to epic style is not an easy transformation. I may very well be booed by all when the first two three poems comes out. But hold your breath they are coming.

   Now this poem, last night I was watching REVERENDB show on blogtv after finishing my show. At that time I was browsing through some of my scribbles and found a line, the last line of the poem. Rather than writing from top to bottom this is a poem worked from bottom to top. The situation is very real. The lines that says about walking and running laughing are an adaption of a event I saw in a Malayalam T.V serial.


Enjoy the poem.


A Repenting Lover.


In a night with storms that sway,

Even stars that are far away,

Lightning in rhythms of thunders danced,

And all around the silent lands crashed.


You took hands of night and danced,

And spread the dark all around,

You made pain from every step you laid,

And into a soul whispered, loveless sonnets.


Ah’ why through those paths you ventured,

Why washed away the graffiti that symbolized,

What in the depths of heart felt, and conveyed?

And through a prism looked into dark skies for love?


Owls and bats at the first light back to their nests went,

There is nothing to express pain filled expressions to,

Rain washed away dirt from material existence,

The new born sun dried wet lands faster in kindness.


A thousand times to forgive you I prayed,

And any wrong thoughts from your heart faded away,

In laughs that echoed through the plains I walked,

Then ran as fast as I could from oneself to escape,

As none can shed a tear in forgiveness of my unaccepted love.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010


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