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My dreams upon wintery clouds sat,
And looked down on the snow-covered lands,
Where once I walked in pleasantness of romance,
With you in mind and a soul lighted by my love.

Planets and stars for reasons unknown birthed and died,
Seasons changed when the sun, moon, and earth danced,
Time ran faster than anything anyone knew,
The human mind outpaced time in imagination.

Imagination one by one they became rosary beads,
And I bound them well in time with your face as a pendant,
Together they all became a dream from my soul escaped,
And now upon some frozen cloud sit, mocking my lonely life.

I cried not thinking about the mocking dream,
I thought not about what stayed in past and pushed,
Me to a future of me, myself, and times unknown,
As summer to fall succumbed and fall to winter fury fell.

My heart kept its lower note of beats,
As turmoil all around through disease and despair spread,
Hollow sounds of wedding bells at times rang,
And material hearts thought they were my love’s last breath.

Life of love Ah’, time tried hard to consume,
With detached emotions and unburied dreams,
Sun only rises in the east but my love from every corner rose,
And to her said, “Love will live for you endlessly, undead.”.

Like cold-filled marbles eyes of her stared,
Dreamless mind through empty shores searched,
Every moment passed, like a year, felt in my heart,
As her loveless lips with another shade of dark, froze.

My dream in another man’s ears you whispered,
And through swirls of darkness with candle lights shined,
You and he with flesh and blood unlovingly celebrate,
The devil’s curse upon humanity, Oh’, he dragged you too.

You froze that part of your mind with love at me looked,
And murdered many times my love in every dream,
Those graves you dug, Oh’, upon which grew roses,
Spreading my love again and again making my love undead.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2022.

Photo by Roman Melnychuk on Unsplash

The Wedding Gown.

Blog Post About This Poem.

When heartfelt I wrote ah’, you heartlessly mocked,
Silent impulses deep in the folds of heart remained,
Life, like a screaming dragon, flew around spitting fire,
Ah’, days of romance took a turn into a new season.

The days, Ah’, days of fall unfurled a vicious cycle,
Where dreams through veins passed frozen darkness,
Romance fought hard and inside belly lay defeated,
Those butterflies lost their wings, rotted, and disappeared.

“What did I cry for when birthed?” I asked,
What dreams in that womb I saw, I questioned,
What lessons in childhood, adolescence, and youth did I learn?
Asked many “What”, “Why”, and “How” questions into silence.

And silence indeed I found in everything living and unliving,
As touch of love they abandoned in a shallow grave,
Dug in haste, thinking life is just a shadow that will leave,
When lights of truth around one will soon spread.

The acts of love Ah’, what a fictional drama,
Lived through rolls of mind-altering smoke and intoxicants,
The paints of faces and the color-filled costumes all add,
Perfection upon bodies where the mind finds prisons to hide.

Such are the thoughts the unfolded season of fall gave,
And the laughs of many prisoners this true love heard,
I cared not except the one whom with love I called,
The one who added a wedding gown over her masquerade.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2022.

Photo by mulugeta wolde on Unsplash
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