Some of these may be a bit controversial… Don’t ask me question based on these. You will never, ever get an answer.

It is new year in many parts of the world.. but not in my neck of the woods.. Here life is still frozen in 2012. So what happened to me in the year passed?

1) What a happy new year I thought when 2012 was born.
2) Twins tried to date me. I walked away because a sweet darling I call “My Darling” in another language ruled me.
3)”My Darling” eventually decided. ‘This is it, I cannot tolerate the stress I get when I communicate with the Lone, Loony.
4) I tried to move on… wild dates, new models, new poem ideas… alas… all collapsed as I know I cannot love anymore.
5) As expected life came to a grinding halt.
6) Alia Mustafina and Gabby Douglas shown the world what speed, balance and control means.
7) Queen Elizabeth celebrated 60 years on throne.. Here is my question, Why? Why these stupid British still celebrate a monarch and her lavishness in the 21st century?
8) As I predicted, apocalypse did not happen.
9) My chosen candidate Obama won but I am afraid of his addiction to caving in front of unpatriotic conservatives.
10) Prostitutes named ‘Sandy’ were in high demand in New York area after Hurricane Sandy slammed North East. Many men after having sex with prostitutes named ‘Sandy’ yelled “I fucked Sandy”.
11) Economy in Europe is like women in 50s… All of a ruin.
12) After nearly 25 years I wept when I saw the little faces of angels shot down at an elementary school in CT.
13) Kim Kardashian is pregnant, Here is my question, Will the T.V people be able to “keep up” with her pregnancy and delivery?
14) 2013 is galloping at us. Lets not gallop ahead but just get along in peace and prosperity for all.

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