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Aha a week is over. I am not that tired like I thought. I feel upbeat. That’s good as there isn’t much happening to get me into this mood. Well, who cares about reasons what one feels is what matters. There are many different kind of people I know from here, Twitter, BlogTV, MySpace. Damn some of them have serious mental issues. I am not kidding.. those are reptilians with no mercy. They know what I am talking about.


The Poem. Written around the second week of May. This poem did not made any sense to me first. I modified it couple of times now I see it as when stood away from the poem like when one stands away from a painting one see more of the painting. I understood what feeling flown through my mind, then through hands and wrote this. Enjoy my insanity. Hehehe.

Have a great weekend everyone.

View Of Insanity

The seasons stood pale and time frozen,

In chain and balls love life days kept,

Unfed and tortured with nightmares of lonely life,

Ah’ the pain of waiting way beyond birth went back.

Silence watched every move and loomed,

And pried on every thought to mind came,

With doubts and consumed everything five senses can bring.

Oh’ never thought love have a synonym called Silence.

Tired as when awake all lost laid,

And to mind come the scaring daydreams,

And darkness at nights squeezed,

Oh’ from it all, to some far away place, wanted to run.

But no ways one can find,

As clouded everything looks,

Shadows firing arrows with poison filled,

Shapeless faces laughing and blowing flying kisses,

And stood beside a bond fire eating their own half fried flesh.

Venomous serpents out of their sleeping holes crept,

Spitting toxic venom all over,

Nothing stopped the blood filled eyes of lusty women,

Selling themselves just for satisfying their lust.

Wander not Oh not away from truth,

As all I said were no fantasy,

Or any form of creation of fiction,

They are the view of reality from another dimension,

Which anyone can see if looked from that dimension,

From these global view when into inside of oneself looked,

All I can find is all I did, and all I did was love,

And all I got was this view of insanity.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved

The Vanished Words.

Some months back I announced the next book I am publishing. “Yesterdays And Romantic Feelings” That’s the name of the book. It took a while to convince the publisher to go ahead with the book as is in this tough economic times. Couple of weeks back I was just sitting at home watching TV. when this idea came to my mind. I am going to change the whole book. The 125 poems in the book will like a big poem of 125 words. So lot more writing to do. I pulled the book from almost the edge of printing. So my initial estimate is about eight weeks of writing to connect them all. You all will love it… I guarantee it. hehehe

  Here is a poem I wrote during a storm. Hope most of you know how to read between the lines. aha.

The Vanished Words.

The wind upon the trees lashed, unopposed,
The woods in the wild dance of the western wind swayed,
The Owl still howled as hunger about any storms never cared,
The ground again and again shook,
As thunder blasted and the ground by fiery lightnings pierced,
As these sights embedded into memory in my mind sprouted,
Verses about calm and peace.

Night and storms bolted as his muscles Sun shook,
And Sun through every corner of the morning pierced,
And like a lover looking for love, light to every corner spread,
Dust raised and out of the windows crept through the peeping rays,
The new bloomed glories and violets,
The old tunes from the throats of the Cardinals, well rested,
Ah’ a line of verse upon the tip of my tongue danced, well weaved.

The innocence of the child, even in cries
The eagerness on the face of the teenager, even in naughtiness
The all lost look upon the face of man in mid-age crisis,
The fear on the face of the slow driving oldie,
Oh’ many words weaved in verses and then broke,
And those words in innocence, eagerness, lost thoughts, fear,
Vanished as past, present and future was what was seen.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved

Turbulent Beginnings

There is confusion about a relationship. Well was or is? Just don’t know. That’s the confusion. In that situation one can only look back not ahead, because the present is in a pause and future is based on present. While look back at every relationship, one can see the mistrust and doubts and everything associated with it. It is the very thought like that that made me write this poem. Hope you all will enjoy it.

Turbulent Beginnings


The Sights and sounds are feuding when at your beauty I look,
Love holding the hands of wind and around us fly,
Birds through the winds glide,
And in your eyes I see,

The origin of all ups and downs of this moment.


Oh’ the turbulent gone by days,

Like thick dark clouds on a summer day hide,

To come and strike us with thunderbolts in the dark of night,

Turbulent those days always are,

In the beginning of every relationships,

Though the inevitable turbulence shook,

Us beyond every imagination of us,

Ah’ the doubtful thoughts,

The sarcastic remarks with vengeance,

The eagerness to know the unknown of each other,

The at the end of the day when known,

About the love of each other,

Tear filled apologies and embraces that made us one.


Oh’ all the pain heart went through,

All the sleepless nights,

The shed tears and the tears held,

The wonderful words spoken and the sharp sarcasms said,

When holding you in my arms I realize,

I can go through it all a million times again and again,

As the prize for all the effort worth,

Millions of lifetimes enslaved in love for you.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved

A Question From A Day To Day Event.

I am not going to write much about anything today. Just going to release this poem for you all to read.


A Question From Day To Day Events.


The tarot reader shown a clown with a sword,

The warrior walked away dragging his dirty bag,

The one who play evil in the drama wiped,

Her sweat filled forehead upon her naked upper arms.


The dancing peacock kept on dancing,

As lashed around the warm rain drowning dust,

Lovers kissed upon lips just to give a feeling of jealousy,

Still eyes scavenged for a sight that gives happiness.


Oh life why not dance along with the peacock,

Give every sense a moment of pleasure,

As pain was all you ever gave,

Courage you are not as into a system for you built,

Slowly you danced as fate stood invisible and laughed.


The wise from their wisdom learned,

Past is a molded iron rod impossible to melt,

Present is molten iron ore in a furnace of fierce heat,

Future pieces of lumber all around scattered,

From it all I will try and try and again I will try,

To make a piece of art for generations to enjoy,

With chisels made of the molten iron ore,

Will you bless me with the glimpse of your face?

A model who once outlived every emotion with passion,

Now dancing with my life far, far away from where I am.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved


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Time Without Her.

Its been a while since you all heard from me. Thanks for the concerned messages. I appreciate it a lot. You all are family to me.

  I was away in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Though Riaz Ahammed was born in India, That’s where LonelyPoet birthed. Looks like someone cursed me when I literally lived there with everything one can imagine. I cannot go back to Milwaukee. I tried for 9 years. It just don’t happen. In the end I took every resource of mine and tried to get a job there last year well you all know how the economy did last year. Pssst… now I am working my ass off to pay off the debts. Done with that place.

   The tooth fairy is still bitching in my mouth. Damn my teeth became so sensitive damn I cannot properly chew anything. So last couple of weeks I was angry too. I may work in this weekend and I don’t have anything to do this weekend anyway. The movie that came out was Harry Potter… When I saw the first movie I told my friends, I will stop watching Harry Potter the moment the kids starts to kiss each other. Well they all grew up to be young adults. (maybe I am still stuck up at the age of 18). I will look to see another movie. Looks like the weather here going to be around in lower 70s. So I may not work. I just don’t know. Lets see. I will keep you all posted.

  Have a great weekend


Time Without Her.


Glad are you without her words,

And in triumph dances,

Holding hands of thin air in freedom,

As far, far away she is from this unfortunate lover,

In spirit and material, too far.


An old gramophone played aloud,

An evergreen tune that played on,

Even after the gramophone stopped,

Mind not ready for a flashback,

Into the darkness of eyelids looked,

That said it was still dark outside.


Promise me mind you will never talk,

About her love for me,

About the days in you mind I wished,

To love her in every passion, compassion,

Every emotion God blessed me with,

Oh many promises I gave you O mind,

And made them grow like naughty pets,

All of them I murdered,

And in pain I fell O’ I fell in defeat,

As the promise to me she gave,

She murdered mercilessly.


Many faces in my mind burned,

Though sobbed inside, tears in eyes held,

Still I realize her worth to me,

As still every beat of my heart,

Echoes a verse I meant to say,

Praising her love for me.


But without her life will go on,

Days don’t care who lives through it,

Birds don’t care who listen to their songs,

Haters don’t care who likes them.

But still mind keep on whispering,

Counterpointing the echo of my heart,

A name I gave her symbolizing my love,

A name which means my darling.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009-2015 All Rights Reserved

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