I keep the Xanga site open only for you to read my works. Anyway the
sites will be there… as long as you are there. Don’t worry. I don’t
know when you will see another post from me though. I just can’t say.

Mo Cuishle,

   Somehow you come to my site these days when I am in the shower, or in a meeting. Today I was in a meeting sneezing and the alert came. My boss told me, “No way you can take that message now. Finish the meeting.” Mmm Usually when I get the alert I leave meetings.     

   Now, It would’ve been easier if you told me that you lost your camera earlier, like before I asked you about it isn’t it. Actually you did forgot another thing. I requested you to write a review in Amazon. Mmm if you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to. Don’t think that I am putting forward conditions before you after giving you a gift. Both are not a must. Do it at your convenience. Well… you kinda saved me the trouble of shutting down my sites hehehe.. yesterday by noon time I told… in 24 hours if she don’t respond I will shut it all down. I don’t know why.  May be the nasal infection I have now is getting into my brain hahaha. Anyway enjoy the season of fall

You came in exactly when I got into the showers and I got the alert there. Daang

You Said “That last post sounded very directed.”

Why would you think in that way, if you got nothing to do with that
post? In fact that post was solely directed at you. Do you remember the
last time we chatted on MSN? You were holding my book in your hands.
What did you told when you left? Remember anything? Think again. If you
don’t remember let me know. I will tell you what promise you forgot.

Forgetting or Ignoring a promise is equal to telling a lie.When forgotten and ignored, it is better to fade away.

Off To Kansas

Nearly a month of  prayers, meditations and  fasting. Itis  going to be over  in another couple of days. So I amgoing to spend those two days with my brother and his family inOverland Park , Kansas. It is  also sometime to remember thegreatest influence in my life. My father,  in 1993 on the 29thmorning of Ramadhan he died.  14 years passed  the influence  and memories he left will not fade from my soul forever.

You all have a wonderful weekend. I apologize that I couldn’t leave apoem for you all. I am just too tired. In the middle of the day when alot of packing remaining. I can barely keep my eyes open.

The Last Word Of Love.

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Healing Hands, you can see the video of that song in thegiven video here. I have seen this video on MTV when I was in India. There isa big fan of Elton John out there somewhere in Michigan who got all these rare videos ofElton John. Now this song… amazing lyrics and as usual the music was so wellwritten for the lyrics one will never say that the lyrics were written earlier.Elton John truly is a master who knows how to blend music into the poeticlyrics of Bernie Taupin. Enjoy the video.

Where is the darkness that haunted my mind?
Where are the faceless images that tried to scare me?
Illusions in a battered mind scatter,
As reality of a wonderful dream as your face seen.

I started gnawing on those four lines I wrote on Friday evening all night Friday night and the weekend then on Sunday. Eventually the following came out. Finishing a poem in the middle of the night and posting ittowards the middle of the day. See those four lines stands on its own, but I know there is more than just the four lines in there. If I try I can write a poem like this for each of those lines. But I don’t overwrite consciously. Last couple of nights were amazing. I have no words to explain it. Well that helped to finish this poem.



The day upon my side of earth ended its reign,
But no darkness entered my life as bright everything remained,
Where is the darkness that haunted my mind?
Everyday I can remember from my life.

Those images all days and nights that haunted,
During day time through wind slapped my face,
At night in the cover of dark hunted my mind,
Faceless they were, now into thin air disappeared.

Are those mere illusions that out of fear, sprout?
Or, are those byproducts of fantasy from childhood days?
But whatever they may be inside the walls of mind they scatter,
As the battered mind with merging of senses rejuvenates.

Through every senses to my mind storm,
The reality of all dreams I’ve ever seen and known,
And through every veins of mine roam,
Feeling of love from my senses, newborn.

Oh’ my senses forgot the material existence,
Of everything natural that exists,
As what felt in every sense,
Held them in the prison of passions.

Time reckoned the arrival of perfection,
Nature into a soul in essence dissolves,
And in meditation of love to you I come,
A God given blessing for every dark hour I spent.

Now I remember the sayings of the spiritual people,
More blessings and glow nights holds,
Than the brightest sunny summer day.
As to my soul you whisper,
The last word of love I wanted to hear.


Songs From An Indian Master.

Hello Everyone….

   Nopoems this weekend… during the week I will start going back to my newcollection “Yesterdays”. The weekend was spent in spiritual ways. Thelast ten days of Fasting.

NowI am wishing you all the very best for a wonderful week coming up. I amgoing back to my spiritual meditations and prayers. I am leaving coupleof songs from and Indian musician, A.R.Rahman. The first one ‘VandeMatharam(Ma Tujhe Salaam)’ it means ‘Salute You Mother’ this song wasdone during the 50th year of independence of India in 1997and released in 1998. The background high pitch humming was done byNusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan died shortly after therecording of this song.

 TheSecond song ‘Jana Gana Mana’ the national Anthem of India. When youlook at the video, you can see a lot of old people. Those are prominentclassical musicians in India. This is a wonderful rendering of theNational Anthem.

 I have given information about A.R.Rahman before in this site still here is a brief introduction.

A.R.Rahmanis the only son of R. K. Sekhar, who was a composer, arranger andconductor for Malayalam films. His father died when Rahman was nineyears old, and his family used to rent out musical equipment to makeends meet, something they found very difficult. During those hardtimes, a Sufi (Muslim) saint helped them spiritually. This led Dileepto convert to Islam, changing his name to Allah Rakha Rahman.


International accolades

AndrewLloyd Webber, a well known composer of musicals, was impressed withRahman’s unique style and therefore hired him to compose his maidenstage production Bombay Dreams (2002). This play was well received inEngland and opened him up to new vistas in Hollywood. Furthermore,Rahman, along with the Finnish folk music band Värttinä, composed themusic for The Lord of the Rings musical, which opened in Toronto onMarch 23 2006. Rahman received more international attention with thisarticle in the TIME magazine. Rahman’s first movie album Roja waslisted in TIME magazine’s TOP 10 Movie Soundtracks of all time; source.According to BBC Rahman is reported to have sold 100 million recordsworld-wide. Here is a quote from the article “A.R. Rahman is not justIndia’s most prominent movie songwriter — in a land of a billion peoplewhere movie music truly is popular music — but, by some computations,the best-selling recording artist in history. His scores have sold morealbums than Elvis or the Beatles or all the Jacksons: perhaps 150million, maybe more.”

Here is the Link to the Article in full That Old Feeling: Isn’t It Rahmantic?


A.R. Rahman has been nominated for the following awards:


Laurence Olivier Awards (UK)

2003 – Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best New Musical – Bombay Dreams

Dora Mavor Moore Awards (Canada)

2006 – General Theatre Division – Outstanding Musical Direction – The Lord of the Rings musical

Overwhelming Love.

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I have a seen a lot of people struggling in LonelyPoet.Com to register there. For security reasons I have made the settings so high that it needs an email validation to register in LonelyPoet.Com . Don’t worry, if it is just to leave a comment you don’t need to register in LonelyPoet.Com . If you are registering then please do not use any fake email address, as that will only waste your time, my time and time of someone who got nothing to do with LonelyPoet.Com .

I have no idea how this poem came to my mind. Maybe it is a wish laying deep in my mind. I wrote it so fast, I just was not knowing how it will end. I think it ended well mmmxs 

Overwhelming Love.


Bright, pleasant paths I’ve seen,

With flower bushes beside filled,

Soft and dry, even the bare foot won’t pain,

Oh’ those paths I see,

When upon your eyes I look.

When your smiles blushes my heart,

Those paths become paths to your heart.


To the ground I asked,

What great deed the ground did

For getting your footprints,

And the ground said…

A God given gift for carrying all sinners,

The steps of an angelic beauty,

Caressing and adoring,

For some comfort from all the pain.


Those eyes have the serenity

Of nature in full bloom,

That smile have the sanctity

Of all beauty seen and unseen,

The living will be blessed in joy,

The dead blessed with eternity.


Glad I am in meeting those eyes,

As pleasantness is what those eyes sprout.

To every thought that came to my mind,

Before I said a word about those feelings of mine,

You acknowledged in acceptance all my thoughts.

More than five senses of yours I feel,

The sixth with love of yours filled,

And the love of yours for me overwhelming,

As no more words from my knowledge I can say,

And to return the love so freely you gave,

A lifetime is not enough to fulfill.




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The book Age Of Survival my collection of poems is available in all major online book outlets.


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Written out of sheer frustration. Well… the paragraph “Oh’ in gladness you smile” was written long time back and the rest of the poem was added before and after in the last couple of days. Yes, when I am frustrated I write about beautiful things. When happiness overwhelms me, I write about sadness and anger and frustration. I hope everyone is enjoying good weather and good times with their loved ones. I rested this day…. I slept at about 4:00 in the morning. Then woke up at 6:23 in the morning again and prayed. Then slept at around 7:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the afternoon. So one can imagine how relaxed I am. Good for me. Haha…


Have a great week ahead of you all.


The Oasis Of Beauties.


The dry winds of days and cold of nights

The dust filling and covering even the depths of soul,

Cloudless, no greenery seen, no songs of birds,

Oh’ lifeless became every bit of senses.


Slowly through deserted paths I walked,

The call of the Ravens in distance I heard,

The call of the dead as old folks in my childhood days said,

But for the empty ears, Ah’ what a relief.


The paths broadened and softness under foot felt,

Life always will find its way,

Some old folks in youthful days said,

But what came to my senses was just not life.


The shine of every green growth upon your eyes seen,

The shine of every star upon your skin glowed,

The dance of all fairies seen when your lips moved,

The sound of all spring time birds united in every word you spoke,


Oh’ in gladness you smile,

And with happiness you dance,

Feelings of a new kind were born,

With your face in every bit filled,

In the amazement my mind float,

Watching the glory of beauty of the best kind, 

And in fulfillment of a dream enlightened I am.


Through the light, love and passions shown,

I passed through the valleys of wonders unheard,

Everything beautiful in lost meanings faded,

As everything beautiful in union merged,

Into the depths of your soul when you said,

Those words of love in which my soul too dissolved,

As you became the oasis of all beauties.



“If you want to comment on my poems please visit and post your comments in LonelyPoet.Com all the poems that are posted in this site will be there in LonelyPoet.Com“.

Power Of Sadness

The book Age Of Survival my collection of poems is available in all major online book outlets.


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Here is an offline message my brother sent me earlier today.


Guide:I welcome u all to the Niagra falls. These are the world’s largestwaterfalls & the sound intensity of the waterfall is so high, soundof even 20 supersonic planes passing can’t be heard! Now may I requestthe ladies to keep quiet so that we can hear the Niagra Falls?


Hereis a poem, I wrote last week when I heard a very good friend of my feltsad. Sadness is a very powerful feeling. As it opens up opportunitiesmaterially and opens up senses to enhance one spiritually. Once thecircle is complete not only one will feel happy and satisfied, but alsoenlightened and achieved.

  Asthis poem is written for a Xanga friend. I added three more lines inthe beginning from the original version. Now I dedicate this poem toher…. This poem is for you Mo Cuishle. As it is from Xanga I wrote thispoem. It will be available exclusively on Xanga.

 You all enjoy whatever remains of this weekend, Sunday and of course those who celebrate Columbus day.


Power Of Sadness.


Thoughts when weaved as dreams,

And dreams so close to reality,

But when in color and texture fades,

Heaviness of a lifetime together comes,

Ah’ every breath feels all through the body,

What thought as magic merges,

Into oblivion as mere mirages,

And emptiness inside the heart squeezes,

To find a way out but forever imprisoned.


Sadness, Oh’ the powerful feeling it is,

When with clarity every sense waits,

To gather every bit of pleasantness around,

And in celebration will make mind an oasis,

Scatter not, Oh’ soul, scatter not,

As the storm of pain will pass by,

And smiles, evergreen, upon face will blossom,

Then freed will be the emptiness,

And inside heart will fill,

Joy in dance, lightening heaviness everlastingly.



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