Crazy Apology

It is a crazy world out there… yeah, almost everyone says that. But what makes one think the world is crazy? I tried asking that question and the answers are very vague.
I am a crazy guy, I agree, that craziness comes from a part that makes people laugh, angry and sometime cry. I mix it all. The call that I am a crazy person comes when I do everything else other than make people laugh. There are people who believe I am a dark horse unleashed and I have no destination.
Well it is true that I don’t show a lot of self esteem or I have none at all. The reason is I don’t care what people think about me. I have lost a lot of people who called me friend because of this. I don’t care about them either. Why should I? Hey the one person I call “My Darling” left me for another guy as I told the truth she herself accepted. I gave only stress to her.. the one part I regret. Said that, I apologized… do you know apology is not a one word speech.. it is a step by step process where the last part is the one word speech. I think I am ready for that one word speech… but I am pretty sure it will be to thin air. Otherwise miracles should happen….. well as I know my life very well….miracles doesn’t happen to me. Hey even after putting myself again and again in life’s wonderful moments, LIFE not really happened to me after the age of about 16. So many-a-times I act like a 16 year old…. If that gave stress to anyone… My sincere apologies … I am really sorry.

Pathos On A Broken Record

Nights condensed and thrown millions of pearls,
To fascinate your eyes, mind, and that little heart,
Day followed uniting every bit of light sprouting,
Smiles upon your face in the simplistic verses you read.

Small town, silly school romances, friends and foes you had not,
Then through blogs, verses, and comments, he came a friend or foe?
None knows human minds, as life cycle took you round,
Round and round life went, life’s colors round and round lost.

Then when he told you are more than a friend, he felt,
Ah’ deep down the spine of yours a twitch you felt,
Fear of the unknown, fear of the unseen ah’ sleepless your sat,
Feeling the unknown, hands raised in prayer he said, “O’ my love”.

Little heart, innocence-filled heart but a kind heart, yours,
Even the smallest sway in the connection both felt,
Left shivers down the veins that made you both run,
Didn’t you understand your own love Oh’ darling of him?

Like a broken record, he spoke and spoke,
Like a broken record life took him round and around,
Surprised you, scared you, sleepless wept,
Ah’ the unknown man, unheard man, forever you left.

Time passed, a pathos from that broken record again and again heard,
No words, just a tune that spoke more than words,
A lover in all truth lost, a lover who lost his words,
Then some images he saw in his mind, gave him speech.

“Fear not the love of mine, O’ love of mine,
Fear not what you know not O’ love of mine,
Fear not the essence of thy life O’ love of mine,
Fear not to hold my heart in your soul O’ love of mine,

For in the shattered world of romance you and I,
Took baby steps and fell and another fall you fear?
Make thy fear the power of your words and speak,
To a man who seeks thy love, O’ love of mine.”.

That broken record kept on playing the pathos again and again.

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