Story Of The Day.

Thirtieth Day Of June – 2019.

The morning like a masterpiece symphony spread,
And like an amazing ballerina touching, nature danced,
The meanings from that musical deep in the soul sprouted,
A little thought about the ways and means of a poet.

If the life we live were an ocean, ah’ will that ocean care,
How many small streams brings water to the rivers to flow?
Will, that ocean care how many small fishes birth and die?
But the ocean of life of a poet cares every moment,

From the birth of that moment through the transition,
To the next moment where one thought fits well,
That thought always to the mind in gladness brings,
The memory of her face, the dearest darling, Little Boss.

Yet another afternoon and evening the day spread,
And through it all first like a deliberate act I remembered,
Then it became a passion to think about her and smile,
Now thoughts about her, ah’, an inevitability I can’t ignore.

The night took the mantle from the day and brought,
More thoughts about her the loveliness of my era,
The breath of existence and the inspiration of my soul,
In it all flower the sizzling feeling I call “My love for her”.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Ninth Day Of June – 2019.

Images of the yester years all around flew,
Like floating leaves in the season of fall,
Summer morning winds stronger felt,
As Sun and Moon shook hands and bid adieu.

I looked at myself and laughed in a dream I made,
Where an over weight man struggled to find ways to sleep,
No sleep into his eyes came as he found no ways,
To abandon thoughts about his love for his Little Boss.

Gravel roads stretched for miles, I have drawn,
And through those roads to the heart of American I drove,
Pixel by pixel I painted the scenes when as wayfarer passed,
And took a breather to stretch my back and legs.

Noon time came and disturbed my dream,
And avoiding reality I took another dive,
Into my drive but I couldn’t move through my dream
As a beauty from that neck-of-the-wood stole my mind.

Then from what I know of her face and beauty,
I enlightened my dream from past to present to future,
Oh’ my life is filled with her and thoughts about her,
And nothing else made sense without a thought about her.

Night and the world around crowded my reality,
To bring me to my knees as the dream in heart I wrote,
Gave and intoxicated feeling that kept me glad,
As to the night I bid adieu, once more God I thank,

For making my life beautiful by bringing her into my life.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Ninth Day Of June – 2019.

Day like a vampire came breaking the peace,
The night so vehemently kept under her cloak,
Sun danced hand in hand with the bright day,
As morning, noon and afternoon in light passed.

When I woke only the sound of my heartbeat heard,
But the passions of the day elevated the many sounds,
Some led to tears as soliloquy questioned conscience,
Some led to anger and night swiftly came and calmed.

The evening and early night saw Brewers play and lose,
A little more heaviness to carry in the heart,
Oh’, when losing, life will always be in the losing side,
As through the night, I passed I feel the vampire’s cry.

Oh’, in love I should be covering you, my dear,
Protecting you from all the wickedness of the world,
Fighting for you against worlds we know nothing about,
And here I am wrestling demons we know nothing about.

Let the new day come with all the evil machinations,
When where there is evil there is a good out there,
May that good be the love of you and I for each other,
May that love be the divine blessing you and I pray for.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Seventh Day Of June – 2019.

Oh’ if the mornings were rich in the same way they are pretty,
The world would have been a peaceful and harmonious place,
Not seeking riches or beauties into my bed I fell,
The wonders of life once more into my ears pillow whispered.

Noon came and left and I sleepwalked in the house,
Not in a trans but through parts of life that became hollow,
The sun slanted to the west like a hero who saved the world,
I looked up and saw the creation of God doing his job.

Ah’ every creation through the rules of life pass,
In the rules written by God and they all in discipline move,
I thought and thought and in the realities, I found I smiled,
Sat up and the sleep and dreams left me, then aloud I said,

“Oh’ God, rules you made and gave to every creation of yours,
And through those rules, we all move, succeed and may even fail,
The fragility of life and the magnificence of your aura we feel,
Rules of life and every blessing is for us made by you, not for you.

So break me from this utter boring life and bless me with love,
Give me the need of a man and change me from inside for her,
No act of you will burden the heart of this believer of truth,
May you bless her with the perfection of me as a blessing.”.

Somewhere in the depths of mind constant-companion¹ spoke,
“What makes you the welldeserved man of her love?”,
And to that evil force and his evil machinations I searched,
From what remained of the day I thought, then responded,

“Even if all the beauties of the world with all riches come,
And beg at me for love from me and prove to me,
Their love with absolute perfection and promise me heaven,
I can only love Little Boss, for, her heartbeat rhymes with mine.

“The moment I learned what I spoke, she is the love of my life,
One part of my life I lived in the world with charm ended,
As that was the training to love in perfection in my times,
Now the living of that love with her begins in our times.”.

The night calmed me down and even Nature cooled down,
Some thunders and showers help everything else to cool too,
As I prepare to fall into the wonderful world of sleep and dreams,
In the back of my eyelids I see, the manifestation of the love of mine.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

1) A Qarin, according to Islamic literature, is a Jinn. Qarins are unique to each individual. Qarin literally means ‘constant companion’. A Qarin pushes a person to do evil things and to disobey Allah.

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Warmth Of The Candle Light.

Silly silence found sweet ways to attract,
Senses through movements between screams,
Screams of a loveless man whose emotions lost,
In the heart of a lady, he loved from his heart.

Thunders failed to withstand gravity and fell,
Shaking neighborhoods and the souls of many,
The loveless man stood his ground through drooled,
The dust and dirt the world around him threw.

The northern winds defeated what remained of summer,
Frost touched the high-ends of the trees squeezing leaves,
Barks cracked and puffed up birds sat with eyes closed.
The broken heart unfelt the frost as his brows with sweat filled.

He sat beside the road watching the fallen leaves float,
Let go by their mother who has no more love for them,
Some drowned, others stuck to stones making new art,
For his mind to wake from the meditative sorrow.

Nature never paused even a minute to ponder,
A way to bring a little warmth to the man lost,
In flights of fantasy when blisters started to form,
Ah’ in those fancy thoughts and made up dreams found,

A little candlelit not so far nor not so close,
That little warmth through his soul into him spread,
And kept him warm as Nature’s relentless attempts failed,
To move or change what little left of his senses felt.

That little candlelight was a telepathic feeling he felt,
Of the love of his love, he felt when her heart swayed,
With thoughts about him, she felt and he eyes opened,
Ah’, love between these souls is beyond Earthly feelings.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Sixth Day Of June – 2019.

Shade over this part of Earth slowly moved,
As day wiped away the fears of the night,
Those monsters who all hide under the bed,
Ah’ they became dust mites and fleas and fled.

The drowning dreams of love and marriage wept,
Helpless me looked away as no grudges I want,
To carry through this day and days to come,
Oh’, God promised his love not the love of Little Boss.

Melancholy in every corner of the house lingered,
As reality took every bit of that energy and made,
A crown in the forge of my mind where flames raised,
From my heart and soul and reality wore that crown.

Oh’ someday in kindness God will ask,
Why alone my entire life I lived,
In humility, I will answer that question,
Ending in the forgiveness I always seek.

“Oh’ God, you gave me a life in your ways I lived,
You gave me a heart with which to love from you I learned,
All my life I searched the world to find her my Little Boss,
But her love never came to me as a blessing from you.

None will I blame as the unknown fate somehow never meant,
Love from her for me and that reality I lived in the good,
You gave in which you taught and good and bad from you came,
I seek forgiveness for any misgivings of mine in my love.”.

The night came back with a vengeance and covered,
All the flaws mankind made in one day in this part of Earth,
I sweat in the heat of the day left for all to feel better,
Some laughed, some cried, and I looked at myself doing neither.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Petr Ovralov on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

Twenty Fifth Day Of June 2019.
This Poem Is For You Little Boss.*

Frustrations about the absence of my love hard felt,
Deep through the veins boiled blood that sweat,
Brows I frowned and deeper about life I thought,
And abandoned the beauty of the morning and slept.

Some lovers, somewhere celebrated their luck in glory,
The unfortunate slept even when sun in brightness danced,
The unloved need no special reason to be unloved,
We are the failures the world look, learn and succeed.

Noon stormed into my room and threw me out of bed,
My own shadows gave me threats and fear,
The fear about the unknowns that spread with summer,
Ah’ life deliberately abandoned living me and left.

The awesomeness of the unfortunate is that all they touch,
All they wish will burn in around them and the ash,
Will fall on them and make their faces dark and deformed,
Evening baseball game my team lost in disgrace.

Night came all around with questions about morning,
Frustration indeed led to an angry man in dire straits,
And for a moment I thought about the love of Little Boss,
That kept me sane, kept me calm as her love ruled my mind.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

*Dedication. – Poems are written with specific people in mind at times and are dedicated to them. When this poem is read and someone at some point enjoys the poem. That enjoyment always leads to a little blessing and the person the poem is dedicated to will receive that blessing.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Fourth Day Of June – 2019.
This Poem Is For You Little Boss*.

Life went left and right with careless ease,
Stomping onto the chances of reality sprouting,
But none of those fallen beside cared conscience,
As hand in hand with her to move ahead I want.

Ten thousand thunders all around crashed,
Billions of drops fell and flown into wilderness,
The civilized world more than that as cleansing,
And the summer storm never cooled the eager mind.

Softness of the bed, comforter and pillows bored,
After a long day of sleep and I rolled out,
Inside the house like a caged lion I wandered,
Hungry for love with a belly full of food and tea.

Evening got crowned with dusky twilight and said,
“The beauty of the dusk is all you will see this day.”,
Ah’ with a tired mind I tried to measure the distance,
Between hearts in love but a virtual ocean of love I found.

Then to the night in a soft voice I whispered,
“This night my mind will make her feel the love of mine,
When no distance and cruelty of the world can stop,
Her feeling the love of mine as I know her soul.”.

Strength of love ah’ none can measure,
For in it is the glow of soul God for us created,
That divine strength gave me vision of a path,
In happiness we both hand in hand will move ahead to.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

*Dedication. – Poems are written with specific people in mind at times and are dedicated to them. When this poem is read and someone at some point enjoys the poem. That enjoyment always leads to a little blessing and the person the poem is dedicated to will receive that blessing.

Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash

Little Boss.

This Poem Is For You Little Boss.*

Loveliness of the day have spread,
Into the depths of a loveless soul,
Searched for the memories of a lifetime,
But only found images of my Little Boss.

Prayers of noon time aroused to lessen,
The heaviness and aches of a loveless soul,
Searched the embedded images in my soul,
But only found images of my Little Boss.

Warmth of the evening crowned to color,
To paint new dreams in a loveless soul,
Oh’ Nature spread her pallets and in it dipped,
And painted new dreams with your face, Little Boss.

Twilight after the Sunset in sadness wrote,
Happy verses to cheer a loveless soul,
Oh’ the whole nature wept along, then cheered,
As smiles of yours reflected in all corners, Little Boss.

Starlight of spreading night reflected,
In every drop of rain at the tip of leaves,
And the loveless soul in those drops found,
A smile that reflected your happiness, Little Boss.

Ah’ no longer to be in that reflection, I wish,
As all that I am already filled with what,
Makes you the happiest lady in the world,
And I pray that my deeds be your happiness, Little Boss.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

*Dedication. – Poems are written with specific people in mind at times and are dedicated to them. When this poem is read and someone at some point enjoys the poem. That enjoyment always leads to a little blessing and the person the poem is dedicated to will receive that blessing.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Third Day Of June – 2019.

When sleep left her lusty clutches from around me,
Ah’ I left a dream about my empty heart,
Then memories of yester years woke up inside mind,
And filled me with love I never felt Oh’, dear, dearest.

Gathering the needed I ran and then drove to meet,
Friends from another town to see a ball game at the park,
Rain soaked us and we got into the ballpark to see,
Brewers showing their might on the mound and at plate.

Back home sweet home, sleepy chairs and sweet tea,
Evening drowned in the slowness of Sunday times,
With memories performing ballet in my soul,
That solo act was just the smile of yours, Oh’, Dearest.

Night wave his scepter to impose his rule over time,
Dark magicians somewhere, somehow cast their spells,
And for the protection of my soul and her soul I prayed,
Oh’, dearest darling pray for me too a poor old lover.

When bidding farewell to my conscious state I pray more,
To unite our love for the happy cheers of all in the world.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash
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