The Screaming Ventriloquist.

With the flow of the wind she walked,
Like a Peacock she danced,
The meanings of the whispers of the dark of night she sang,
Oh’ none seen the visions of love she seen,
And those visions a man to her unknown sought.

In ways to be known she walked,
Her true self none cared to know,
And in tunes from her own heart came, she danced,
A dance of her own none understood,
But man to her unknown cared to learn.

The creepy man himself he called,
And to thin air his words in verses spoke,
The crazy man the world may have thought,
But her heart through spirituality he saw.

Every soul from the light of divine made,
And those found to reflect at each can never lose sight,
Though far, far away, still her soul he felt,
And to her in language of the heart he spoke.

Words of care in verses strung,
Verses of love aloud he sang,
But his words like that of ventriloquist heard,
From mouths of mockers who can never be him,
The more he spoke the more away from him she looked.

The meaning of all he said, only she understood,
But all he said from another direction she heard,
Those puppets that made her dance,
In tunes of a world with evil bound.

He screamed to her to hear him right,
In her mind any thought about him loathed,
Though all he said from another mouth she heard,
And a world louder than him screamed.

He screamed to her in warnings she unheard,
Her ears in the mocking laugh and applause filled,
Of a world in twists and turns went,
As she turned along merging in the crowd.

The crowd understood her not and the world knew her not,
Though somewhere still echoed the loving verses to her he spoke,
Those echoes she will hear no more,
As his voice forever in misunderstandings lost.

Disappointment in her, the world and in himself he felt,
No more hope about her in his mind he kept,
The winds bound him tight so no spiritual voice of him ever heard,
As the voice only found the definition divine gave in her soul.


My Love For May

My Love For May.

The strength of wind ploughed order in Nature and swept,
Through every corner of the town screaming,
The cry of lost lovers who all in failures to react failed.
Along the way the dried leaves the wind took,
And upon a tree I once planted showered,
Oh’ that little seed I once sowed,
Now as a tree to withstand the test of time grown.
Ah’ beside that tree I buried,
The love of mine a darling girl denied.

The month of May upon the lap of Nature birthed,
And she took the hand of the fallen spring and calmed,
The howling wind with love and care,
Then to every new growth she said, give me love,
And to her call no sprout so early in the season could answer.
And she stood stale and pale and wept,
The wind sang lullabies moving through the bamboo woods,
And moved the clouds from high above, bringing,
The shinning sun to warm up the cheeks of spring.

Still in gloom of loneliness May sat,
Counting hours passing by like wild stallions,
Her naughty looks in mind brought,
Light unseen by day or night,
Then in my mind I wished,
With all the power of my faith I wished,
With all the passions in all my life I had I wished,
To make my love for the month of may real,
A flicker in my heart I felt,
And I ran all around to see,
I ran all around to hear,
I ran all around to smell,
I ran all around to touch,
Oh’ nothing special anywhere I found,
Then with bowed head about myself I thought,
“A curse filled with dreams unrealistic”.
When walking back tired one last time upon my child tree I looked,
A little color, a flower, the first bloom of spring I saw,
Upon that tree, beneath where all my love I buried.


Code Of Living(An Abandoned Poem)

Another piece of verse from the abandoned poem project “The Code Of Living” If someone who knows me very well read these verses, they will know why I abandoned it. To all others, I have zero respect to people who act older than they are and don’t respect me at all. If they anger me in disrespect, without hesitation I will slap anyone. As to young ones, I don’t command respect, because most of the new generation that’s out there these days are assholes. But I wrote this as a Code of Living when I know I myself don’t do it, I abandoned the poem.
That’s me.

Fill the heart with thoughts of good,
In two different ways actions one must divide,
Respect elders and those from lessons one learned,
Guidance given to young ones with kindness filled.
Oh’ the candle of light that lit at birth,
Until soul parts the flesh that light will stay lit,
Ah’ make that candle the light to future spread,
Make that candle the little warmth dark matters will feel.

Anger and bad temper is part of all life,
But no temper or composure one should lose,
Based on evil intimidation.
Lust in life is no different than a sweetness taste,
Take it in moderation so all senses will enhance,
Love from lust will be a blessing for a lifetime,
Loveless lust, Oh’ darker than the beginning of time.
Sadness is a sea from which born,
Tides of life that makes us smile,
So the times of gloom one must use,
As the stepping stones of life’s inspirations.

These lines are written as part of a long poem called “The Code Of Life” half way through I decided not to go any further for personal reasons.

Disease Of The Present.

Daytime light gone away,
Night lights here and there sprouted,
Then gloomy midnight like an old lady moved,
Night light faded with morning to dance around tried,
The wisdom of the past spoke,
And she stood by the bay and in inevitability spread.
Oh’ into my mind all images I gathered,
Knowing well how pathetically the living life many messed,
And either whine or boasts about dreams about yesterday,
Unknowingly talk about the fate of tomorrow,
Becoming the living disease of the present.


To The Only One I Can Ever Love.

This poem was written in over a week time and my mood changed from that an angry, disappointed to a compromising pleasant one. The reader can see that change of mood in the poem. There I said what I should say about the poem and let the poem carry you through.

To The Only One I Can Ever Love.

The winding roads to a higher place took,
The air grew thinner and thinner the higher I went,
As sorrow deepened with every moment of your silence,
My own conscience I betrayed,
As my hopes in hunger for love died,
Only sadness along with me came,
And thoughts about you first as a hunting,
Then as a pleasure, Then as an addiction,
Then a necessity to survive,
The air thinner and thinner grew,
And there were no more heights for me climb.

Beneath my foot I felt,
The touch of the might of the mountain,
The flirting winds way below in jealousy howled,
The thundering clouds in defeat beneath me rained.
Love is not a necessity for life, aloud I said,
Oh’ stronger will become love when unattained,
When parted stronger will feel,
The pain of the living,
The blessing of the dead,
Oh’ you may be at a height unattainable,
Or at a depth unknown,
Ah’ even when skies beneath my foot I crush,
Somewhere in the horizons echoed,
Your words of love for me in your soul whispered.
Oh’ the soul of mine with hopes and wishes filled,
Even when the world around us in chaos drowned,
Temptations of good and evil all around us flown,
And to some we fell pray and failed,
To understand that life is not a beast one can tame,
In acts of brutality or romance of hearts,
Life is not a meal in sweetness one can eat or in sourness spit,
Life is not a journey where one fly, walk, swim or crawl,
Life of an individual is a flaw, In the perfect flow of time,
But even in our failures and success,
Anger, disappointments and sadness we learned,
How beautiful that God given flaw in meaningful ways define,
The love and respect of each other we have,
Which made a million flowers bloom as smiles,
On faces of those who read this and understand,
No matter what material heights you and I can climb,
No matter what disappointments, anger, sadness you can give,
You are the only one my darling, I can ever love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

The White Wolf


Good that all have gone to sleep,
As silence consumes what remains of the consiousness,
A nightmare rises like a midnight sun,
A wolf howling after the kill,
Her fangs dripping blood,
Her eyes bright like red dawrfs light years away,
I smiled at her in thankfulness,
As she just pulled out what remained,
As a loving feeling in my conscience.

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