Escape The Deceptive World.

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The thin fog like a slow glider came,
Upon on the gravel road red with soil,
And dead leaves of the gone by fall,
Sleepy pines sighed at the naughty dance.

Sleep from the night before lingered,
As shadow from a bad dream roamed,
What mistreatment you felt my dear?
But in that prison awake you remained.

Oh’, did you see me walking through that fog,
On a path unknown away from you and life?
Every piece of music and sound reminded you,
About my smile and a little joke, I told you?

Barren lands of the east, deserts of the south,
Frozen tundra of the north, Ah’, all holds,
Deception of dark magic you and I can’t see,
And in sickness, our mind binds in hatred and aches.

The broken record of my life again played,
“Oh’, you are the love from birth till now I sought,
I am the love from birth till now in your depth you felt,”,
Let no deception of the material world break our hearts.

Power of minds in love, Oh’, dear, nothing can defeat,
Let the passions the world show you, not deceive you.
Let not the bounds of relations and obligations stop you,
Let us unite all in the bonds of love, of you, me, into us.

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Photo by Heleno Kaizer on Unsplash

Ripples From Little Feet.

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Broken pieces of ice floated through the melting stream,
Springtime birthed in the laps of innocent mornings,
Aurora faded into the northern woods as the geese flew back,
The young girl from behind a merry-go-round watched.

In her little heart compassion filled with courage she felt,
The leaving winter cold, arriving spring mist she feared not,
All emotions in that little soul something unknown blended,
Bare little legs with love warmed into the flowing stream she dipped.

Those little ripples through the flowing stream they grew,
And through the plains and into the gulf and oceans they fell,
Love grew and ripples with passions flown through storms,
And through currents beyond those little eyes to another side flew.

Far, far away on the other side of the world, a man stood,
Who from childhood to youth a feeling in his mind he felt,
The definition he understood not but as years passed redefined,
Perspectives to purpose of a self that filled with love, undefined.

Near the Arabian sea, he stood as the waves trickled his legs,
Light rain fell, the winds with cold filled, and the ripples reached,
Touching his legs and through veins, to all of him feelings spread,
The day he learned, definitions of him far away from him grew.

Oceans and mountains, plains and towns, cities and beaches,
From riches to poverty, parties to ruins life he celebrated,
Every word he said, every action he performed for one search,
That trickling feeling he felt, source of that ripple that touched.

Many turns and twists life took and one day at her eyes he looked,
The youth filled lover a shy filled smile she gave and he felt,
That trickle that consumed the rest of his life in her good,
And the rest of his life for her happiness he dedicated.

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Photo by Egor Vikhrev on Unsplash

The Cleansed Heart.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Cleanse your thoughts from stereotypes of the world,
World polarized by evil hidden behind robes, hats, and turbans,
Fall not on knees to pray, Oh’, dear for the fashion of world,
For, the world away from truth and love malignantly fashioned.

Come to me, Oh’, dear, come to me for my heart I cleansed,
In purity of love cast from blood, sweat and passion filled tears,
Happiness is not a choice I made when about you I think,
For, in every living breath, I find a way to be happy for you.

Time for dreams and fulfillments, games and doubts are over,
The world in which we will make memories forever will stay,
Call it romance or the sizzling feelings of unknown wonders,
Happiness is in your smiles erasing pains and struggles.

Life I will spend to bring those sweet smiles of yours,
For my sight and the sight of the manipulated world to heal,
And hold you in my arms close to the loving heart of mine,
When that manipulated world’s unhappiness haunts you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by AndriyKo Podilnyk on Unsplash

The Act Of Little Boss.

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Adolescent age, the time of sprouting romances felt,
And on the walls of souls from heartfelt and soul-filled wrote,
Stories dipped in the inks of wishes, dreams, and hopes,
They all in unerasable colors united meanings of years to come.

Passion filled youth like lightning passed into achievements,
Then loses balanced life with a vengeance ununderstandable,
Meanings of many stories became prayers unanswered,
Hundreds of lines of verses soul in darkness kept.

I am the storyteller, I am the writer, I am the lost meaning,
Only confusions about one bright-lit story ageless remained,
Cover of that book held an image of your smile, my Little Boss*,
Though verses in it were written in the past from birth till now.

You listened, you read, you became the outsider, the insider,
You became storyteller as you are the story and you defined,
What is right and what is wrong and through it all decide,
The future of me as through all meanings you became me.

And the loveless world held miracle-less times in luxury,
Gamblers through their dices, magicians showed their tricks,
Good and Evil danced through it all undifferentiated,
Your one word of love will erase, the darkness of those unerasable.

*Please see blog post about this poem for an explanation.
© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

The Voice In An Image.

Blog Post About This Poem.

The love she prayed for kneeling,
Found as the warmth inside the soul,
Triumph broke loose inside her heart,
And smiles sprouted upon her lovely face.

Behind the masquerade of colors and creams kept,
A face in the magnificence of love inside she felt,
Evading drama of life she walked, talked and worked,
In the cocoon heart made, her love in safety kept.

Ah’, dreams are not real, though very real they felt,
Reality to her brought, words, sounds, all unusual,
From a man from strange lands, strange ways but,
Eyes with passion filled, heart with love for her filled.

And on a day, he raised his camera and told her to smile,
The image that to him spoke, every day, in every way,
About love in his heart, love in her hearts every time he saw,
The voice in that image, Ah’, echoed through his life.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Dreams Of Twin Flames.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Talk not to thyself in agony of a gone by days,
The healing through nature and nurture you look,
Unmasking the repressed love to someone up close felt,
Yet, for many seasons remain unseen and unheard.

Oh’, everyone to her spoke about the purity of love in her,
Many secrets, so very well kept, told in whispers,
None asked her, what secrets she has, in her soul,
All whispers, gossips, Ah’, only divided her love among souls.

Life, a race through passion filled emotions raced,
People of all cultures, characters from all around outpaced,
Intimidations to gain attention, greed filled chaos for a smile,
Ah’, none will tell that this is a race you cannot be defeated.

Those early adolescent days, they into her childish mind brought,
Dreams about love, Oh’, the great adventures of warrior boys,
Younger years where everything bound as everyone advised,
To grow and love and not to love and grow in freedom of mind.

Oh’, like adulthood, love from younger years in passions sought,
When adulthood to the pains and confusion of life took,
Ah’, those childhood days of dreams she sought disappeared,
And those faces of society, in mockery laughed out loud.

Warrior boys faded but memories of dreams remained,
Seasons came and seasons left; all memories in mind brewed,
The fantastic feeling through every sense as real felt,
Then reality brought to view a man of words she never expected.

Into her eyes he looked, and to his conscience, he sang,
“In your eyes, Oh’, dear, my dearest I see,
Deep and vivacious, wisdome filled love waiting,
Like the calmness of water for a storm in the sea,

A sea of poetry in the present and to future resonates,
Ah’, waiting for me to absorb and write dipped with my love.”
No memory of her dreams resonated with what reality gave,
As tears gathered in her eyes in awe of a stranger’s words.

Him she rejected with words like venomous arrows flew,
New whispers heard from familiar faces who all spoke,
More venom than any serpents can spit with their bites,
In the confusion once more laid bleeding her unheard love.

Unheard she thought, but he heard, but far she ventured,
Clouds between them gathered, of prejudices and pride,
Love felt in their hearts untied many knots but failed to tie,
The one knot of the twin flames they are and unknown remained.

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Photo by Corey Young on Unsplash

The Louder Voice.

Blog Post About This Poem.

The winds have grown thick and cold,
No more leaves to drag down from trees
Empty streets where people once walked,
Cold and dry waiting for feet to walk on.

The fascinating world once where dreams were weaved,
Outplayed by the brutality of greed and passion of mankind,
Dreams that once took feet to paths unknown now fallen,
Prey to the darkness of minds where cookedness was made.

The thickening walls, ah’, those that close from every side,
The sky darkened and fired thunderbolts from crashing clouds,
Misery found a breeding place in veins and ran through body,
Where is the ray of hope? Where is the path to peace?

Human mind found the light inside, you are your strength,
You have the knowledge, you have the will, mind spoke,
The light from the soul found ways to brighten the paths,
As the will to succeed outplayed every nasty game time played.

No human is just a single soul, billions of souls, O’ feel the connection,
No evil machinations of time and space can bring one down,
And as long as nose breathes air, strength will gather in legs for the run,
Ah’, the losers cry in the world will be buried by your winner’s screams.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Ingmar Hoogerhoud on Unsplash
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