Truth And Lie

A million times one can lie,
Fill soul with that lie,
Hallucinate about that lie,
Make believe that lie never die,
Fake joy about that lie.
Still a truth, that lie never will become,
As in the truth all unreal succumb.

Then a day will birth and mists of lie will wither,
The truth all around you will dance,
As no more in lies you can dance,
Hallucinations still from far will hunt,
But in every bit of life the truth will fill,
That Truth is my love for you,
The lie? You don’t love me at all.

Tragedy Of A Middle Aged Bachelor.

It is rather late or in another way, way early.  There were people on my facebook still trying to chat with me like 15 min ago. I don’t know why so many people want to stay up late. Maybe they are all like me. How am I like? Good question. I thought about this couple of weeks and said to myself this. I am like just any other man one can find in the mirror if you are a man. If you are woman you may not give me a second look if you meet me at the street corner. That’s the case with majority of people however what makes the difference? It just that I am not a hypocrite or a person who get lost in the flow of the masses. I either swim away and get to calmness or I never get in the middle of the flow in the first place. Will that make me a protectionist? In a way yes, as I am the one person I should protect in the first place. As I keep myself at bay mostly these days many familiar faces gave me strange looks. Some faces don’t look at me anymore and some of them are fighting with their own shadows to erase my face from memory. All these makes me mind a blank white sheet on which, I am tried of writing story after story. Maybe I should just leave it blank so that someone will find it someday in someway to write a new story and make this strange face unique leaving a smile on this face.

   The above said thought at that time kinda triggered a writing at that time. 15 or 16 days later I just felt the same after reading what I wrote. Hope you all find this strange writing a little familiar.

Tragedy Of A Middle Aged Bachelor.

The nightly stars one by one bowed away,
Far across the landscape darkness bound,
The spring mist with hollow dreams,
The wind in haste joined them in dance,
The lame morning somewhere in east yawned.

The old moon hid under the blanket of light,
Lazy birds from branch to branch of a flowerless tree hopped,
No songs, just screeches of nesting nightly bugs,
Bats with stomach full upside down lay and flapped their wings,
The blank journal page in light cold breeze turned.

The tired eyes in waiting for an unseen daydream drooped,
None seen as all ended like the journal page bye breeze turned,
As everyday felt like yesterday,
And yesterday to tomorrow cloned.
Yet another spring morn between yesterday and tomorrow lost.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM .2010 All Rights Reserved

Your Dream Fulfillment.

It was early in the morning. I finished my late night blogtv show and wanted to go to bed. On my way I was humming a very old Hindi song. I don’t remember the words of the Hindi song at all only tune came to my mind. The only thing I remember was that song got something to do with Sapne(dream) so I started making my own words in English and started singing the first two paragraph of this poem. The rest of the poem I wrote after I woke up. As usual I gave it about a week time to see if I myself like it. Here it is.

Your Dream Fulfillment.

Minted by the spring mist,
In the glory of season stood,
Oh in eyes light you carried,
The light of fulfilled dreams.

Upon the wings of winds sat,
Over mountains and sea flown,
Caressing cheeks of a maiden,
Wishing for her love in lifetimes ahead.

Inside the tunes of a lullaby sat,
And into the soul of a maiden looked,
Dreams of morrows in there sprouted,
Oh’ the fulfillment of those dreams lullaby sang.

Inside a new bloomed flower sat,
Kissed a maiden’s lips again and again,
Her dreams of love one by one fulfilled,
And then light of a soul in love in her eyes saw.

Minted by the rays of autumn evening,
The golden rays clearing ways,
Oh’ the light from your eyes took birth,
And a soul as your dream fulfillment casted.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM .2010 All Rights Reserved

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