The Sprouting Romantic Dream

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The drifting time eased at a face fascinating,
And through time passed I searched,
And in the passing time through imaginations searched,
If ever seen her likes in my life and I found none.

Calm like a resting dove she looked,
Held her peace in utmost romantic charms,
Gave mind more to imagine and weave,
Dreams, senses loved to weave with passions.

Compassion in her eyes in depths shown,
A wonderful soul by material world unadulterated,
A query of welfare through her shiny smile she asked,
And a million flowers bloomed in the folds of my heart.

As from her artistic mind, she spoke,
Her imaginations and her views of dreams,
Through the drifting time I too along with her moved,
With wings spreading in the sprouting romantic dream.

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Photo by Karina Tess on Unsplash
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