To Regain A Calm State Of Mind.

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In the search for attention, we lose ourselves,
Desperate for validation, the constant craving,
Seeking a spot we lose our truth and evolve,
Into someone else, we ourselves eventually forget.

But the simple life, unbothered and free,
Living a world with souls thinking alike,
Happiness is in the peace of life one can muster,
In dreams shared, actions cared and tears wiped.

Bad choices we may make, may blame others too,
Depression, addiction, and insecurity ensue,
A positive side there is, we often miss,
It’s up to us to choose and find inner bliss.

Many mistakes I made, in those times, felt so low,
Wrote my mind, shared my thoughts, all helped me grow,
Strange one may think, but it’s my saving grace,
A place to escape, and find my own pace,

Forgiveness I sought and empty-handed I sat,
Life I felt slipping into a dimension I know not,
A realization in the depth of my soul I felt,
Forgiving myself and all I blame is the first step,

To be forgiven in this world and hereafter,
And meaningful became every thought,
Every thought gave a new reason to breathe,
The world looked at my empty hands and laughed.

Oh’, they know not that nothing are the five senses,
We possess as they are with nastiness filled,
When cleansed all I found were the purity,
No mocking will ever find and peace filled my innocence.

So forgive yourself, and find your own way
Positives is in forgiveness sought, will help you stay
And though we may stumble, we must always find
A path to peace, and regain a calm state of mind.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

Tragedy Of An Apology.

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No matter how deep, an apology is a dance of sorts,
A step-by-step process in sincerity to make amends,
Yet so often by the wild humanity misunderstood,
As if it’s a well-set trap to catch our friends.

Flesh and blood humans stumble and falter along the way,
Trying hard and our best to make things right,
But the wild and wicked world is quick to judge and say,
That we are the ones in the wrong, not right.

The fabrications Ah’, a fatal blow to a romance,
When one can’t see and feel the effort put forth,
And instead, they conspire and choose to enhance,
The idea, that the one apologizing is of no worth.

But a heartfelt apology is not just a sentence,
It’s the steps taken to make things right,
It’s a promise to change and a willingness,
To work on the problem, day and night.

So let’s not be quick to judge,
Or dismiss those who try to make things right,
For an apology is a long and strong bridge,
Deep into a love-filled future that’s full of light.

Wrote and thought and left what I wrote,
Days passed and the rhymes from my mind I lost,
Still, some words spoken that cut deep and brought,
Pain I suffered and mind wandered in an empty coast.

Somewhere the imperfections of thoughts or just words,
Or my heart’s desires lost ways in passions unholy,
Or in the magnificence of the illusion, her ways she lost,
And regrets abandoned that mind into a world of folly.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

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The Frozen Spring.

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I waited for the blooming spring to come
With hopes of sprouting warmth and love
I dreamed of the dancing flowers in the sun
And birdsongs spreading through air from above

But then the rebounding winter snow began to fall,
Flurries in the air and all over land danced,
The stunned sprouts tried to find a rhythm to dance,
And they all fell in the cold and weight of the snow.

The fallen snow stuck together and froze,
And chilled my spirit and flesh to the bone
It covered all the sprouting buds and leaves
And left me in the dark and cold and alone

The snow was like your fantastic promises
So beautiful in words and actions bright
But soon they all melted in my bare hands
And harsh realities turned to tears of white

You said you loved me like the pretty spring
But you were like the rebounding winter snow
You came with songs and went muted so suddenly
And in the deepest dark left me with no glow

Now I’m stuck in frozen winter’s grip
With nothing but shivering regrets
I wish I never saw the paleness of snow
Or passed as a victim of your love you ever met.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

Decorated Doors.

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Those doors, Ah’, so pretty and wonderfully decorated,
They stood in might keeping what is inside, safe,
Each decoration we placed as an invitation,
To enter a place where imagination will newly define,

Define wonders in mind and filling soul,
With the touch of another mind in waiting,
For someone to knock, wait, and enter in peace,
Peace of love only weaved for the one behind the door.

Those are minds inside and from childhood I have heard,
About those doors and through life I searched and found,
Many looked decorated for my mind’s pleasant attraction,
And I knocked, knocked, and again and again knocked,

None answered, Oh’, those decorations in time evolved,
To mocking graffiti that weaved many nightmares,
Knowledge of ages and my own experience taught,
Meanings of those decorations meant nothing to true love.

Still, as through life in my own peace I pass, I notice,
Wonderfully decorated doors bring passionate attraction,
To mind and peaceful touch deep in my soul, Ah’, a craving,
From that old habit filled with hope, I still knock and knock.

Till now, none answered.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Truth About True Love.

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True love is like a mother’s embrace,
A lifelong bond that nothing can replace,
For she can only conceive you once,
Carry you and deliver you, a spiritual dance.

Though others may look, speak and act the same,
None can compare to your mother’s name,
For she’s the one who gave you birth,
And loved you from the moment of your first.

The purity of her love is like an endless sea,
A heart-filled love that’s true and always free,
And though others may try hard to replicate,
None wholeheartedly can ever duplicate.

For true love is like a mother’s pure heart,
Love even in the worst storms can never fall apart,
Love in sincerity that is given without end,
Love unconditionally cherished by her friend.

So in this wild world if you ever feel alone,
Remember the love that you have known,
For true love is like your mother’s care,
A love in all its purity that’s always there.

Truth most times takes a silent path to reach,
As through it none can easily pass and teach,
Humanity to humans in lessons of a spiritual act
As true love indeed will express a divine fact.

None of us should fall victim to the whims,
And betrayal of another mocking soul,
Love indeed must be an expression of deep,
Feelings from one soul to another one must not hide.

If a soulmate from paths of truth treads astray,
Ah’, the other will become a motherless child,
A soul lost in darkness, frost, and fog, perpetually,
Where loneliness ghosts in dances of wrath.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Thrilling Moments.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Through wilder ways life goes on, it never stops
Thrilling moments that hold our breath at every hop
As none can predict combinations of what’s in store
But that’s what makes life worth more, unboring.

The thrill of chasing to know the unknown
In challenge keeps us on our toes alone
None can define what good or bad lies ahead
Through time and space, we face all with courage instead

Challenges petty, pretty, and hard may come our way
And in the brutality of the rights and wrongs we sway
But in that dynamics, we find our strength within
And knowingly or unknowingly the thrill of life we begin

From morning through night, we take on each day with zeal
The thrill of life, sprouting to end we can feel
As we thrive in ecstasy of the present moment
And with passion make the most of what’s potent

Life like a galloping horse goes on, and so do we
The thrill of life, through every sense we can feel,
None else, no matter how good, can define it for us
For we must live life with pious and peaceful trust.

When that trust one can find in another heart,
The thrill of life becomes the perfect art,
The beauty of life comes not with garlands and bells,
She comes and showers us with surprising gladness.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Natalya Ukolova on Unsplash

The Meditator.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Oh’, through the silent moments of life, we wander,
Touching the lights of the glowworms that guide us,
Feeling the senses dreams from imaginations we painted,
Leaving a prayer at the shallow graves of unfulfilled dreams.

In darkness the meditator finds peaceful meanings,
As across blazing realities the meditator stands,
Bows of realities with strings filled with worldly pleasures,
Those arrows no meditator cares, but with will ignores.

Springtime birthed all around melting winter frost,
Like tears of a departing lover flown through streams,
And swimming in those crystal waters spring freshened,
The meditator felt nothing but heard Spring’s naughty giggles.

Those little disruptions the meditator enjoyed,
What little, material world can offer though plentiful,
Appeared and danced around those evil machinations,
Unbelievers who lost all worlds in imaginary sciences.

Every step the meditator took in this worldly journey,
Nature, time, and space into the meditator dissolved,
As life beyond life the meditator beyond five senses felt,
The journey prepared for another century of life fate wrote.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

A Ride To Love.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Through fields of green and pastures wide,
The train did chug and gently glide.
The countryside, so lush and grand,
Unfolded like a painter’s hand.

I sat alone, lost in dreamy thoughts,
Until a smiling lady near me caught
My eye, her beauty like the sprouting dawn,
From my thoughts, a lovely rose among the thorn.

We spoke of this and that, and more,
As we traveled on that train before.
I found myself drawn to her voice,
It made my heart skip, I had no choice.

As the journey wore on, we grew close,
The lady and I, like a budding rose.
She spoke her mind and shared her heart,
And I knew right then, we’d never part.

We talked and laughed for hours on end,
And with each passing mile, I called her friend.
But something more was blooming there,
A feeling I thought lost, that was rare and fair.

As we watched the world pass by,
She made me feel like I could fly.
She helped me see things I’d never seen,
And I knew she was my all-seasons queen.

With her by my side, the train ride was grand,
And I knew that she’d always understand.
As the sun set on that fateful beautiful day,
I knew that my love-filled heart was here to stay.

For, amid the tranquil countryside,
I’d found a love that could not hide.
And so I vowed to always be true,
To her as our hearts beat as one, side by side.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Camille Minouflet on Unsplash

The Queen Of Spring

Blog Post About This Poem

She sits among the flowers
With a smile that lights the day
Her hair is like a golden stream
That flows in a gentle sway

She wears a dress of lilac hue
That matches her soft eyes
Her skin is fair and flawless
Like the clouds in azure skies

She does not need a crown or jewels
To show her grace and worth
She is the queen of all the fields
The loveliest on earth

She makes the roses blush with shame
The lilies in respect bow their heads
The daisies dance around her feet
The sunflowers towards her turn their heads

She is the beauty of an everlasting spring
The joy that crowns every passing hour
She is the lady of my dreams defining future,
As in all simplicity, she sits among the flowers.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Hai Phung on Unsplash

Mythology Of Happiness

Blog Post About This Poem.

Longed and longed all through her life,
Through silent shores alone she walked,
Where waves abandoned her footprints,
And trees shed leaves not giving shade.

The luck of life unapologetically ignored,
Her life in ways for many unimaginable,
Nothing waited for her in space and time,
She existed as if none through sense can feel.

Longed and longed for a bit of love and shed,
Many lonely tears away from celebrations,
Of the wealthy, charmed, and even the normals,
What is a day she knew not, directions mattered not.

Then the world through time took a turn,
And light fell all over her and her heartbeat heard,
Her looks looked upon, her voice, sang back,
Colors her dreams found, love in her garden bloomed.

His voice she heard in every sound around,
That fills her loving heart with joy and peace
His gentle touch she felt in every breeze
That caresses her skin with gentle grace

His smiling face she saw in every dream
That brightened up her lonely nights
His sweet kiss she tasted in every bite
That sweetens her lips with honeyed delight

His scent she smelt in every wildflower
That bloomed around her with fragrant love
His loving soul she learned in every hour
That connects her to him from above.

Mythology of happiness around her found,
Reality through love all around radiated,
Fragments of gladness she once wished, united,
To pave paths in fulfillment to eternal love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM–All Rights Reserved – 2023.

Photo by Ruslan Fatihov on Unsplash

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