Ray Of Light And A Curse.

This is the first time I am posting two poems of this size in one post. As it is a weekend… take your time and read…

Not a lot of bloging these days or writing going on. I got caught up with many things. Nothing wild just surviving. I once in a while watch election related news. Then check my portfolio where most of the share I bought now has less than a dollar value. hehehe. I am the wisest failure in stocks too.  Well there are people upon whom the economy have no impact. They think lets just enjoy life, daang, what are they thinking. I don’t know their mentality. One of my favorites here called me an ‘Extremist’ for saying it. hehehe. mmm calling a Muslim guy an extremist is pretty strong in these times, and for what? saying my opinion about the economy? But she is a darling little friend whom I could never be angry at. Still extremist? Hey, I have no beard and turban. I am a Sufi Muslim, we Sufis believe that the ink from the pen of the scholar is mightier than the blood on the sword of the martyr. We Sufi Muslims write poetry and dance chanting in praise of God ( I only walk back and forth, no dancing with a 40 inch belly hehehe) and we don’t explode in the middle of the public. We spread love not hatred. It is bad out there economically… and I know that very well. Hope not many of my readers are hit by the bad economy. As you don’t need to pay to read my poems bad economy or not it just don’t matter in my site. Well one need to pay for the internet. But it is better to read sad poems than be sad thinking about the lost value of ones house or the money that vanished from ones 401K. Maybe this is a good time to have healthy habits in eating, exercising and even thinking.


If you are a regular reader of my poems you might have come across at least 4 poems that sounds very similar to the poem that follows in the last three years. Unfortunately, the reality that I depicted in this poem in real happens and it is a repetition that haunts like a curse. Well not like a curse, looks like it is a curse.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters

The Ray Of Light


A Pure Soul.


Silence inside the mind nested,

Then like migrating birds silence all around spread,

And through many paths gone,

Where darkness in celebration danced,

Celebration of loneliness and heartless immorality.


Oh’ life by wrongdoings and mistakes shredded,

Then by stormy thoughts scattered,

Paths passed by lies, deception, tears and prayers filled,

Tears shed to correct the incorrect and failed,

Prayers prayed seeking forgiveness of sins committed,

Oh’ life left sarcastic smiles upon a bruised face.


Every moment left nightmarish memories,

And through it all unheard, unsought and unloved lived,

Words can’t describe the squeezing feeling,

And screams can’t relieve the pain, excruciating.


Meaningless, aimless days spread to weeks,

And weeks to months and they all pushed,

Through years of a rejected mind filled with lonely dreams.


Oh’ a lover, who loved and became a poet,

A poet who only wrote about love,

And only by disappointments loved,

And by faceless phantoms in fantasy of expected reality.


Light lost its meaning from a darkened life,

Though the sun still shined way above,

And that darkness through every view spread,

And it was in the dance of darkness, silence joined.


Oh’ how many times into the dark hole fallen,

And every time in hope looked, deeper and deeper fell.

Then came Amygdalia as a ray of light,

Brighter than the sun she shined,

Warmer than all love existed, warmth she spread,

Beauty of a soul she shown,

Beauty of character she shown,

Stretched her arms in innocence filled charms,

And in front of it all dissolved the darkness surrounded.


Every word she spoke, every gestures she shown,

Oh’ woke up a mind forever in virtual death left.

By the hard rock tunes silence subdued,

Mind too danced in joy and hope,

And dreams weaved in virtue of promises and shared love.


Oh’ two passion filled eyes in that ray of light seen,

Those thick dark curly hair and in the middle a wonderful face,

But through it all everyone looked felt, a loving soul.


But for her all a game in a virtual world,

The laughs and dance, the silly jokes and remarks,

Her anger and sadness and the drunken screams,

Oh’ Amygdalia in her awe forgot,

Games in a virtual world changed,

Into serious reality, far, far away from her,

Amid the poetic wonderful words she forgot,

Empty hands she has not,

Even when she told her love to a poetic soul, she forgot,

An empty soul she has not.


From fantasy, from virtual O both plunged to reality,

And dragged not the joy and wonder she did not,

Honesty and integrity she shown instead,

In words and deeds apologetic she turned off,

The ray of light that spread hope and love,

Leaving soul once more in the clutches of love,

Only disappointment in colorless images can give,

But the light she left in soul remained,

Yet another face embedded in soul,

But as a ray of light in dark paths ahead forever will shine.




In my first published book Age Of Survival I wrote a poem called The Curse Of The LonelyPoet. It was written out of a real event. Now this poem with the same name… from some recent real life events I wrote a story of total fantasy. As it is Halloween I thought it will be a good occasion to post it here. I added a Halloween part also in the poem. Everyone, enjoy Halloween.

The Curse Of The LonelyPoet.

Part II

From childhood days a dream I saw,

In there a little girl lived and spoke,

To me in the language of birds in sweetest voice,

Brighter than gold shined, the yellow dress she worn,

And she told me stories I always loved to hear,

And from those days every new moon day she appeared,

In my dreams and words of care in verse of love she whispered,

Every time she appeared told a story of a longing heart filled,

With hope, passions and sweetness of love,

And onto that heart her journey she traveled,

And every time she ended the dream she left,

A message that one day will come when real she will become.


Along with me into adolescent years she grew,

And her stories bettered through years,

Her prettiness she shown in her eyes,

Those that shined bright like two twinkling stars,

And for every new moon day for her and her stories I waited,

Never ever I had a companion as I waited,

For her to become real and be with me forever.


Oh’ but that day never came as stories in repetition she told,

And a message of wonderful words she always left,

And every time I asked she told

“O my dear, my dearest there will be a day that will come,

When faces no longer seen, magic no longer worked,

Wonders no longer believed, days no longer long,

Nights filled with stars and cold not fully felt,

And on that day real in front of you I will stand,

Be there; be sure to accept the truth,

For in the world of dreams, truth and false are same,

And in the world you live truth is all that matters.”


Years passed, four decades the dream consumed me,

Lands changed and in the land where Halloween celebrated,

And there came a night full of stars, faces not seen,

Nothing I remembered of the dream as innocent hearts,

For trick-or-treat came and to them all candies I gave,

When laying on the couch near midnight a knock I heard,

Casual, lazy old me walked to the door and opened,

In all yellow there she was, my dream girl in real, in front,

Jumped into my hands and upon my lips kissed again and again,

Then pushing me back she told,

“O my dear, my dearest, my days with you are over,

Remember that girl when asked to play with you, you ignored,

I am her curse upon you, in her sadness, in her mind she said,

Never will you have a companion as all will be a wonderful dream,

And all your good manly years along with you I lived you fool,

Now none will love you and none will be a companion,

And my job with you finished and I will be gone,

After fulfilling the promise I gave,

Go into the depths of loneliness and live,

As every hurt you leave will wield a curse,

And as for you, your curse came here this way,

The forty kisses for forty years of loneliness,

A hundred and forty more years of loneliness,

Upon this earth will come to you and you should live”


Then into the darkness she vanished,

Looking up at the sky I once more wondered,

Why were I born and why did I lived and why should I live,

Then to my own soul I said,

“Hundred and forty more years to live,

What a wonderful life that will be,

None to bother and nothing to be bothered about,

Now we know that its just us from here on”


While closing the door once more up on to the sky I looked

And saw two twinkling stars, like those wonderful eyes.

Calamities In A Crooked Mind.

I am experimenting with reality, if that is not coming intomy life I will go and put myself into it. That’s what exactly I am doing. Butin all honesty this is a world I love and hate at the same time. Hehehe. Readthe following intro and poem. The two previous poems did not made it toLonelyPoet.Com collections. Go fishing in mind to find what happened. Hehehe.

One bit of lie and to make that look like a truth Oh it willmake life a never ending nightmare and when it is done by someone one cares. Ithurts. It only takes a smile and accept ones mistake to correct the wrong.Failure to do that will hurt oneself and everyone else.

        It is withsheer frustration, anger and sadness I woke up from sleep. As every move I madeto fix something backfired and I can feel the burning of soul deep inside.There are lot of mocking smiles but ah’ they know not. Their turn to step intothe fire will come.

Calamities In A Crooked Mind.

The silent night faded away as clashing clouds roared,
The migrating birds shivered in the lashing cold rain,
A dream around the dreamer with whispers roamed,
But sleep eluded the mind and eyes remained opened.

The depths of the sky so dark as light away from there stayed,
So far away stars twinkled to the naked eye,
Oh’ in real, in the chaos of truth they all burned away.
Mind once more at those images in real reflected.

Didn’t I opened to all those fancy pretenders,
Didn’t I stretched my arms to all those falling leaves,
Oh’ so many of them fell through the hands,
So many pushed away and to unknown depths fell.

When in the scattered ruins of dreams I saw I searched,
All the unreal, untruth and uncouth in my hands perished,
The little bit of reality remained glittered in hope,
Then in mockery of the unreal I chased upon my eyes glared.

The cloaks of truth once more I took to cover,
But the winds of the storm so strong me too withered,
And from hands once more truth and all that stood for it scattered.
The world and me in two far corners of universe spread.

This cycle of betrayal and failure, Oh’ many life times it stretched,
And only a half of it, seen, felt and lived and once more failed,
Oh’ no calamities will come out of thin air to shatter,
Any truthful mind that lived in the righteous paths.

This cycle of betrayal of oneself as a curse forever haunts,
The depths of eternity not even fools will try to gauge,
Oh’ please, please, please do not borrow crookedness,
For a short time pleasure that burns down the truth.

Oh’ please, please, please, know, every action,
Of even the meanest creatures sways the universe,
You, me and everyone in equal importance live,
A life none else but you and me can choose.




The season of fall came with calm,
Feeling the top of the lake,
Unto it I looked and in minds eye saw,
Two lovely eyes with passions filled,
They both borrowed those passions,
From the thriving soul of yours.

The season of winter conquered,
Even the warmest corners with frost,
Time stood still like a man made snow man,
Even time woke up in foot step of yours,
And brought greenery and wild flowers,
Even when snow fell from the sky, uninterrupted.

The season of spring I remember,
The fresh bud taking life,
Then with care from wind and earth,
And into a mind calming flower bloomed,
Unto them I looked and in minds eye saw,
The spreading lips of yours,
They borrow the sweetness from a heart,
Filled with unconditional love.

From that love spread summer with wings,
And for warmth thrived but far away sun played,
Hide and seek behind thick dark clouds,
Into those days you walked,

And the glow from your skin filled the air,

The warmth of love again and again felt.

Oh’ what wonderful moments forever will remain,
In the life of the one you choose to share,
The summer, fall, winter and spring,
As with the scents and touch of yours,
Will bloom an everlasting spring filled with you.


I thought I will bore you all with the big one. Naa I am not done yet. This old lazy bones got sick but now I am far better. So later this week I will be back at it.

In my wanderings through the net, I met a wonderfulcharacter, Alena. Like her looks her behavior is also cute. I gave her thissites name and told visit the site there are more than 400 poems here to read.She asked for the best of it. I am putting in my favorite poem of mine.(hehehe). Song Of The Dying Nightingale 

Then when were talking she asked me can you write about me.I told sure. Looking at her I wrote the first part which I gave it to her then and there. Thebottom part was written couple of days back which I added afterwords 



A thousand rays of light ran fast,
And through the eyes passed to the soul,
The wonderful smile upon a cute, cute face,
And those eyes like butterflies flickered,
The soft curly hair touched her eyebrows,
And upon the nose sunlight danced,
And upon her hair the wind danced,
And through her giggles innocence danced,
And in the depths of her mind danced,
The feeling of compassion for all living.

Oh’ Alena,

Every spring day brings a new flower,
Every summer day brings in more warmth,
Every autumn day brings a bit more cold,
Every winter day freezes  everything,
Your eyes melts the soul of mine.

Just Some Thoughts.

I wrote a post and the browser kinda screwed the whole post up. Daang. Anyway I don’t remember what I wrote. I am working on something old, most of the writing is going on in my mind than pen on paper or on computer. Yeah I haven’t used pen and paper to write for a long time now. This time as it is something I am working for a long time I know I have to get back to a normal mindset to do that. I am a bit off when I really started writing after a gruesome summer. Maybe down the road I will write about summer 2008. Anyway, I know most people are out there having the last bit of warmth before the cold will come and shut you all out. Enjoy, as this fall and winter is going to be a long, wild one. Just some thoughts that’s all.

Britishactor Sacha Baron Cohen appears on the catwalk during Jean-Charles deCastelbajac’s spring/summer 2009 women’s ready-to-wear fashion show inParis October 3, 2008.  REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

AnIsraeli Jewish settler (R) argues with a Palestinian woman while shefilms Israeli and foreign peace activists assisting a Palestinianfamily harvest their olives, near the Kyriat Arba Jewish settlement inthe West Bank city of Hebron, October 3, 2008. Militant Jewish settlersclashed with activists of the Rabbis for Human Rights movement near theWest Bank city of Hebron on Friday as they protected Palestiniansbeginning the annual olive harvest.  REUTERS/Nayef Hashlamoun

Touristsvisit the Nabi Musa Mosque in the Judean desert some 31 km (19 miles)east of Jerusalem October 3, 2008. Nabi Musa is considered to be a holysite for Muslims because it houses the grave of Prophet Moses one ofthe great prophets of Islam.  REUTERS/Yannis Behrakis

Residentsflee the floodwaters of Minatitlan in Mexico’s state of VeracruzOctober 3, 2008. More than 7,000 people have been evacuated in Veracruzafter heavy rains along Mexico’s Gulf coast caused flooding. REUTERS/Stringer/Mexico

REFILE- CORRECTING SPELLING OF TEAM NAME Aprilia 250cc rider Alex Debon ofSpain crashes in the first qualifying practice session of theAustralian Grand Prix at Phillip Island October 3, 2008. REUTERS/Mick Tsikas

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We Wait And We Wonder

This song is from one of the greatest musician I know. Listen to the lyrics and it speaks more than just words to you. I have added the lyrics also for your reference.

Phil Collins: ”We Wait And We Wonder” (1993)

We Wait And We Wonder lyrics

We stand, hang our heads disbelieving
then not knowing how could such a thing be wrong
we wonder just what must they be thinking
to take a life of one so young

So tell me when will it be over now, how soon?
how far must they go, to prove to you?

We wait and we wonder how this happened
killing the old, the innocent, the young
while sons follow in fathers footsteps not understanding
that what they do could somehow be so wrong

So tell me when will it be over now, how soon?
how far must they go, to prove to you?
So we will wait and we’ll wonder

No regrets, no forgiveness, no compassion
these brave heroes only know to hit and run
slowly my sadness turns to rage and we wonder
how can these scars ever heal, when all is said and done

So tell me when will it be over now, how soon?
how many tears must fall to prove to you?
please tell me, when will it be over now, how soon?
and how far must they go, to prove to you?

So we wait and we wonder

A view at gone by days of recent past.

An image of the planet Mercury, made during theJanuary 2008 flyby of the planet by the Mercury Surface, SpaceEnvironment, Geochemistry and Ranging (MESSENGER) spacecraft is seen inthis image released by NASA July 3, 2008. The image shows thatvolcanoes were involved in plains formation and suggest that itsmagnetic field is actively produced in the planet’s core. MESSENGER will once more whiz over Mercury’s crater-scarred surface next Monday, getting alook at the third of the planet closest to the sun that has never beenseen close-up before.


APalestinian woman prays in a cemetery in Ramallah on the first day ofEid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy fasting month of RamadanSeptember 30, 2008.  REUTERS/Fadi Arouri

Thegraves of people that were killed by Serbian forces in January 1999 arevisited by relatives during the religious holiday of Eid-al-Fitr in thevillage of Racak, south of the Kosovo capital Pristina, September 30,2008. Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-al-Fitr at the end ofthe holy month of Ramadan.  REUTERS/Hazir Reka

JeremyConway, 13, sells apples while dressed in period costume outside theNew York Stock Exchange in New York, September 30, 2008.  REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Britain’sShadow Minister for Women, Theresa May, walks across the stage to speakat the Conservative Party annual conference at the InternationalConvention Centre in Birmingham, central England September 30, 2008.  REUTERS/Stephen Hird

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