The Love You Deserve.

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The morning into a prayer delivered my mind,
Hard work in discipline as if in a penance,
But in many experiments learned life’s hacks.
And after every success I left life a smile to remember.

In the journeys, in long years of studies, Oh’ in dreams,
A way away from ordinary and a way around found,
Ah’ how life became an extra ordinary set of events,
All through paths mankind made as fantastic shortcuts.

The day I woke up from a prayer in my mind,
Ah’ back at the roads through shortcuts passed I looked,
Crookedness from arrogance came, laziness made a liar,
Hard work became harder as discipline found no shortcut.

Prayers, prayers and then another thought,
Isn’t it for another shortcut I am praying,
Stopped everything in action and reaction and asked,
“Where in life any shortcuts I never used?”.

Moments where through no long paths walked,
Ah’ I found none and then to my life I again asked,
“What in life not happened in absolute perfection?”
Long thoughts dried the brain to sleep and again I woke,

As the waking prayer I recited, a feeling I grabbed,
Oh’, no romance in perfection I did as through it all,
A short path I searched and no path to any loving heart found,
As I lost ways in shortcuts only soulless hearts I found.

Prayers, prayers and one day, you I found,
And stood there thinking about which way to give love,
“No shortcuts dear”, my soul-filled conscience told,
And no shortcuts to reach your heart I ever tried.

I spoke, I wrote and again and again to learn I tried ,
Even in dreams the long paths I walked and ran,
A soul-filled heart I found, a lot of love to give I have,
In paths wonderful, perfection of my love you deserve.

Prayers, prayers for the long roads to be flower filled.

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Photo by Ari Erma on Unsplash

A Madman And A Soccer Player.

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The roadkill beside the road laid,
Announcing the fragility of our short life,
And the madman on the street asked,
“Why the misery of life so harshly given?”.

“Dream alone, dream alone.” he screamed,
None around looked at him just some crows cawed,
Hundreds of images from depths of soul sprouted,
Recycling images from dreams alone I saw and drowned.

If internet is a street I am that madman you will ignore,
But you came, you read, and heard every thought in my mind,
Oh’ I hope with a smile you learned, the mind of a man,
Whose love, ah’ in honesty and sincerity well blended.

Very many days, many, many nights, construction of mind,
In peace and harmony with one thought again reinforced,
Love of mind grew beyond my mind from far you felt,
Ah’ mysteries of minds we both so pathetically misunderstood.


Young girl at the soccer ball in the middle of field looked,
To hit it far, or to dribble it through to goal? Yet to decide…
The spiritual world screamed “Love is the goal, the ball is yours.”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

The Loved Man.

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In the spring morn sun the sky cracked open,
Frost, mud and winter fun into rivers washed away,
Eyes opened wide in the civilized wilderness made,
By history makers, the fortunate, and the loved.

Through fears and fancy rays of sun moved,
As every ray carried the light for a dream to be seen,
The dreamers dreamed, Oh’ some just fell apart,
Others stood in awe of the fulfillment, the fortunate.

Manipulators, drew their own maps to move and drowned,
Truth, trust, and civility, ah’ many minds in them lost,
Oh’ the wonder-filled life, the colorful life, divine life, faked,
By history makers, even romantic emotions, manipulated.

Oh’ lost I my dream as in the colorful circus of success,
Of manipulators and darkness even into mind’s eyes crept,
All hopes ah’ about the light in her heart, the light I left,
In words into verses weaved and ways of future, in her love.

Wished I all that never happened were never dreamed,
As from all that happened I know I wished,
Someone else’s life, that man to me, unheard and unknown,
Someone whom everyone understood better,

Someone in a fake world, who never aged in any eyes,
Ah’ not that man I am, just a man at whom life hissed,
So vehemently, the world always in fantasy, thought,
I am a man who never loved and none every loved,

As none knows but you, the love in your heart for me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Angel Jimenez on Unsplash

Fear In A Heavy Heart.

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Wonderful spring with air so light and light so bright,
Lashes at us through blooms and cool the feeling of cheer,
Lighter and lighter I feel as empty days passed me by,
But in this small city up north something kept me upright.

Oh’ the birds chirped and chirped in the language of love,
Their little quarrels and songs of cheer and sad made,
The whole nature happy but without you, ah’ empty nest,
My soul, as nothing to which I am bound, life left loose.

Without your love, ah’ lighter and lighter upon Earth I feel,
Deep inside from all my knowledge and experience a fear brew,
That fear grew like wild fire in summer winds, fast and big,
Ah’ the fear that mother earth’s gravity may lose me.

The lighter air through every corner of Spring whirled,
As fate’s merciless claws deeper and deeper tightened,
Every moment to history passed kept me upright and grounded,
As heavier and heavier heart became, when love for you filled.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Miguel Runa on Unsplash

A Reminder By Time.

Blog Post About This Poem – Read This Before Reading The Poem.

Took every minute of my existence and wrote,
All I knew about events, opinions, good and bad.
As time and space in unknown sideways moved,
When paths ahead with loveless darkness shadowed,
And echoes of verses I wrote heard only by your heart.

Time the witness of my love for you will tell,
Oh’ time, tell, didn’t she loved me to make me love,
Didn’t she read the verses I wrote from heart,
Didn’t she felt the vibrations of my heart in her heart,
Ah’ lie not time as every bit of me with her life rhyme.

Fail not time to rhyme with space, me and her walk,
For in us you will see the romance none ahead can show,
And passion filled love in ages you have seen, we will shadow,
And the failures of romance that broke many hearts into tears,
Ah’ together we will pass through you and the paths of tests.

Show her time, the values of the purified sanctity of love,
That in her heart upon hearing my verses she feels,
As you may have already learned time, or learn in your ways,
The purity of her love in the crooked world she hides,
But learn more time, her love for me is purer than you are.

As my intercourse with was over a little more I know,
About my existence as that part of my time into past flew,
Me and my love for her, ah’ about to move ahead to shadows,
As darkness of night with little to nothing to offer approached,
The passing time reminded me that I have one more story to tell,

The story of a girl loving me but don’t know how to accept it.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

A Silver Spoon And A Lame Lion.

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“I wish, I wish with a silver spoon in mouth I were born”,
The good old saying in desperation many times I said,
The drama of life, Oh’ So fantastically played,
By me and the world with no sign of any silver spoon ever.

Schooling days, ah’ no sign about the spoon we have learned,
Wild days of youth, screamed out loud and many spoons I broke,
The mid-age let loose all the tangled web of life and brought,
Into eyes the bright light of love, no man can give, I guarantee.

As life doesn’t live me anymore, ah’ deep into trash thrown,
All about love I have heard, all the love words in youth I weaved,
Then I wished and I wished again about that good old sliver spoon,
And the unfriendly life, Oh’ lame lion cub, far behind me walked.

As alone my thoughts wander somewhere in the depths I know,
A dreamer I have to feed, a dreamer I have to cloth and raise,
Or that lame lion cub will fall and no more I can ever walk,
And all that dreamer needs is a silver spoon in my mouth.

When in the morning colds of early spring I walk,
Oh’ I miss you dear beside me who every morning wakes,
To raise a dreamer, whose dreams are filled with you,
For you to bring to me that lame lion cub in your hands,

Who at least once will roar to the world my love for you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Nashad Abdu on Unsplash

Legend Of The Discarded Pebble.

Blog Post About This Poem.

To the big lake the streams started flowing,
From fattened unfreezing rocks fell little pebbles,
And through the water in haste tumbled on,
Ah’ felt like the life of a human into world plunge in.

A fancy youth from the city life took refuge,
With her friends around the shore a creek,
And to her galloped the waters under rolled,
The pebble by the waters and sand well polished.

Picked up by a youth filled beauty who loved,
The little rock that shined bright from the rays,
From her eyes reflected that made the pebble prettier,
What she thought as a dead stone, in her warmth lived.

Miles and miles with her the pebble traveled,
Her gladness with smiles it seen,
Her sadness from hidden pockets felt,
And gave a little coolness during disappointments.

Oh’ through disappointments or out of sheer boredom,
She left the pebble and in the absence of her warmth,
Life left the pebble as unknown in a landfill it laid,
World indeed goes around but always comes around.

Wind joined shiny summer days, then brought fallen leaves,
Then joined the frozen air then all around the valley spread,
Fallen pollen and made the rain in spring and summer, dance.
Ah’ through those rains and wind the pebble into the world rolled.

Then one day a drifter’s caught the pebble and he picked,
In the warmth of his hand a new life the pebble took,
Into his veins, blood and thoughts through energy the pebble spoke,
The story of her who dreamed, feared, doubted, and loved.

From the heart of plains she came and with hopes she lived,
In those hopes a dream grew, where love filled smiled,
A charming boy, who read her thoughts and with love fulfilled,
Every wish of her, like a God sent angel, who only blessed.

Work and life or work filled life to her brought faces,
Many faces smiled without life, all of them in life failed,
To bring love to her life with the preciousness of sanctity,
Then a fantastic day brought to her an unexpected smile.

Unlike the pretty pebble ah’ rough and tough he spoke,
But with a soft voice and smile gifted her a bit of peace,
Gossips of good and bad, sad and glad about him she heard,
A warrior who fought the worldly ways in the peace of loneliness.

He is not an angel any youth filled girl will dream,
But dreams of all kinds he saw and to words he translated,
His foreign ways and beliefs, Oh’ contrary from all she known,
Brought to her mind fear and doubt though a connection she felt.

Every word he picked to weave his thoughts to express,
His love and the meaning of her to his lonely life,
Ah’ she found a touch of love she always wished she found,
But not in a man, who looked and talked in ways different.

One day they clashed in love for each other and failed,
That day away she walked after hurt-filled words of rejection.
The pebbled remembered nothing more as at that point lost,
The warmth of her love she felt for an unexpected lover.

The drifter knew not what he felt was real or not,
The pebble back to another landfill found a faster way,
Not knowing if the girl ever found a way to love,
A man who dedicated his love and life only for her.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

A Filament Of Soul.

Blog Post About This Poem – Read This Before Reading The Poem.

“Blended into dawn and dusk is the twilight,
Blended into every life is happiness and sadness,
Blended into evil and lies are good and truth,
Blended into every poem is the soul of the poet.”

When waking up somewhere in the back of mind echoed,
These lines broken into a million pieces and scattered,
Ah’ the twilight of the dawn came and waited and surrendered,
To the might of sun and maybe these are the thoughts left.

The numb mind cannot find reasons to think and comprehend,
Like a spark-less fireplace sat listening to hear the unheard,
Hard I tried to understand the misunderstood, ah’ hard it was,
But slow and steady order in mind through thoughts came.

Then started a mindless whisper for reasons in doubts,
As stallions of the daylight faster through time ran,
When doubts from a misunderstood mind cleared,
Ah’ Spring time bloomed in soul with only her face.

At that high point of the day, a dragon born in depths,
Of heart that sucked every bit of energy of a loving man,
And through the fire spitting thoughts conscience asked,
“If the reader doesn’t like a poem why read?

If the poem is misunderstood why explain?
Oh’ don’t they know the poet is blended into poetry?”
I ran away from the day and the dusk’s twilight dance,
As in the middle of crowd I sat, artificial gladness in mind, set.

Back home, sweet home with questions of conscience I came,
And to conscience with a smile of irony I replied,
“This poet shatters his heart, merges his soul into every bit,
Of his being and writes about his unforgiven love, to be read,

Oh’ it is like giving all of himself blended into words for her”.
I looked and bowed as I know another filament of my soul is lit.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Marta Filipczyk on Unsplash

The Spinning Life Of Love.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Searched and searched again, ah’ once upon a time,
For a reason to change my heart from a path,
Away from crowd and dust, deep into the woods I went,
Where a path out or a path in I searched and lost.

When morning came back mind away from thoughts I took,
Day took me south and back home in cheer I came,
As on the way at the coffee shop the omen I sought I saw,
A path to her heart and a path to a world of dreams.

The world of us stopped turning but our minds churned,
Then away from each other to nothing we both turned,
The path to dreams became the path to our hearts,
Where in each dream for my unbroken heart, I searched.

Oh’ my heart waited in an omen who became a dream,
Every path outwards one after the other dreams closed,
Mind that churned, ah’ started turning life but the world,
Oh’ the world stopped and life at the same point spinned.

Spirit and flesh found different ways in life and love,
A hundred ways opened to end the waiting and to spread,
Life into happiness and blend happiness with love,
Nothing I know and nothing I want to know to end,

Loving you, my dear, my dearest.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved. – 2019.

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The Fiction.

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How wonderful the moon lit up the sky,
As nocturnal life around woke up in annoyed,
Lights they don’t like as what they see matters not,
What sees them brings danger beyond knowledge.

Monotonous city life took busy minds to countryside,
Where the pace of life our well fought gained freedom, decide,
Ten thousand cars are not screaming to reach destinations,
No one is planning to loot you, rape you, or kill you.

Mornings like yesterday unfolded, evenings for tomorrow closed,
The bartenders smiled sincerely from heart to give cheer,
The drunk just fell apart and to their homes walked,
None thought about graphs, computers, and retirement plans,

A morning brewed before eyes as my sleep left town unchecked,
Boredom brewed in the house where everything repeated,
For reasons myself cannot comprehend and they cannot justify,
The sweet hot tea gave a burn on lips for an unexpected change.

To myself I said, “I am awake” and to the echoes listened,
My heart beat at a pace that made me restful and calm,
Boredom left when I questioned my conscience about the calm,
Conscience brought to me a new fiction about my love life with her.

Sitting around the blabbering television, I woke my soliloquy,
And the fiction I told that echoed all around my house,
The falling in love, the marriage, the family, and a long life,
I took the last sip from the cold tea as nocturnal life around woke.

© RIAZAHAMMED. COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash
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