Love Me Out Of My Misery.

Blog Post About This Poem.

I saw her dancing through the fog,
Upon the thin layer of the just fallen snow,
That long skirt dragging like an unlived life,
The snow-filled branches in respect bowed.

I saw her filling shelves with clothes,
Calm and steady her hands followed her mind,
Dreams around her like pigeons lurked,
Love through her eyes showed a soul so kind.

A dream once I weaved I remembered,
Where hand in hand with a loving girl I walked,
Through her came heavenly blessings every man wished,
And magical verses became every word we talked.

In unusual warmth of the world branches unbended,
Dreams rolled up in the eyes of those pigeons and flown,
The fog remained and more rolled up with darkness,
And my mind screamed “Love me out of my misery”.

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Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash
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