Happy NYE

The last day of turbulent year woke upwith nothing unusual. I wish every day that passed me by in the year2007 were like this one. They were not. I felt cursed this past year.Well I am a very lucky man to be where I am even with misfortunesrelentlessly haunting me. Well.. there were good things also but theshadow of something unknown always covered my senses. The mistakeswere too much, at this age I just can’t make them. Period.

I am not a resolution person. Idon’t make resolutions. I live my life according to the way itunfolds. So in many ways I passed I only see two footsteps. Thatbothers me a lot these days, but I don’t really care about it thesedays. Whoever stays will find the better part of me, rest …whatever. So I am going back to where I truly belong those who reallyknow me, will know where that place is. It is an uphill task but I amsure once I have to climb that hill and be where I truly want to be.Then settle down there. This is it, I am leaving the consultant life.So in a way 2008 is a year in which I will define myself and organizeand execute a plan that took sometime to figure out. If I cannot dothat I will declare myself as the biggest loser.

Hope you all stay safe out there….This is one day, when all temptations are fulfilled. Have fun myfriends…You all have a wonderful New Years Eve.

I will leave you all with a smile this year….

Heavenly Love.

Do you know what I hate most, those who comes and tell me Seasons greetings, Happy holidays, duh… I don’t even have holiday. I work my ass out… that is not the point. When it is Christmas holiday, say Happy Christmas, Merry Christmas. Say it. That’s the truth, rest are all lies. Well said that, it is a time of giving, maybe it is a little thing one could do, but it brings more cheer than one can imagine. Don’t forget the unfortunate when you feel fortunate. I am fortunate to say that.

There is not a lot going on, one good news is my brother’s mother-in-law is okay. She is out of the hospital now. The surgery to remove her brain tumor was successful. Nothing else is happening around, I am working every day. That’s it.

The poem, I saw many people walking with their hands in the pocket before the salvation army bell ringers without even a smile. This is not the season of giving just gifts to loved ones, this is the season of giving. That thought plus some reality I am facing. I put it all together in one little poem.


Merry Christmas my friends, brothers and sisters. I love you all.

Heavenly Love

The mind spoke all the time reassuring,

When failures of the material life crushed,

Hopes that shed light to see ways ahead,

In the darkest paths so hard to pass.


What led to the failures mind never asked,

Still endured in views so optimistic,

Every time I fell a beautiful face mind found,

That kindled the hopes in the brightness of their eyes.


But like mirages they all faded away,

Love to which I once told no,

Now whenever I felt said to me, no,

And the bitterness in depths of my heart, I always felt.


Oh’ these days they just pass me by,

When fairness of values I know not,

When gladness always leads to sad thoughts,

And the silence finds pleasure in the torture of mind.


Yes the all reassuring words first became meaningless,

Then they too faded away along with faces,

My nerves feel cold as no warmth of love it feels,

My face smile-less, my mind speechless,

And soul, in a never ending fall.


Spiritless walks, dreamless sleeps and thought less talks,

Days went in haste; nights loomed over with a vengeance,

Then on a dark evening along the narrow sideways when I walked,

Heard an abandoned, homeless asking for help,

Emptied my pocket and without a word I walked.


Little it maybe, but the spirit of the mind came back,

Then said, “Love never cursed you, Love never will,

If it did, the homeless will be sleeping hungry in the cold”.

No more cold in my nerves I felt,

As I can feel that heavenly love, from inside.





The video, Elton John’s Rocket Man… good mix of other scenes… recently someone told me her favorite song of Elton John is this song… I was looking for this video and found it in Youtube.. enjoy.


Love And Packers.

I am writing a new poem, so my poetry fans… my apologies fornot bringing it out today, I jus don’t feel like it is done. Well I am going togive you something else.  This is from anemail I wrote to a friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend. He isPhilly Eagles fan and wrote to me yesterday about one of his talk with his nowex-girlfriend and in the end he wrote this “i’m sure you were a bit of aneagles fan today…as well as your mighty packers! ;)” The initial part of myreply cannot be given her as that involves some personal stuff. The second partis a mix of both. You all may like it, especially if you are a Greenbay PackersFan.

Now Packers, one more loss by Cowboys and Packers winthrough it all.. They are number one. Yes I loved Eagles I loved the play callby Andy Reid don’t go for the touchdown lets win the game. I told you if hewere the coach of Packers.. they would’ve screwed all theseplayers on the field and would’ve screwed their wives in their homes too. But Ilove this season, the Packers started with nothing and now they have everythingthey asked for. It is up to them to decide what they should do with thisamazing opportunity they have with them. It is a matter of belief,understanding and execution of both. The same applies to real life too, bepatient, this round you may fail but lets wait for the next to come around,life is cyclical it brings back to you things in a better way in the nextcycle. If you did not learned from this cycle of life, you will do the samestupid mistakes next time around. The Packers learned that with a QB with his17 years of experience even he made mistakes, we all still make mistakes.However like the Packers pulled themselves up from it all, you too have to pullyourself out and face it, survive it and get over it. It takes time,understanding and belief in you, none of these will come easy, and it requirescareful planning and proper execution. Look at what Favre did; study the playsof the opponent almost all the time. As for you, go through each and everysituation, how it all happened, who all were in there, what they said, whatthey done. This will tell you what should be avoided next time around. Andbelieve me, there is always another girl, a better girl, probably a betterloving girl. As for Packers, there is playoffs and something better than that,superbowl.

Have a great week all of you and enjoy watching this video… it is fantastic as we can hear what these players are talking about which when we watch games could only imagine what they were talking about.

ESPN Soundtracks with Brett Favre

A Little Lie

There is an ice storm brewing outside. I am at my brother’s home, working from home. I should be going back probably by the end of the week. But it is wonderful here, watching a big HD T.V and eating junk food (with each bite of it I can see it getting converted into fat and wrapping around my waist) and working. If I can work like this forever.. wow.. what a wonderful life it will be. Well I think I should get back to office, life should not be that wonderful, I’ll miss, yelling at people, going out for lunch, and gossips and office politics.


The poem.

At some part of the day, everyday I just sit and think. The thoughts go through many different things. Some of the thoughts are very unreal. In many ways those thoughts are ridiculous. After one of those thought processes I literally laughed at myself for even thinking about some in a particular way. Then I wrote this poem. Who that person is what I thought about that person is the topmost secret in my life.. .. naaaaaa I will never tell.. hehehe.



A Little Lie.


The rays of the evening sun said farewell,

With a light cool wind that came,

Over the dying flowers of last days of summer,

And filled in the nature, scents lost in the warmth.


Oh’ how silly to even think about her,

For another time, when inevitability long time back spoke,

Oh’ still a story weaved in mind that told a dream,

The story of love, the story mind loved.


She walked in tunes blown into her ears,

She spoke in the language of the heart,

She lived in a small town far, far away,

Felt her heart so near, such was the prettiness of her soul.


In the depth of her heart she felt,

The love of a man, whom she knows not,

Only from far he looked, only his words she heard,

Still she loved him from the depths of pretty soul.


On a day when nesting birds left,

When wind lost the cold and gained warmth,

He said in his words, his mind and his love,

In the happiness she felt all she forgot.


Days of love filled with beautiful smiles,

Nights of love filled with wonderful dreams,

Sleepless then both remained and showered each other,

Words of love, songs of love and in rhythms unknown,

They both danced hand in hand.


All her thoughts he knew, all his actions she read,

Every bit of each other they both felt,

In understanding so perfect as they never disliked,

Any thoughts, words or actions of each other.


Nothing stopped them from asking each other,

The formalities of society and a happy day to reckon,

Then forever they remained in happiness,

Vowing to each other the soul of each other.


The story was told in many different ways,

In different circumstances and scenarios,

Though many faces seen in each others lives,

Still in the depths of heart, her smile remained.


But a truth known in every thought of her,

That none of the thoughts should ever become real,

But still love to think and in soliloquy tell,

A new tale about her love though I know,

It is yet another little lie.

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