The Prisoner

****************** Short New Poem By LonelyPoet.************************

The Prisoner.

The Rain outside lashed with the fury of the Northern winds blowing,
Ah’ what wonderful sound I hear from the dungeon I sit,
The warmth of the land into the dungeon crept,
The smell of the fresh wet sand all around danced,
Thirst in the summer warmth with every blink of eyes clutched,
Oh’ then a drop of rain upon forehead fell,
The cool through every corner spread,
The stretched empty hands in thin air felt full,
One smile of her a blessing of this kind not even in dreams I saw,  
I am stuck in the dungeon of my own self doubt,
Hearing the rain and to the wind listening.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

Living Alone-Lone-Lon

Everyone must be thankful that they are not living alone. I have every right to say that because for someone who lives alone most of the time he should know how it is to be alone. Do you really get the sarcastic tone in this? Well this is the first time I am going to tell a person to do this.. WHY DON’T YOU GO AND FUCK YOURSELF THAN TRYING TO PRICK ON ME AND GET A FUCKING CURSE FROM ME??


Bye Bye Facebook

Facebook is the biggest fuck up I have ever dealt with. Still I use it though. For the last four or five posts I have noticed most people who like my posts there and praise me as a poet don’t even come to this site to actually read the post. I will tell you an example, yesterday I posted something there.. six or seven people liked it but the first one to respond was Arthur (TorukMakto) he told “Yay yay I figured it out, dude, if you miss your girlfriend go to her and sing these poems to her directly or call her. That should not stop you from writing poems like these, because they are awesome.” You know what happened, the rest of the people started telling me I should not stop writing.  It clearly told me none of the people who told me not to stop writing actually read the poems. They were just thinking what I said in the post was I am stopping to write poems from what Arthur said. In fact look at the last post, neither the post or poems says anything about me stopping writing. I don’t believe I should continue to use Facebook as the spear head. I never liked it.. I was playing along with Mo Cuishle. She will always be that but me going back there with my poems.. not going to happen. If someone there really wants to say what they feel about my poems they can come here and say it. I restarted the network and hopefully when I update here it will automatically show up there.

Here is what came to me this day.

The floating lotus owes to the muddy water nothing,
The flying raven owes to the wind nothing,
The River owes to the storm nothing.
Reasons never ask for thankfulness,
Yet the beneficiaries in respect always remembers the reasons,
Like the poet always in thank filled respect remembers his muse.



Climbing Mountains

This is a short poem these short poems usually don’t take much time to write. The idea will be insignificant, but the thrill of writing these short poems is, on the fly I will able to modify the idea. This particular poem started with the thought of counting waves near the ocean. I started with expressing boredom when waiting for someone. The eagerness on one side then inactivity on the other, however by the end of the second line the idea started evolving in my mind and I ended up with expressing a totally different idea altogether. The time gap between the first stanza and the last three lines was about 3 hours.

Enjoy, I am sure many will and the one I love to know she read my works… hmmm… God did not bless me with that much luck.

Climbing Mountains.

Count and count and count numbers never end,
Every heart beat takes a century of another time dimension,
Less than a second to you, so it matters not,
Life for some a mighty ocean to cross,
For some a wonderful dream filled with love,
Oceans I don’t like, climbing mountains I love,
Never will I measure the height of a mountain,
Until I reach the top of it,
As then I will know, how low it is.

When feeling of love for one inside boils,
And no feeling of her love or existence I feel,
Ah’ I know far away from any mountains I live.


This is a related poem I posted directly on Facebook.

The Waiting Penguins.

The frozen ice a bit unfroze,
The penguins found their mates and bonded,
The winds of south behind the frozen canyons rested,
Then mates to the sea to kill hunger went,
The stampede and the dangers of the sea known,
Still they left their mates to the sea, unpredictable.
Seals, sea lions and sharks, Oh’ they hunted,
Many penguins to their mates returned,
Others, forgetting hunger and all other emotions waits.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

The Acceptance Of A Proposal

I am not going to say anything about this poem. One should understand what exactly I mean from reading the poem. If one doesn’t understand the idea in this poem, I am not a poet and I should never write again.

The Acceptance Of A Proposal.

The golden lights beyond the hills they raised,
Giant boulders like smiling demons stood,
Up through the valley he took her high,
For her queries to where they were going,
Elusive excuses to her he told.

The glider through the northern winds glided,
And upon the highest plain with her he landed,
In the thrill of flight and the magnificence of the scenery she jumped,
And her wonder filled gladness made him smile.
He took her hands and for the first time with her he danced,
Round and round through the grass less plain they danced,
The whole nature revolving around her he made her feel.

She held him tight and to him she said,
“Oh’ what a wonderful sight you show,
Serene Views and the singing winds,
And the nature around me dance,
Sweetness on this day took a manly meaning in you,
And to you dear I owe for the gladness you give.”

He kissed her lips and pushed her aside,
And to the edge of the plain he walked,
Then to her he turned and said,
“Bow I will not before anyone but God,
Kneel I will not before any defeat life can give,
Through the rough roads we both walked,
As season after season put our minds in betrayal,
Of the feeling of love in permanent denial,
Now that we know there exists nothing material between us,
As in material on the highest plains we stand,
Ah’ the winds and the golden rays blend,
The prefect feelings between the folds of our hearts.”

He looked at her, who smiled at what he said,
The golden light to fade away hesitated,
The wind from hill to hill jumped,
Carrying the echo of his words and the vibrations of her gladness.

Then to a lower layer of rock he stepped,
As above the plains she stood,
Breaking his own silence he said
“Heights in our life we have seen,
In tough times we fell apart and scattered,
Ah’ from there each other we gathered,
Keeping you higher than I am here I stand,
For I will not bow like any Tom, Dick or Harry,
Always at a higher plain than I am you I will keep,
Oh’ save me and my love from the wrath of time and space, 
My happiness as you I will define,
And your sorrows I promise in my love will whither,
Will you take me as your honorable husband?”

First away from him she looked,
Her smile by the winds stolen,
Towards him she came and in his eyes she looked,
And with an unsmiling face to him she said
“My dear, my dearest the echo of your words all around I hear,
Sweet they all are and the poetry amazing,
Your promise deep in my soul touched,
But my dear don’t feel sorry for this warning I give,
Life is no poetry you alone can write,
Life is not just the loving of two wonderful souls,
Life is the definition of each other we both should try,
In failure and success when together we stand,
The honor will be mine to stand with you and face,
And through cycles of time and space,
In each other’s pain, smiles and love,
On this day, at this time upon this mountain to you I promise,
Every honor a husband deserves upon you I will shower,
With my happiness, in my happiness and for our happiness.”

When by the time her acceptance she finished,
Stood near him and with glittering eyes she held,
His face and upon his lips again and again she kissed,
Though a diamond ring he took,
Ah’ his happy tears in the golden lights brighter glowed,
Then the golden lights to the bosom of Mother Nature faded,
But the love of those two glowed like a million stars,
In each other’s souls that guided them into future ways.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.


My weekend started beautifully with Prometheus wow.. Incredible movie that left about five questions in my mind. I may see it another time to figure out the technology that gone into making it. I really felt like a two hour movie went away in about 20 minutes. This is an action packed movie and Michael Fassbender’s performance as the robot is Oscar worthy. What is this movie’s connection to the Alien is a surprise I don’t want to give away. My favorite Charlize Theron should have had more to do in this movie, still she did a remarkable job in an anti-heroine role. This is a movie that should be seen on 3D as the 3D technology is well used in this. Hats off to the production designers for the amazing visualization we see in this movie.

  Saturday was not that crazy as I slept most of the daytime and evening my friend was at my home and we watched the Celtics-Heat game. As everyone was hating Heats and Lebron James I said “I am going to support these guys” and my support worked they won. Sunday… French Open and Euro Soccer… this I believe will tell you how much of a sports fan I am. Later on Sunday I watched True Blood Season premiere wow this season started with a bang, literally. This is going to be another heck of a season for True Blood.

  Now that I am back to work and I see most people are not on their seat. Many are on short vacations, some are sick and others I believe are lazy to get to work on this muggy Monday morning. I feel unusually quick this morning as I have finished some of the work requested really fast and now on a breather here. I am almost done with a new short story. The material I used in this one is really from a post by a friend and my response and her response to that and rest of it came from assumptions I made based on her silence. That’s me, if someone doesn’t communicate I will take that and put it into my imagination blender and see what comes out of it to write. On the flipside, one day her real boyfriend will find me and kick my ass that will be the end of many things and will give me new material to write.. The Beaten Dreams,.The Jealous Boyfriend, Her Violent Dance…etc, etc, etc… see I already have many things planned even for that unlikely event hehehehe. That’s me, I am not self boasting but it will be almost impossible to out think me and understand, everything I do have a reason beyond your imagination and everything I say have a meaning of its own and everything I write have a meaning bound by the thoughts and dreams of a simple human.


Her Image

Her Image.

Into the mind many, many times whispered,
There is no love in her heart for you,
There is no love in her heart for you,
Mind boiled and bubbled love for her,
And into every corner of the body screamed,
To be the love of her,
To be the blessing for her,
To be the gladness of her,
To be the honor of her.

With the mind for reasons unknown want to disagree,
Then mind into the eye of the heart poured,
A million colors and painted her face,
Then my heart whispered into the material me,
Why try to be selfish? Be all mind want you to be.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved.2012


“Beautiful Girl In Autumn Park” by Sujin Jetkasettakorn


Love Regained

Recently I’ve been typecast into writing very personal experiences into poetry. Or at least personal experiences I thought may happen or may not happen. “I am a threat to my own romance.” That’s what I said about myself. What is the truth of love is something I honestly don’t know. There should be two people in love who should be synchronized and that is not the easiest task in this era, as love is a fashion item like a smart phone or glittering shoes. Still love is an incredible emotion. The intensity at times I feel in my yearning to be with the girl I love…hmmm it is good. Then I said.. “I can live a thousand years with this intensity and burning inside without ever seeing her in real than not love her for a second. It will be like a tornado hitting me on the head if I take my love off my heart” That’s it, what I said made me type this into computer. The reality of this is.. That girl may never read this post or poem. Even if she does…her reality may find it impossible to get synchronized with mine…. and of course history tells me I maybe destined to live the rest of my life alone.. Still …like I said earlier…“I can live a thousand years with this intensity and burning inside without ever seeing her in real than not love her for a second. It will be like a tornado hitting me on the head if I take my love off my heart.”


Love Regained.

The air above the lake in even pace moved,
And the water below like a venom spitting serpent rolled,
The land like a lover in patience laid,
The storm has arrived every mind told.

The wanderer by the woods he stood,
As pines clashed in unknown vengeance,
Everything material in ear piercing thunders shook,
And the wind took an yellow rose and laid,
At the footstep of the aging wanderer.

Looking deep into the valley he stood,
As no storm nature blow can sway,
The mind of a man who feel none,
As every feeling in his mind focused,
Upon the eyes of the darling unseen.

Ah’ what wonders life at you can throw?
What wonders Mother Nature can show?
The seen and heard, the tasted and smelt,
Oh’ though not touched they all fragments of a reality,
Reality of a wonderful childhood dream,
When upon the terrace of a home a boy sat and dreamt,
About an unbelievable future he may never have.
The Earth at Sun stared and glowed,
The Moon stayed away as witness of that warmth,
As through dark matter universe moved,
That little boy too through time and space moved,
And Romance as the medium he took,
To see the unseen,
The hear the unheard,
The feel the unknown.

So all that known sways him not,
As the storm in fury lashed,
Lightning right beside him touched,
The ground shook with the fallen trees,
Even in the wild destruction all he found,
The beauty no one else cared to notice.

Horizons united and all around exploded,
The storm violently all around spread,
Every creature in fear all around ran,
With a smile the wanderer walked,
As mind far away with a pretty soul danced,
And through every bit of what Mother Nature unleashed enhanced,
The belief in the unseen,
Who in turn gave him the feelings of love for her,
That through every vein to every corner of him spread,
And the missing element his time and space found,
The joy of his love to every corner spread,
And a smile upon all that knows him sprouted,
As the love for her through his hand slipped, he regained.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved.2012


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