Love Of The Triumphant Hypocrite.

Hello my friends, how are you all doing? Here is my question. What the hell is going on out there? Honestly I have no idea. I go from home to office then back to home. Nothing else. Well no matter what happens the poet is just the poet who will write. Here is one of my poems. This poem was originally named as The Triumphant Hypocrite. Later only the first part was written at that time. The ending was written recently. Well, just read it, its all in there.


Love Of The Triumphant Hypocrite.

He loved to curse,

But in public he did not.

He loved the sex and every woman in mind he undressed

But sweet words to all of them he said,

As every time he wanted to ask courage in him failed,

Over the lands, mountains and over many seas he flown,

With every comfort known to mankind he lived,

But a mind that thinks about one thing and body that does otherwise,

Oh’ deep inside still wishes in chain reaction for more and more cried.


A happy face to the world he shown,

And the single minded man took it all like a looter,

But the emptiness inside that filled, he could never eradicate.

One girl not through the eyes of lust he looked,

A pretty girl she was and he knew she deserved a better man.

And she found the better man she thought,

Who looked gay and only misery to her life that boy can bring.

Oh’ the hypocrite at her and gay looking boy looked.

Charming words and gifts of all kinds he gave,

With smiles across the face spreading,

With a thought of revenge for her who did not love him to live,

Unloved and betrayed by the one she love.


When with another smile a wonderful life for them he wished,

He wished to find a way, anyway to wipe,

The fresh born tears from inside his minds eyes.


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My Experiment With Laziness.

I survived the weekend aha, well I called it my experiment with laziness. That’s what I did, I just slept, sat on couch and watched a lot of T.V then I don’t know what all things I ate. But I tried my best to keep away from computers. To say it all in a nutshell… It was good.

    It is Monday, what you will get from me on a Monday after a very emotionally draining weekend? 5 min scribbles. Like I said in a post last week, these are spontaneous writings in which I pick up a thought and write it spending exactly 5 min. If I don’t get it all out in 5 min that’s a full poem.

  This one came when I asked myself  “You want a boy or girl as first child” see that was the thought, now read what came out of that thought.

 5 Min Scribbles

 Like the wings of a humming bird, brittle,

 Her eyebrows moved as in the depths of sleep dreamed,

 What dreams dances in her soul I wonder,

 But O God again and again blowing at you I pray,

 To keep away every nightmare from her innocent heart,

 And bless this blessing you gave me with every blessing of yours.


Hope you now know what gone through the mind. That’s it folks. Have a great Monday evening.




Didn’t I told you girls love to have pictures of mine on their T-Shirts. Here is one… J/K heehe I did it with PhotoFunia.Com check this site out it is amazing


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From The Depths Of Darkness.

This will be the toughest weekend in the last 5 years of my life. I am not kidding. Well I will survive. It is a damn hot day. I hated the weather. Even though I was born and brought up in a warm place never really liked the heat at all. I used to be a fast bowler in cricket. A game played in the humid heat all day for five days. If I stand in heat like that for a whole day.. mmm my belly may burn away. Said about belly, it is growing. I think I am pregnant.. hehe just kidding. Yes my waist line is huge that’s not any kidding. I got to get a grip on my ever expanding waist. The job week was hectic. We are getting around well a nice team we got here at work.  I am not going to give you a lecture of how life needs to be lived. But one should know when choosing a partner, that understanding is the key. Everything else perishes away before that. Think again before you make that choice. There is a lifetime ahead to live.


This is another poem presented in blogtv. I will be back with more during the weekend. Have a great weekend everyone.

From The Depths Of Darkness.


Fallen from the heights of life,

Deep and far from all known life,

Grown in the depths of love,

All meanings life lost,

As most of life with dark clouds veiled,

And that invisible parasite from every corner clutched,

The dark phenomenon everyone calls fate.


No directions known,

North, east, west and south,

All merged in depths of dark,

And through it all fell into the valley of gloom,

Where darkness all five senses can feel.


Ran to and fro then left and right,

All felt same,

And landed into the middle of woods,

As the grass grown neck long,

Blade grass through skin mercilessly pierced,

Leaches sucked blood giving no pain,

Serpents at legs bound and bite their venom ineffective,

As life itself fed, the most powerful venom,

The power from the unloved heart flown,

Through vein and those serpents all fell dead,

And grass lifeless fell losing all essence,

Leaches in coma lied,

Still darkness bound tight even in imaginations.


As every hope turned to mere cravings,

Blood mixed with tears when thought about her,

She whom he lost beyond every dream,

Oh’ he cursed and cursed his own misfortune,

And in the dark onto a dark boulder he ran,

As he lay flat from the furthest corner seen,

A bit of light that grown in size,

She came to him and right beside him she sat,

And a little above the whispering voice to him she said,

“I am no God given gift,

I am no lucky star,

I am not the fun filled doll in your childhood you carried,

I am no material blessing rest of your life you can keep,

Never ever you saw me as who I am,

As all I said was what in me you always searched,

Why you never asked me to give my life to you,

Which in all happiness to you I always wished to give,

And I know my smiles will bring to you all you wished,

In the coming days try to gain a girl who is just a girl,

Whom you can love from the depths of mind,

And look for a girl who is a human not an angel,

On that day with all my love I will be there for you”.


Then she walked away as not a move he couldn’t make,

The morning woke up somewhere and no sun he could see,

Still he laid there in the middle of the park,

Losing the intoxication in every second passed,

The morning joggers and dog walkers all ran away,

As they all want to stay as far away from a naked drunkard.


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I don’t say much about what is going on with my life. Well it is quite hectic. I changed a bit as I start way early in the morning and come home as early as I can. There is not a lot I can say about my work or where I work or even where exactly I live. I am somewhere in the US that’s it. I am working on some new poems which you all will see here in the coming days. What more I can say…. Mmmm

  Mind through turbine tumble on and on,

  The reasons you will see when the scrolls of verses unbind,

  In the coming days that will give more about who I am,

  Misjudging me and my intentions bore cruelty which pierced,

  And still I smile as my hurt will only hurt you the caring one.

  What you will “Learn” oh’ dear,

  Should’ve been learned from wisdoms of past,

  Than the mistake you made when firing arrows of slander aimlessly.

  Oh’ It only awoke a lover long time back I put to sleep,

  Now tell me what lullaby should I sing?

  To put him back to sleep.


Here is a poem I wrote and presented in blogtv. Yes it is about a girl.



Smile Of The Darling Girl


The colorful magic Mother Nature spread,

Through the hands of the beautiful spring,

Nature thrown her share all around,

Of happiness all souls wished for in the dark days.


Through the dawns of life she crawled,

And stepping into the morns of life she is,

From the depths of mind all the happiness she can share,

She gathered and on her face brought,

Her eyes glittering like two bright little stars,

That wonderful pointed nose spread a little more,

Skin upon her forehead stretch a little and shined,

The rosy cheeks to the side bulged spreading,

Those soft lips upon which nature dipped her quill,

And paused to see that wonderful moment before she painted,

A new species of flower in colors unseen danced.


The singing birds paused and the flying birds landed all around,

The wind waited upon the tree holding his breath,

Oh’ even the light from the glory of sun for a moment stopped,

When that wonderful smile upon her face spread,

A smile this portion of time took as a blessing,

And every creature that saw that smile left a prayer,

Upon a humble poet who in words wrote from his soul,

About the wonderful feelings of love upon his mind laid,

And told her his love for her again and again,

Making her smile again and again with his love.


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The Last Words Of Time

What will Time say when Time one of the creations of God was about to take the eternal sleep. Here Read.


The Last Words Of Time


Once upon a time, when I was a lot younger,

There lived a man who loved a girl,

Many ways he choose to show her how much he cared,

Many ways he choose to make her feel how much he loved,

But chose not to tell her the words of love,

As words of love were over used by humanity at that time,

She knew it all she first cared about it all,

Then she lost it all in her views that even made me laugh,

She danced her way away, far away from him,

And covered herself in smoke screens through which he can’t see,

Which left him in the pain of parting, unbearable,

But no hypocrite he was and he knew nothing he could do,

Spent the rest of his life unknown to even myself,

When at the end of his time after losing her years ago,

He said these words,

“Oh’ how much I loved her and I thank God for the gift of love,

  Again and again in this lifetime I loved her more and more,

  Though no love from her I got and from her life me she forgot,

  Oh’ keeping all the love God gave me witness, I leave all the good I did,

  At her foot as all the good I always did to her I owe,

  Oh’ tired I am not and but to the world where she belongs… Good Bye”

Many generations and civilizations in billions of years I have seen,

He is the one, who truly loved and spent his life loving her,

I only remember those words when I take my eternal sleep.


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My Day A Good Day

The idea behind these writings is to bring a thought out into words in 5 minutes. Here is one of them.

5 Min Scribbles

Thoughts flashing through mind,

Some where gathered by the subconscious,

Most came from fragments reality left behind,

By the storm of life at time of birth began.

Others were dead leaves that once stood with a tree,

Cut down by fantasy of better time, space and uncouth ignorance,

Never ever a thought flashed through my mind,

Where you will keep on running on that hamster’s wheel,

Set by the world around who all in stupidity thrives.


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A New Way

I went on a ride, it was unholy and the most dramtic. Now I am back here in PoetryBox. This is where I belong. The rest of the internet is screwed up. I hate Facebook so I cancelled that account. My Myspace will go soon too. I will be here and in my lonelypoet sites. There are those who lost me because they became too materialistic. I thought someone understood what I am truly about and I was relieved about it. Now I know that whole feeling I had was wrong and that person took me all wrong. The cancer of the material world had eaten her mind. The sad part is the mistake she is making will hurt her. I cannot do anything other than just walk away. That’s what I did from Facebook. She is only thinking from her side and I thinking from all sides and I am hurt. It is with audacity I went there and now I feel stupid going to an idiotic site that is good for nothing.
My poetry haven’t suffered because of this. The poetry you may see here in the coming day will reflect what I said above. But I will guide my mind in a new way. I will entertain you that’s for sure.

The Listening Flower.

You should watch the first video as there is an introduction and short history of this poem. Enjoy

The Listening Flower Broadcast your self LIVE  

The Listening Flower.


The imprint of smiles upon my mind you left,

To them I seek solace oh’ dear I seek,

That flowing hair, I wish to touch,

Those wonderful eyes my eyes seek,

Those smiling lips my lips crave,

And the imprints to me sung tunes,

That kept your face an ever living image.


Days lived around me as the living meaning,

Of the reality of you far, far away,

Memories wrote pages of imaginations of you,

In mind as soul to receive the soul of yours craved,

And to them can I sing an anthem of love?


Though imperfect in the world around you I maybe,

The gladness you leave every time your soul you show,

Binds together all the fallen pieces of life,

You are that perfection erasing every imperfection,

In the world you are and in the mind of mine.

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