Legend Of The Discarded Pebble.

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To the big lake the streams started flowing,
From fattened unfreezing rocks fell little pebbles,
And through the water in haste tumbled on,
Ah’ felt like the life of a human into world plunge in.

A fancy youth from the city life took refuge,
With her friends around the shore a creek,
And to her galloped the waters under rolled,
The pebble by the waters and sand well polished.

Picked up by a youth filled beauty who loved,
The little rock that shined bright from the rays,
From her eyes reflected that made the pebble prettier,
What she thought as a dead stone, in her warmth lived.

Miles and miles with her the pebble traveled,
Her gladness with smiles it seen,
Her sadness from hidden pockets felt,
And gave a little coolness during disappointments.

Oh’ through disappointments or out of sheer boredom,
She left the pebble and in the absence of her warmth,
Life left the pebble as unknown in a landfill it laid,
World indeed goes around but always comes around.

Wind joined shiny summer days, then brought fallen leaves,
Then joined the frozen air then all around the valley spread,
Fallen pollen and made the rain in spring and summer, dance.
Ah’ through those rains and wind the pebble into the world rolled.

Then one day a drifter’s caught the pebble and he picked,
In the warmth of his hand a new life the pebble took,
Into his veins, blood and thoughts through energy the pebble spoke,
The story of her who dreamed, feared, doubted, and loved.

From the heart of plains she came and with hopes she lived,
In those hopes a dream grew, where love filled smiled,
A charming boy, who read her thoughts and with love fulfilled,
Every wish of her, like a God sent angel, who only blessed.

Work and life or work filled life to her brought faces,
Many faces smiled without life, all of them in life failed,
To bring love to her life with the preciousness of sanctity,
Then a fantastic day brought to her an unexpected smile.

Unlike the pretty pebble ah’ rough and tough he spoke,
But with a soft voice and smile gifted her a bit of peace,
Gossips of good and bad, sad and glad about him she heard,
A warrior who fought the worldly ways in the peace of loneliness.

He is not an angel any youth filled girl will dream,
But dreams of all kinds he saw and to words he translated,
His foreign ways and beliefs, Oh’ contrary from all she known,
Brought to her mind fear and doubt though a connection she felt.

Every word he picked to weave his thoughts to express,
His love and the meaning of her to his lonely life,
Ah’ she found a touch of love she always wished she found,
But not in a man, who looked and talked in ways different.

One day they clashed in love for each other and failed,
That day away she walked after hurt-filled words of rejection.
The pebbled remembered nothing more as at that point lost,
The warmth of her love she felt for an unexpected lover.

The drifter knew not what he felt was real or not,
The pebble back to another landfill found a faster way,
Not knowing if the girl ever found a way to love,
A man who dedicated his love and life only for her.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

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