Mornings I Share.

Mornings I Share.


Woke way before the drums of day in the east beat,

The dark frozen blanket of winter ray after ray torn,

The dark clouds above loomed,

Morning like a shy teen girl giggled,

When the frost melted and upon dead leaves fell,

Oh’ I wonder and wonder why you were not here with me,

To feel the warmth of the heart of a poet,

Why you were not here to sit by the bay window and see,

And sip in the pleasure of mornings with me,

Mornings day after day with loneliness I share.


Love You

Love You


The arrival of love, Oh’ the emotions and ways none knows,

The eyes open wide, ears like wings spread,

Nose will take breath deep and hold,

Heart like a rose open and sway,

Lips utter poetry till that moment meaningless now meaningful,

Oh’ all means only this, Love You.


The Torn Face

The dividing walls Oh’ upon it hard I hit,
The harder I hit the stronger it became I felt,
Graffiti broke and all around fell,
The sticky posters held on tight though torn,
The flowers of love under the feet crushed,
Still some up high their heads held,
And as if in a consoling prayer, swayed,
Far beyond that wall, love in the land of wind, danced,
Ah’ when walking away defeated,
Upon that wall that divided our love I looked,
Oh’ my own torn face in a never stopping smile I saw.


True Love

“True love” is like your mother, she can only conceive you once, she can only carry you once, she can only deliver you once. Then forever she is your mother. There can be million people who can look, speak and act like your mother. None of them will be like the mother who conceived you, carried you and delivered you.



To Time

I thought many times whether to write this poem and after writing whether to release this poem because of an ethical issue in this poem. To all readers I have written this poem out of reality but don’t worry I am fine and I will be fine. I don’t want 5 comments saying how sorry one feels about me. Nope I seek no kindness from anyone. Someone once offered it and I rejected it and I will reject it. I seek nothing more. This is it. Even if I write a poem this year I will not be able to post it here because of the maturity time it needs before it can be released. Poetically .. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and A Happy New Year.


To Time.


Gather not the memories of these days,

For in these days Sun rays make me cold,

The wind made me feel shy,

The trees stood bare naked and watched,

The gymnastics with the love of mine I did.

Oh’ I fell and all bones of my passions broke,

 I lay defeated for the rhythms of heart I heard,

Only mine beyond my thoughts for me lived.


Reality she will follow,

She may fall or she may fly,

She may remain hidden,

Or through every vein of a generation she will run,

Her success and failure time will bear witness.


Gather not the memories of these days,

For these days are only steps to a day,

When I will take another girl by hand,

I will take another girl in my hand,

And again and again myself I will curse,

For not becoming the love of her.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.


A Lesson She Taught

Last week I promised a new poem called “The Winter Coat” I changed the theme of the poem a bit so it is still in a period of maturity. But one other poem I was working got finished in the process. Here it is.


A Lesson She Taught.

All the lights of night in the brightness of her eyes faded,
Ah’ this is not a dream as the pot hole I stumbled,
Poetically gave pain which in a moment erased,
When dreams about togetherness in depths of mind weaved.

Daybreak preyed for me to gain her gaze,
Ah’ those prayers with the dew melting failed,
Bright morning sun for me to be her wish prayed,
Those prayers by the clouds from north consumed,
And as snow all around her showered.

With no prayers to her I approached,
With no intentions her welfare I asked,
The pebble in the stream in rolling sounds said,
“Wait not O’man wait not,
For her life to material life forfeited,
Her senses to the feeling of love forever sealed,
No learning of any kind to paths to you she can learn,
So speak no ill of her,
See not the bad of her,
And wait not for her love.”
And the pebble rolling and rolling sang,
Sang a song of prayers to save my soul.

Mindless to become I tried,
But nothing in my life I learned shown,
How to be mindless, uncaring and hurtful and walk away,
Oh’ through her eyes her soul I searched,
And to her from the depths of my soul I whispered,
The way to life from soul in spirituality live,
And to material fulfillment in paths united to eternity.

At her the sweetness of poetry every day I sang,
Teaching her to live from soul not from heart,
To her in verses I spoke,
To live a life taking what one needs,
Not what one wants and dreams,
Every bit of life to her in living I’ve shown,
Oh’ every lesson the pebbles and winds to all corners took,
And the world learned and waited,
Waited for the lessons of purity she can teach,
Lessons of life to her in every way I explained,
She taught none as in through her material ways she danced,
And every bit of true love from her she erased,
Then she taught a lesson none ever want to learn,
Ah’ she taught me well how to cry in silence.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

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