A Heart Filled With Love

It is two years now after I started my Xanga. It started by saying welcome to my workshop. First comments by Maggie That honor goes to her.  Thank you Maggie.

This is a poem written with a name “Heartless Day” haha look at the way it all came out. Some days back I wrote a poem and changed it’s ending taking off two lines. I added those lines in this poem….LOL… I am not going to say where. The idea is simple… 20 years from now on this date what will I feel about what happened in the last couple of days. That’s this poem..

A Heart Filled With Love


Lovely sunshine up in the east brewed,

From a million colors took the best of rays seen,

And fast came the morning flooding this part of Earth.


In the triumph of spring the sun slowly moved,

Even the forgetful squirrel knows spring have arrived,

But all seeing the remnants of the winter still perplexed,

The awe of spring only in depths sprouting.


With cloudy minds people around the streets wandered,

Loving eyes and loved smiles, jealous minds and betrayed souls,

Oh’ all walked by as part of this moment of time.


Up in the air as part of the illusion called sky,

Clouds punched each other for some unknown territory,

Some fell apart and drizzled in the afternoon hours.

Though cold, Oh’ how wonderful it felt,

When rain caressed through face once more.


The evening went away colorless behind the clouds,

A sensual touch given by the gypsy wind,

Once more reminded of some lost love,

This day counted twenty years from the day we left,

Ah’ a bout of pain squeezed a lonely heart,

I still feel the love as the same in the day we left,

On a day when reality that ugly monster caught me one more time,

When emotions and passions left for belief and faith,

With a smile, a lot of love on my recliner I sat,

Knowing I still have a heart filled with love, only for her.


This is a day I wanted to sleep all day. Even after nearly 6 hours of sleep I still feel sleepy. Daaang. What is going on with me? Well in the end I figured out, I must eat to keep my body up…hehehehe. Totally forgot to eat anything A bag of popcorn did the trick. Now I am up and running,(not literally running). How can someone forget to eat anything all day.. The reason.. read below..

   This is her nickname, she called it herself. So with all those thoughts when the tiredness left, I wrote.


Have a great evening everyone.


Unleashed darkness erasing the colors of the fall,

The winter frost danced through the horizon,

Like a wild Angel in her fury upon the sinful,

Dark clouds like feathery wings covered the sun,

And ice and snow flown like her wrath filled spit.


Though the sun blazed at the time of her rest,

Though no warmth felt, the sun still left little rainbows,

From the hanging icicles left by the blizzard storm,

Her breath filled air with freeze,

And the wind with vengeance blown,

Oh’ the winter season can freeze even minds.


But there is beauty in even the monstrous cold,

The beauty of the falling snow,

The touch of the flying flurry upon ones nose,

The whiteness spread as a blessing for the eyes,

And even the mind’s eyes opened to see the beauty of white.


Winter is the season when unpleasantness out show,

Every beauty nature all around can spread,

But when the golden sun sets around the mountain west,

The pleasant touch of a beauty in mind felt,

Oh’ she will be the gathering of all pleasantness,

Even the winter Angels cannot compete and out show.


Every step of her melted the winter freeze,

She has neither wings nor fires of a blazing star,

Her perfected soul melts every flaws of her own,

Greenery around the nature spread,

When through her green eyes she looked,

The waiting seeds sprouted in haste,

To get a glimpse of her angelic glow,

The fury of the wind upon the touch of her skin faded,

And became a smooth wave of air upon flown,

Birds of all colors singing in high and low notes.


Oh’ my words speak about arrival of spring you thought?

Naa… Those words to my mind came,

When Angelina became the never ending spring of my life.

Into The Eyes Of Future.

Hello Everyone,

       Not even one comment for my Elton John post.. Duh… There is an important message in that post. Which most of you did not understand. Now go back to that post and read what I am saying. Listen to the song and listen to the lyrics. Or read it.


   Now here is a poem… it don’t properly conclude I am just ending with praying words. Yes.. everything is beautiful, everything is wonderful, a while back I said… I am throwing my love up in the air and hope my love comes down with another’s love. Yes it is happening. Read the poem.. it will tell you more.

Into The Eyes Of Future.


On a mid winter evening late,

Mild breeze lingered at the windows closed,

But thoughts flown far away into the depths,

Of roads way ahead in a lifetime to come,

The eyes of future I search not,

As those green eyes fulfill my search.


Thoughts in burning of a shooting star disturbed,

But the sizzled winter air danced through the villas,

And the moon dazzled her beauty all around me,

In the envy that in my mind is a beauty this nature unseen.


She filled in my soul that left empty,

She filled my face with smiles always,

In my joy found her own happiness,

And in those happy sweet tears reflected her love for me.


The warmth of summer filled the room,

As the love from her in my mind I felt,

Far across the oceans she may be,

The warmth of those soft palms upon my cheeks I felt.


Oh’ how beautiful love is and how wonderful emotions it leaves,

Or is it the true beauty of a wonderful soul,

When the wings of my dreams spread I see not,

No horizons as all my dreams are filled,

By the love of an Angel who gave me her heart.


Days passed me by, life became motionless,

Love penetrated deeper than imaginations,

May the blessings of reality shower a bright future,

For me, with her and everything that touches our life,

And let the eyes of our future have the sight of both of us.

No Sacrifice At All

I have said it here many times my all time favorite song is ‘Sacrifice’ by Elton John. Whatever emotional trouble I go through, be it stress from work, being alone or if I am really angry…the best way to calm me down play this song. Most people close to me know this. Couple of days back someone really angered me and then she tried to calm me down, she was not knowing what to do. She is the last love. No matter what I do for her, it’s no sacrifice at all. This post is dedicated to her… The Russian Angel.
The Original Video Of The Song Sacrifice, From The Album, Sleeping With The Past.Original Video

I believe this is a performance at the Watford Soccer Club from the announcement Elton John makes at the beginning of this song.
This is a performance of the song Sacrifice by Elton John I’ve heard a lot about from Elton John fans world wide. Eric Clapton plays guitar. Watch it, its fun
Here is the lyrics of the song.

Music by Elton John
Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Available on the album Sleeping With The Past

It’s a human sign
When things go wrong
When the scent of her lingers
And temptation’s strong

Into the boundary
Of each married man
Sweet deceit comes calling
And negativity lands

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

And it’s no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It’s two hearts living
In two separate worlds
But it’s no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It’s no sacrifice at all

Mutual misunderstanding
After the fact
Sensitivity builds a prison
In the final act

We lose direction
No stone unturned
No tears to damn you
When jealousy burns.

Cold cold heart
Hard done by you
Some things look better baby
Just passing through

And it’s no sacrifice
Just a simple word
It’s two hearts living
In two separate worlds
But it’s no sacrifice
No sacrifice
It’s no sacrifice at all

© 1989 Big Pig Music Limited

Uncertainty and long waiting were considered a curse. What if a lifetime is filled with that? In the last one week these thoughts filled knowingly and unknowingly .Then a thought came to my mind what if I watch her wake up. This poem is from those thoughts.

Her Waking Hour.

A morning woke up around the cityscapes,
That stood as monuments of history made,
Darkness from the fury of light escapes,
Stars and milky way in the brightness of light fade.

Light finds its meaning only to the sense of sight,
The sounds of nature none heard,
The smell of the fresh morning none smelt,
The touch of the warmed up air none felt.

Meaningless are the outbursts of the morning,
Shapeless became an undefined life,
Monotony broke itself like amoeba,
Still a silhouette of perfection held together the morning.

Oh’ how many years I waited to see,
A morning like this blossoming,
The sanctity of a lifetime of hope,
The fulfillment of a lifetime of love.

Oh’ those eyes opened and the dreams fought not to leave,
Every breath of her fought itself to be back,
And the beauty of the surrendering morning gave,
A delicate touch all over her body.

She felt nothing, but the whole nature paused,
As that silhouette of perfection found,
The host of itself and on to her merged,
Life and a day found a whole new meaning history never seen.

She looked at me and every ounce of love I gathered and smiled,
She held herself harm to arm and sizzled,
This humble man’s love she felt and then she smiled,
And in the honor of seeing her awake in the love of mine, felt blessed.

Have a good Weekend Everyone.

What a weekend passed and a week. I love the Oscars it was wonderful. I predicted every award, none of my predictions came true. So much for my ability of intuition. Most of the nights and days were spent chatting with a whole new group of people, mostly from Europe. It is fun a lot of fun, yesterday I literally fell asleep in the chair as on a weekday I could only sleep an hour and half. This day is coming to an end a wintry mix is showering outside and the light cold breeze plays a little tune on her way. And I am on my way to a weekend with a lot of expectations.


The Poem: Written from real life events. The period I will not say. Reality sometime can become brutal. But if the people involved love each other beyond everything those brutal realities will become irrelevant and they will write their own reality. I have my pen and paper ready, will I get the ink to write that reality. Wait and see. In the mean while …. Read…


Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Drag Me Close.


Between nights and days enslaved,

Earth without complaints steadily moved,

When the beauty of the days and night watched,

Life through this moment of time passed, unknowingly.


Drag me close, Oh’ Angel, drag me close, I said,

When to close your eyes and see me I said,

Did you see you own soul, O my dear,

As my soul with your soul have merged,

The moment those words of love you said.


Though mists of doubts and fear surround,

The love in souls in pure thoughts merged,

Let the Earth pass through millenniums ahead,

But our love to each other will remain even beyond.


So drag me close, Oh’ Angel, and wake my muted thoughts,

Of all the beauty around this material world we seen,

The best of all feelings sprouted in the little moment of laugh we spent,

Though mother tongue of each other we understand not,

Isn’t it time to break the invisible umbilical code?

And let language of love fill senses with new meanings of life.


When all that I loved immaterial became,

When a love greater than all the love I felt, touched,

Deep in my soul and melted every fear of mine,

Funk not dear, but hold my hands in trust,

And in my eyes see, the divinity of a soul sanctified,

By the beauty of thoughts and purity of your own soul.


Oh’ Drag me close to the eternal life,

As in your silent thoughts I fell in pain,

My stretched out hands are not empty or cold,

But feel the warmth of your arms that raise me close,

Drag me close and from between our material being erase,

The last light ray mixed with the mist of doubts.

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