A Filament Of Soul.

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Blog Post About This Poem – Read This Before Reading The Poem.

“Blended into dawn and dusk is the twilight,
Blended into every life is happiness and sadness,
Blended into evil and lies are good and truth,
Blended into every poem is the soul of the poet.”

When waking up somewhere in the back of mind echoed,
These lines broken into a million pieces and scattered,
Ah’ the twilight of the dawn came and waited and surrendered,
To the might of sun and maybe these are the thoughts left.

The numb mind cannot find reasons to think and comprehend,
Like a spark-less fireplace sat listening to hear the unheard,
Hard I tried to understand the misunderstood, ah’ hard it was,
But slow and steady order in mind through thoughts came.

Then started a mindless whisper for reasons in doubts,
As stallions of the daylight faster through time ran,
When doubts from a misunderstood mind cleared,
Ah’ Spring time bloomed in soul with only her face.

At that high point of the day, a dragon born in depths,
Of heart that sucked every bit of energy of a loving man,
And through the fire spitting thoughts conscience asked,
“If the reader doesn’t like a poem why read?

If the poem is misunderstood why explain?
Oh’ don’t they know the poet is blended into poetry?”
I ran away from the day and the dusk’s twilight dance,
As in the middle of crowd I sat, artificial gladness in mind, set.

Back home, sweet home with questions of conscience I came,
And to conscience with a smile of irony I replied,
“This poet shatters his heart, merges his soul into every bit,
Of his being and writes about his unforgiven love, to be read,

Oh’ it is like giving all of himself blended into words for her”.
I looked and bowed as I know another filament of my soul is lit.

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Photo by Marta Filipczyk on Unsplash

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