The Laughing Joker.

“What cruel monster possessed her?” conscience asked,
He cried and sobbed and cried out loud, unknown to all,
As the lost lover melted in fever and pain, still held together,
Helpless hands shook but still wrote, verses for peace of mind.

He wrote about the joker in the pack, always in the middle,
Cracking jokes at anything and everything making people laugh,
The colors and costumes added a cheer or two in attraction,
And the joker stood in the middle hiding all the pain he had.

Then the inevitable day came, leaving behind masquerade,
As deep in him felt the love for a girl with respect he looked,
Exchanged smiles, some jokes, and stories that made her giggle,
A little crush has grown bigger and bigger into a sweet romance.

The world laughed out loud and along with them he again joked,
In the masquerade of the laughing world, lost her to cunningness,
Wolves hidden in daylights speaking sweet and divine stole,
His love through the mockery of life’s truth and honesty.

Wandering all alone at times joking about himself he chocked,
Hiding all that into the middle of the world, he ran and he joked,
The laughing world, again and again, added more pain to his words,
When back alone, his conscience cried out loud, with a permanent grin.

The versifier as if from a dream got up and walked,
In the reflections of the mirrors and screens, he looked,
As if in a long lost search for a face or an image,
But only saw the masqueraded face of the joker laughing out loud.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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Blindness Of The Beholder.

Sacred she thought the values and whispers she heard,
As through her life, she passed into adulthood,
Somewhere drowned some values but the girlish touch,
Ah’, never left as the crowd around her swelled and flooded.

Every heart for the perfect lover’s love thrived,
So did her heart and pounded for the love to be perfected,
Dreams about life, dreams about love, Ah’, romantically weaved,
And came the love, dreams weaved all in perfection from an Unusual.

He never talked like she thought, he never walked like she dreamt,
He never looked like she thought but from him came the perfection,
The crowd around her whispered and the whisper became a riot,
In that rioting-world lost her sight, and rest of the senses to love.

The battling world show a path of mirages through which she tried,
To walk and run but Ah’, no path ever existed as she stood,
At the dead-end and the broken-hearted man for her wellness prayed.
The veil of mist, shrouded her, as the real path to him she left behind.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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The Path To Darkness.

Senses, Ah’, abilities lost, froze,
Never even a thought about her spoke,
How will it feel when mind in forceful acceptance,
Of the frozen senses and colorless dreams of lost love.

Sadness, Oh’, you know nothing about the value of tears,
I shed none, for you are a mockery of my love-filled life,
And shed I will no drops, for, in every essence of mine is love,
Only meant for her, who threw a veil of darkness into my dream.

No belief I ever learned about reincarnation but I learned,
Love must reincarnate in her for me, next time in better ways,
For, every action of her spoke about a beautiful love suppressed,
As she holds the lights to paths of future for both our loving days.

Gallop to me gladness and break the veil of darkness,
From upon my dreams and lead them all into fulfillment,
Gladness that sprout out from a path that went to darkness,
Lighted by the lights sprouting from the beats of her heart,

Heartbeats that draws the images of my love for her.

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Jailed Dreams

The winter wind in hurry sought,
Silence and peace for mankind,
Yet, what he found was his mischief,
Freezing even the pleasantest souls.

Stood beside the roads and looked,
Falling flurries like the petals of a flower,
Heaven upon on to me thrown that became,
A blessing or misfortune Oh’, only time can tell.

Across the road, an evergreen tree I saw,
Cut to fit like a half wall all covered in white,
Oh’, I felt those are the love of mine for her,
Forever green but now covered in frost and snow.

The dreams my love gave, color-filled they will roam,
In the spiritual world where souls all will fill,
With sounds that gathers those souls in union,
With pleasantness, material-life can never feel.

Those dreams are the ones that were now jailed,
As evergreen I once thought but now I under freeze,
Bitterness I exhaled that became tear-filled pathos,
Of winter birds scavenging in the frozen deadlands.

No freeze I felt through my own jailed senses,
And there I stood under the falling snow,
Sure I felt the flurries like soft flower petals,
And to the foaming icicles, about her, I sang,

“From all corners far stood I
With hopes, I sang
The trembling ground gave rhythm
The jealous wind swirled
You are not a dream
You are not a game
You are the only one
My love can ever achieve.”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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Divided Face.

The church bells rang on a Sunday morning brightened more,
By the fallen snow way before sun rolled up his sleeves,
Icicles dripped water clearer than the morning rays,
As the shivering cardinal found no place to hide.

The sound of the bird so low but so sweet and gave,
A feeling that asked? “Why such sadness in your eyes I see?
When such a bright smile you give, even in this yelling cold,
Warmth of yours kept me warm even in Winter’s vengeance.”.

The long day ahead tempted me to walk away but my feelings wept,
In that freezing, I stood and looked, that bird’s image my mind copied,
Back inside I went and looked at her and spoke to my mind,
What to my little eyes brought such sadness, a bird complained.

I said, “This is the story of a Divided Face, a dreamer and an unfortunate,
He came to the world silent then cried out loud and everyone laughed,
He grew up listening to none, as all childhood he weaved his own world,
He grew up and everything touched and he touched left him unsatisfied.

Pleasant he walked and pleasantness he spread, none from him walked,
Without a smile as the happy man in the eyes of the world around,
Burned inside and through the paths of life he never defined he passed,
Never he left anyone to fall, though at times life’s mockery made him kneel.

Through the ages as he passed, in every relationship he learned,
The care to love and to love better and he learned never to weep,
When his own romance came knocking, Ah’, alone stood, doors shut,
The pain of losing drowned him to knees and his face torn apart.

Stood up, smiled, made many smile as through his fate he cruised,
Day and night, every event passed, he felt the screaming face,
The unknowing world froze and bloomed through its own dreams,
And he cared not to make that brutalized shadow, morbid.

So my dear red hooded bird you too saw the smile but I failed,
To hide that sadness from my eyes which only you, noticed.”.
Then I saw the bird unbuffed as if found some warmth and flew.
I looked again all-around and walked into that long cold day.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

Dear Heart.

Love has such a power that it brings even the strongest,
To his or her knees in tears, they may not otherwise shed,
Such were the thoughts, mind believed through malformed content,
By bystanders and gossipers whose business otherwise was boredom.

I once met a girl who taught me in my training of machine language,
Her charms were in the way she talked with command and respect,
Language of her body and giggles gave a young man wrong thoughts,
Those thoughts he cherished and wrote a letter to his own heart.

“Dear Heart”, I wrote then paused and smiled and then again wrote,
“Leave no stones unturned when all senses deliver what they felt.
Leave no thoughts behind when you pulse through the dreams weaved,
Enchant and bring me to my knees for her to take my hand in marriage.”

I thought again and again and many days passed with her flirty lessons,
Then one day all my thoughts I left and to talk to her I waited,
She walked by with a smile and wave with no words I can decipher,
Climbing on the back of a motorbike of a man she hugged and kissed.

That day I wrote, “Dear Heart, love felt but unattained is a rugged mount,
From the umbilical cord to the knot of life humans will learn to love in life,
Every failure is a disassembly of heart and soul then we all learn,
To gather the shattered pieces and move on to the next, hiding aches.”.

Years became decades and nothing attracted me to love anymore,
Through wilderness and cantankerous civility I passed with ease,
No more fails and then I slipped and failed to fall but stood with a smile,
She didn’t smile, heart didn’t break, glow of soul didn’t fade.

For I know she is the only one I truly love, all others a well learned lesson,
To gain patience, to understand her love, and love her better,
Ah’, life showed the mighty power of God through heart and soul,
I dream no more but live the dreams I made, from umbilical cord till now.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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Without Her In My Life.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Tires over the frozen road rolled,
Frozen glasses from inside heated,
The car ride with melancholic music played,
Eyes always looked for a new color to dream.

People drove through their puzzled lives,
Some walked seeing the air they exhaled,
Children deliberately slipped and fell,
And I looked at them with a cheerful smile.

Roads, Oh’, upon which I once walked with smiles,
In thoughts about fascinations of my youthful dreams,
What good remained of my youth, ah’, never failed in love,
And the dreamer weaved dreams about her filled with love.

When will I walk out of my dreamy world with her?
Hand in hand for each of us loved in ways of our own,
The full-grown winter failed not to howl in my soul,
When thinking about the future with her by my side.

Silent my soul never will be when about her I think,
For, all my love from childhood till date united only for her,
Ah’, meaningless one by one realities through life became,
As all senses became senseless without her in my life.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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My Love For Her.

Blog Post About This Poem.

My love for her into the infinite spread,
Beyond what humanity with five senses discovered,
Out through the galaxies and stars, dust and frozen gas,
Ah’, warmed them all even where light and air never touched.

My love for her thrived in hearts that touched her,
Far more than humanity in all compassion ever imagined,
The ever-evolving nature and all her living stood in witness,
As my love for her even in pain and suffering in her heart perfected.

My love for her, Oh’, through every vein of her spread,
Passions of youth with confusions of the wicked world combined,
Ah’, to drown my love she tried and melancholy in heart prevailed,
And helpless, tear-filled, and lonely I stood as a tragedy.

My love for her, Oh’, forever in me will live and spread,
Through every corner of the universe urging for her a prayer,
And through every prayer plead I will for her mind to clear,
And learn the love in her for me is the reason for my love for her.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

Her Acceptance.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Oh’, day, just another day, pass me by,
But history may remember you,
As someone’s lucky day,
And O’ Day you will once smile
As the memory, I left for you,
Brightened many more Days like you.

Days like these make one garland oneself,
As everything will stand apart and laugh,
The unfortunate sometimes passes through,
A world of imperfections without help and,
Through mockery and many times hatred,
World said, “Love for you went extinct.“.

Whispers of the wicked I call when they speak,
And they spoke louder and louder and faster,
Oh’, love is not a silent molecule none notices,
And they saw my love clear and loud still wailed,
Confusion and unknown bitterness made her listen,
And the World told her “Better is anyone else”.

The World wailed, fake lovers came with youthful smiles,
Temptations build through divine looking masquerade of evil,
Ah’, dragged on for a while but deep inside her she felt the call,
Of my love in all purity, sincerity, honesty, and gratitude,
And she came and read verses filled with my love only for her,
She whispered to my heart, “Love of yours never makes me Lonely”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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An Invitation To Celebrate.

Blog Post About This Poem.

Denounce my love as untrue,
Deny me love like an atheist deny faith,
Drag away from truth only for you unfolded,
Through paths of lies, betrayal, and pleasures material.

Though all seem divine in thoughts and actions,
The darkness through you unleashed and spread,
Never will succeed over the truth of my love,
For my love sprouted in your eyes once filled with love.

Morning spread, noontime paused, evening stretched,
When my lovers mind through eyeless world paced,
Stumbled around me were fake smiles and masqueraded faces,
Then deep inside soul felt my love for you and I said out loud,

“Sweetness this day shaped,
In your divine given image,
Gladness from your smile redefined,
Blessings sacrificed their wealth at your feet,
Though thou chose another to love ,
Ah’ my poetry can’t sacrifice the poetics,
When I feel my love for you.”

Oh’, nothing defeated love as deep inside us in this winter remain,
Those seeds of love in each other we sowed soon will sprout,
Ah’ celebrate we will so will the world of lovers along with us,
The celebration of our love unites us hand in hand too.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2021.

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