My Expertise.

What is going on in the world? I am not expecting answers that tells me the truth from anyone. I am not saying all are lying. What I am saying is people either don’t know the truth or don’t believe in the truth. There are people who believe they and some of their friends can achieve whatever they want in this universe, just because they believe, they have the talent to do it. Watch this video

Now I believe they know what I am talking about, how insignificant we are in this universe. In fact we know nothing about the universe in the first place, we don’t know what time is it even. So without knowing many just assume they know everything or start believing in space, time and dimensions.  
       Most of you maybe wondering where I am going with this post! Relax, you will see.
                When one look at the massive amount of time that passed us by one will think, “oh my god, are we at the end of it all” once more … Relax.. Don’t be stupid. Nothing is ending anywhere. Life as is may not exist. Life will come in another form in another way. I don’t believe in reincarnation, that is bullshit spread by Eastern ideology. My point is, life as we know is only a short amount of time and in this given time one should not waste even a bit of it.  There are other people I know who waste more time just wasting time than live it. It is like a straight person going to a gay club looking for fun. Just face the reality that came from the past and understand, there are hundreds of different ways one can live but your way was shown by days when you took the first steps of life. That’s the truth. However you always have a choice of believing in the truth or walking away from the truth.  
           Away from the thoughts I wrote above… Watch the video, if someone read my profile, in it one can see in the expertise part I said, “Making myself believe that I am mircro microscopic in this vast expanding universe.” I wrote that nearly 5 years ago. I don’t needed radio or infrared or space based telescopes or spend sleepless hours wrecking my head on the wall writing algebra all around the floor and ceiling to understand that. Just needed to look in the past. Like I said to the mother of my friend, “She can learn from the wisdom of past or from her own mistakes”. It just that… most of the people understood me wrong. Maybe some people will tell I am self boasting, ahahaha no I am not, just letting you know that, you and everyone who reads this can be far better than I am. The key is in the past, you need to look at it with an open mind. 
              Have a fantastic weekend everyone… mmm isn’t that predicting the future? naaa it is a wish and a prayer to God to make it happen to everyone who reads this and sent a smile upon the face of all of them.   

Images That Touched Me This Day.

Hello guys, girls, aliens, how are you all doing?
  . There are a lot of things happening all around me. You know what, I don’t care until the sky falls on my head. I am sorry BlogTV guys, last night the dinner went for too long I just wasn’t able to get back in time. Plus two of my friends started fighting online. Last night the dinner was fantastic, my cousin’s son who came from India took me and my brother’s family for a dinner. We went to this Thai restaurant.. woo, awesome. It is in Overland Park, KS, called Thai Place. Even though I have a lot of disagreements about the Thai society as is, their food is awesome. Like I said earlier I just didn’t do anything other than just dropping my cousin’s son at the airport today. But when reading the news at Reuters.Com I found these impressive images that kinda gives a flow of the events that’s going on around the world. Enjoy.

A snow man that was built as part of a climate change awareness program stands near the Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) in Berlin early January 20, 2010. Environmental activist are calling on Berliners this weekend to build snowman in a bid to form a “Snowman Demonstration” in the heart of the German capital to raise awareness for climate change. Credit: REUTERS/Thomas Peter

A man passes a sign stuck to a wall in London January 20, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

A model presents a creation by Penkov at the Berlin Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010/11 in Berlin January 20, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

An Afghan man walks on the street as the sun sets at Delaram district in Nimroz province, southern Afghanistan January 20, 2010.
Credit: REUTERS/Marko Djurica

Children dressed as soldiers perform during the traditional festival of Tamborrada in San Sebastian January 20, 2010. The Tamborrada commemorates the Napoleonic occupation of the city and thousands of children and adults play drums and barrels for 24 hours around the city during the festival.
Credit: REUTERS/Vincent West

Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov of Russia perform during the pairs free program at the European Figure Skating Championships in Tallinn January 20, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Grigory Dukor

And last but not least it is me in a Thai restaurant last night with my brother and his family.

Benji’s Poem

Hello everyone. How are you all doing these days? I am so sorry I am not coming to Xanga much these days. Got some work to be done, plus, I am working on some new poems which are not done yet. I am posting a poem here, I didn’t write this poem. The author of the poem is one of my best friends from India. He wrote the poem back in 2000 August. He recently asked me if I can find this poem for him. Here is the request I received on Facebook.
“Nice to hear your Castle in seconds ! If you still have my old poem, could you please send it to me .. read it on your blogTV ? It was nice to see and hear you after long.”
 Actually it took a wild ride for me to go an find that poem as I lost the original emails when my computer crashed back in 2007. But luck was with me and Benji, I found the poem in as I have posted the poem in LonelyPoet.Com in 2000. I am posting the poem as well as the email I received at that time here. It is good for a laugh. Keep in mind Benji is now married with two children. We talked about this poem last night on skype and had a long laugh. Hope you all enjoy this.

“Dear Riaz,
Was going through a troubling period in my life. Wrote a poem in the pangs of despair. I am sure you will identify with the emotions. Hope you like it. Please add it to as a work by a lonely friend of the lonelypoet

In the deep recess of the heart,
A Temple is desolate, empty and bare.
Its corridors echo a deafening silence.
For a Goddess has left it behind.

Outside, in the wilderness around,
A Priest lies with his face to the ground.
With a forlorn gaze on some distant mirage.
Benumbed, caught in a death-like vise.

He had been out, trying the best he could,
To build a Temple, magnificent, as befitted her.
Waiting without hope, she deemed him fickle,
And decided to leave, for another, better still.

Alas ! It was doomed from the start.
Arrogantly, he had professed his faith.
The journey was over, even before the start.
So sudden was the fall from grace.

Fate, Thou art cruel yet kind.
A new Goddess appears on the horizon.
She waits to be deified in his heart.
And prays for a devotion that will last.

Can he forget ? Can he be true ?
Will there be an answer to his cries ?
Confused and sad, he looks towards the stars.
Dare he believe, that there be one, lovelier still ?
—— Benji (’73- ?)
Written for those who know and care enough to understand. 21st August 2000 A.D. “

I probably will do a BlogTV show late tonight. Well that is still not sure as I got a dinner then got to meet couple of others. My BlogTV friends, please excuse me for not doing show there.

NFL playoffs are keeping me glued to the T.V.  These are fun days and I don’t really move much from the couch. In between when I look on some of the news channels, Oh God what I see is the heart wrenching scenes from Haiti. No words can describe tragedy and disaster and the pain that comes out of it all. Anything anyone can do please do it.
  As for poetry, here is a news. I am working on some folk stories from different parts of the world to write poems about them. So I don’t have a new poem here today and maybe for some more days. Love poems? naaa That era is over. Maybe someone, someday will inspire me again to write Love poems again. But let me tell ya… Hope is a cancer that will never go to remission for me.

Here are some pictures.

He Pingping (L) of China holds the finger of Sultan Kosen of Turkey as they pose for photographers during a promotional event in Istanbul January 14, 2010. He, with a height of 73 cm (2 feet 5 inch), and Kosen, with a height of 246.5 cm (8 feet 1 inch), are listed in the Guinness World Records as the world’s shortest man and tallest man respectively. Credit: REUTERS/Osman Orsal

A injured child receives medical treatment after an earthquake in Port-au-Prince January 13, 2010. Credit: REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Auto show workers climb down ladders after working on a Dodge Ram truck that is attached to the ceiling upside down as part of the Chrysler display during press days of the 2010 North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan January 11, 2010.
Credit: REUTERS/Rebecca Cook

A hippopotamus called Nikica drinks water from the swimming pool in the centre of the Plavnica hotel complex, some 17km south of Podgorica January 13, 2010. Montenegro’s only hippopotamus escaped from the mountainous Adriatic nation’s zoo during floods this week, officials said on Wednesday. In its native Africa, the world’s third largest mammal on land is considered aggressive and dangerous. But zoo owner Nikola Pejovic said Nikica was not a threat to people. Credit: REUTERS/Stevo Vasiljevic

Enjoy the long weekend everyone.
May God Smile Upon You All Always.

Frozen Seeds.

I just thought of writing a poem and wrote the following. Then I thought I will write an introduction and blog post. I wrote some then I said, C’Mon man don’t do this. Because that blog post I wrote was filled with profanity. There are people in this world who thinks they are the best, you know what, they will learn that life is not what they think it is. Someone once asked me when I said, You will learn. “What will I learn?” here is the answer. You will learn that love and care is not something that will come to you easily. A dedicated lover will never leave or can never leave. All you see as friends, family are all reasons to reach that love. They will not last longer than they intended to stay with you. As for the person who truly love and care about you, it is up to you to decide how long that person should stay. I didn’t say that at that time as I know my anger may take what I may say as a curse for that someone. I can never, ever curse that person. But unfortunately that person chose the path that painfully will teach that person the lesson.
  The above said thoughts kinda triggered this poem. It was so quickly written and I am very busy with some things, I just was not able to go through the poem a second time. My critics, kill me if you want to for any errors I made.

Frozen Seeds.

Buried in the forces of winter so brutal,
You all sleep under the comfort of freeze.
Freeze by the will of nature brought,
And through lands and seas in north, spread.

Remember the beginning of colder months,
When the first leaf through the light cold breeze floated,
And upon the green grass fallen helplessly.
Oh’ the tree in pride at the dead lost leaf, looked.

Then one by one seeds by many means taken,
Some by birds, some by people, many just fell,
And through fires, rains and winds far away went,
Life in a shell kept, in forced sleep.

Are you all dreaming to see the sunlight?
Are you all dreaming to see the blinking stars?
Are you all dreaming to soak in rains of spring?
Are you all dreaming to dance in the summer warmth?

With new leaves, flowers giving sweet honey and fruit,
Are you all dreaming to leave a mark of your own in this world?
Land is old, the air will be new, the winds will come,
With songs sung by birds in far away lands.

What lessons one can learn though not seen,
Thinking about a seed, deep buried,
Though in wonder one can still smile,
As life is same for all creations one know.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Essence Of A Lover’s Life.

This is a fantastic day, the Arctic blast is tap dancing around me. I am not a big fan of tap dancing still the tap dancing from North, yeah I can live with that. Tomorrow is going to get more colder in my mother tongue they say “Rudra Thandavam” it means the dance in Anger and Vengeance. Maybe what we are going to feel tomorrow is that kinda dance. I love cold, snow, ice and everything of winter. Today I was driving around in the cold by late afternoon I understood, I am an expert driver on icy roads but most others are not. So I got back home. Hope everyone is trying to stay warm this weekend. Enjoy the cold.
   This poem is not a happy poem. For not a happy reason I thought of shutting down this PoetryBox. I am not going to go into the details of that. At that time I wrote this poem. It kinda gives the essence of the reasons. Well as I have decided not to shutdown the site I kept this poem away. I am not going to shutdown and go away from here. But the poem in its essence is very real. Sorry everyone on a cold winter day I only have more cold to give you all.

The Essence Of A Lover’s Life.

Sunday came and Sunday left, 
He wished the sky were blue and air more warm,
He wished his love where in her arms,
But further and further form him she too left.

Wishes were all good, bad and many were just to be dreamt,
One way or the other from bad to just another dreamer he went,
A mad man talking to himself in the eyes of the world,
As so much about her love to himself he told.

The sleep in love brought the dream,
Then the dream through every corner of life weaved,
A drag net that gathered every bit of life and filled,
Love for her in way humanity unknown.

The wishes were like glaciers moved,
Eyes can’t see, legs can’t feel, no noise heard,
Love indeed is an unseen, unheard, untouched feeling,
Uninvited into him from all around consumed.

Unreal, impossible Oh many words from her he heard,
Mind like horses in a stable back and forth swayed,
As through every means love for her to erase he tried,
Ah’ the pain of the unloved he himself forget to forgive.

All he left, the pain still he felt and to erase he talked,
Talked again and again about all that came and gone,
To a wild world that danced around she too joined,
Unknowing, hearing his talks to erase his pain, to forget all, she too told.

A corner unknown, a way unknown he searched,
To go far, far away, far away from her he decided,
Oh’ then a drop of tear from the page he wrote erased,
The word love he wrote with the essence of his life, filled with her face.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved.

Nursery Of Stars.

The beautiful sight of falling snow I see all around me. Wow I am lucky to see it and enjoy it to the fullest. I wonder how many really enjoy seeing snow falling. Many folks just curse as they know in the next couple of days snow is going to freeze and then things start to get slippery. I guess by now people who really understand me know where I going with this paragraph. Those who don’t understand me, my way of writings, please don’t bother to read any further. I am sorry you are not going to enjoy anything here. You can go to other pages in Xanga which will give you enjoyment now. Once you grow up and experience life very well I am sure you will return to my sight as truth is all I can tell.
  Anyway I saw a picture from NASA where it said the title of this poem. Kinda spent sometime looking the magnificent picture. Then I wrote this poem.
  Keep warm folks, those who love snow and cold, oh yeah I don’t need to tell ya what you should do.

Click on the picture to see the full sized picture.

Nursery Of Stars.

It’s a dreamless night I spent,
With a twitch deep in my soul you left,
O narrow is not the mind of mine,
Not to return what painted with your love, you gave.

Tried to be a singer but no music I can write,
To be a painter I tried, but no colors can be seen,
In the light from you eyes came.
Tried to be a hunter of treasures unknown,
To give you in every care from childhood I learned,
Oh no treasure I found upon which my love I can bind.

Oh’ to mother nature I looked and whitest clouds she gathered,
Into it bound the whispers of all my care she merged,
And took it to the place you lived and showered,
Ah’ the umbrella of misunderstandings kept you dry.

The sky is clear but we are far,
Sad thoughts eclipse minds from sights so near,
But deeper in mind still the twitch you left I feel,
Oh’ from mind so fragile but agile still I search,
What to give you, which, with my love I can paint.

As nothing I have for anyone to love,
No colors seen in what for you I painted.
No stars in the day anyone can see,
But fill your mind leaving darkness behind,
Stars birthed in the love of mine to you.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

First Monday Of 2010

This is the first Monday of this year. I am not going to rant here. Most of the new Xanga posts I have seen don’t concern me at all. Lot of people subscribe to me but I don’t know if they enjoy my post or get depressed by my post or not. hehehe.
 Here are some of the latest pictures.

Watching Packers Play…and when they play well is awesome

Internet And Football On T.V. What more I can ask for? Click on the picture to see the full picture

I need a makeover after being sick for so long

Have a good day and a wonderful week ahead folks.

The Fire Starters

Happy New Year everyone. woo hoo one more year went away. A year in which more bad than good took its marathon run. For many people it is just another step, in fact it is a step that taught most of us great, great lessons. I strongly believe this is just a bad patch of time and soon things will be better than before it all turned bad. New Year day is a holiday that makes us all smile. Well in all honestly, it is just another day. Nothing changed only we the people feel a difference inside us which can be had everyday. See every day is a new day. Everyday one can have this new feeling as everything is new on every given day. People just imagine things, assume things, predict things and expect things. When it all don’t happen in the way they want, all will look for things to blame. In fact there is nothing to blame. That’s the way things are supposed to happen on that piece of time.

    This poem The Fire Starters, took nearly 2 weeks to write. I had this feeling in my mind which I tried my best to express in words. Well read it then you will know that I was not 100% successful in getting it all out into words. Please feel free to point out any mistakes or things you don’t understand properly. Here it is

The Fire Starters.

The wild fires through the jungle flared,
As everything on the ground flames consumed,
Further and further to the edges flames came,
And then deeper and deeper flames went.

The darkness of nights none can see,
Over the mountains and through the valley,
The flames took its Olympian run,
The wind in all directions took the flame.

Burning through all living, burning down all that stood gray,
Big and small, colored and colorless, the flames consumed,
And the monster smokes like giants in the dark, danced,
Through the air, covering even the noon time sun.

Winds first like an old witch near a pyre blown,
Then the warmth of the fires made winds on its own,
Through the jungles like veins in a body the fires grown,
Ashes and dusts through air to far away lands flown.

The flames through all corners of jungle passed,
And every ways in ashes erased,
Oh’ what wonders once in depths stood,
Now in warm winds from all sides came, all around flown.

The ones though with unclear minds started the fire,
Not knowing how fast and fiery the fire can move,
Now none knows what through their minds passed,
As paths to each other in their own fires erased.

A hope among the ashes and dust up in the air flown,
That as prayers all through the charred trees echoed,
All the green the flames in fury burned,
Will fertilize the lands into new born growth.

The sun from the horizons left, leaving night victorious,
The flames maybe gone and the winds upon the mounts rested,
The valley still bright in some unknown light laid,
And through every paths known and unknown the light spread.

The light guided the streams back to the valley,
And the prayers answered as new sprouts from ashes arose,
Oh’ flames and heat can burn to ashes all lovely lives,
But the soul of this jungle remains untouched by any flames we know.

The depth of the jungle knows no heat,
Though flames of fires even deeper roots burned,
In the depth only light remained, light that came out of no fire,
That light never will fade even when everything is burned beyond roots.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

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