The Masked Ghosts

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The haunting winds from west swirling came,
The clashed branches like chariots sounded,
Driving through the air with no direction roamed,
Oh’, what sadness fueled these winds I thought.

Thunders screamed from way above clouds and asked,
“What do you see in the nature that surrounds you?”,
And through lightning I saw the all I knew changed,
And replied I “Change is the only constant.” and laughed.

“Oh’, change now from the past energies that made you sad,
Flames consumed life through flesh and blood for long,
They all became masked ghosts that hide deep inside you,
And that sadness became the fuel of the winds that blowhard.

Fulfill dream through acts of forgiveness, for she is young,
And the only one who loves you beyond her own life.”
Thunders failed not in the screams and flashes that spoke,
About love that hurt me and burned me and in tears bathed me.

The winds have changed, mind calmed down, thunders celebrated,
From far and for reasons unknown smiles kissed my lips adorably,
The morning from east spread through horizons and cleared,
The darkness where those masked ghosts tried to hide.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Baran Lotfollahi on Unsplash

The Wisdom Of The Fallen Pebble.

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Barefooted upon the old railroad he walked,
Through known paths, planks and overgrown moss,
Step over the step slowly through blazing sun he moved,
The shadow amazed the curious squirrel and summer flowers.

Mind of him through unfulfilled dreams wandered,
The galloping time fell back to take a breath and looked,
Some passion unknown to all to his adventure gave fuel,
Ah’, the forgotten youth woke up in his shadow and danced.

Mind of him passed through the past faster than light,
Steps laid felt a rumble underneath upon the old tracks,
Smell of ashes, fire, and grease filled the air along with sirens,
Steps never left the tracks as trains through him passed.

The paused time of present in awe for its space looked,
Nowhere it fit as past and present became an illusion,
Some train wreck that brought down the bridge stopped,
The lonely man’s dream walk upon the railroad.

The roaring river gave a new meaning about time and space,
Oh’, the unknown future flourished in the mind filled with peace,
When turning around the tiny pebble that fell into the river he looked,
Ah’, where it will go who may pick that pebble someday he thought.

Before the plunge one shiny ray the pebble gave that told,
Love lives with the fuel of hope in everlasting greenery,
No dream will drown without a fulfilling thought at least,
And hope always in future ways and future days reside.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Bailey Zindel on Unsplash

The Kneeling Princess

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I saw her kneeling in prayers,
Tears through her cheeks running,
Some ruined thoughts in images made her sob,
Oh’, wandered mind felt her lover’s love.

Godless she is not and God never abandoned,
The love she gave him, God gave her a lover,
In flesh and blood, ah’, a mighty confusion,
Testing her will, and again and again, she kneeled.

I saw a man in prostration deep in his prayers,
A mind to divine glow connected through flesh and blood,
From behind and from above I saw him from his soul pray,
And in front of him, I fell as my own image from him reflected.

The images in my mind blended and blurred,
Dreams lost beginnings and end in fantastic reality,
The tests she faced made her feel in enchantment,
A lost soul but God’s reason of love she shut her eyes to.

In the chaos, all he became was a stubborn melancholy,
The one path in worldly chaos of choices, ah’, forked,
The felt aches and shed tears made them both strong,
Lovely world, wonder-filled world, failed them both.

United the spiritual world stood and promised,
Heavens and glory beyond every imagination of her,
The princess, the sweetness, the emblem of love,
She kneeled and prayed to heal his aching heart.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by LOGAN WEAVER on Unsplash

The Final Love.

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Somedays like a happy man I feel,
Though happiness is something that hates,
Me from my conscience and my soul so fragile,
And mind garlands a weeping face with happy tears.

As for myself for dream fulfillment I fashioned,
To be seen in her mind’s eyes as a lover and failed,
The dreams in that mind I saw, ah’, gave awe,
The fulfillment of those dreams, my life became.

Through life, my love progressed and at her feet reached,
Every moment of happiness became a synonym of her,
Every moment of sadness a lesson to be a better man,
The final love, a dream, with her, hand in hand standing.

With her love a pride feeling facing nature and watch,
The whole nature dissolve in her beauty through love,
Love my life weaved gathering every essence of the known,
Then unknown gained light as my universe by her face filled.

I am the river into her wonderful soul flown,
What shape she chose, what color she brewed,
What art she made with me, ah’, I trusted,
And rested in her faithful love for me.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

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