Search For An Unwritten Story.

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Have you ever trekked through paths unknown?
Your mind thriving to know the twists and turns,
What comes beyond the turns, dead end or a mile more?
Have you ever felt your heart with every heavy step of yours?

The story every step told expressed, ah’ wrote and rewrote,
The pulsating energies touched, retouched and filled life,
And every touch a story told and inspired life for another step,
That which untouched, ah’ inspired imaginations to flourish.

An untouched romance O’ though no touch physically felt,
Touched deep as she became the spirt and light of dreams,
And imaginations became a newly birthed Spring, everlasting,
Through them wrote events, love and fulfilment of life.

Then came a day where her silence like a vampire haunted,
Mind and every beat of heart became a battle drumbeat,
Leaving a question that rode like a chariot through every vein,
“What blinded mind’s eyes to leave a story unwritten?”

Searched, searched and searched again every corner of mind,
Ah’ one feeling eluded and a mystery in mind like a storm brewed,
The feeling about the definition of love in her heart,
Pen closed, papers burned and from mind’s eyes a drop of tear wiped.

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Dilemma Of The First Sprouting Flower Of Spring.

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The winds of winter tired after their howls, left,
To hibernate in the North and the sleeping seeds woke,
Listening to whispers of romancing birds in their nests,
As the falling dew in the rhythms of their hearts danced.

The new birthed winds with their baby wings gave,
A soft touch upon the cheeks sprouting a smile,
Ah’ those winds still in their hands carried,
The cold of the winter and the warmth of summer.

In the further corner of the sight seen,
The crashing waves that gave sounds of thunders,
Their rolling like the unfree soul of an ancient prisoner felt.
Who fell enslaved to the romance of an unattainable heart.

And that heart sat in the sprouting bud of a first blossom,
Of a spring about to unfold beauties unseen by mankind,
But in dilemma sat thinking, is it the heat of summer?
Or the left out frost of winter she should unfold to?

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Peace In A Smile.

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The vibes of the world shot arrows at life as pastime,
Through the unpaved road ah’ barefooted walked,
The scorching sun and the merciless stones.
Mind and body in-sync far away danced in romance.

Give me the essence of the negative and bitterness I will erase,
With the penance of love, so vibrantly from soul I whisper,
Where the vibes of the world and the colliding universes drown,
As my expressions seen in fear or love? Ah’ never matters as I still love.

Happiness and peace, O’ they live in silence inside an unloved man,
Metaphors of images from past reincarnated and fought,
The reasoning mind that love and wait and ache and love,
The battle inside drowned to the world that cunningly haunted.

Besieged and belittled Oh’ the crown of life a fire filled wreath,
When all the wrongs of every life felt but burned away in haste,
Ah’ now you know the sweetness of love in the heart felt,
First a sour in mouth then in sweetness extinguish that wreath.

Stood by at the corner street as the scorching was eaten alive,
By a night that came with fury that bled horizon all around,
Peace of night ah’ not a blessing as I see not my soul as her eyes,
Then a smile I remembered she gave when she passed me by.

Found peace in that smile, more love for her, a new line of verse.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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A Magician.

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Younger days, days of power, in pleasant thoughts lived,
Possibilities known, impossibilities ignored ah’ in arrogance,
Every moment unraveled in the newness of life’s journey,
And unnoticed lost, part of the light that made life bright.

Oh’ not known were ways of sweet speech,
Not learned were lessons of heart to heart trust,
Youth became a bell that never stopped ringing,
Unnoticed was the fact, true love never touched heart.

Time a friend not, nor a foe with a blunt object may hit,
As through time and space a man his life blended,
Reality crossed swords with dreams in unknown vengeance,
As her love became an unwritten poem his heart hunted.

O’ wished and wished and wished again all were a nightmare,
But still every morning heart finds a reason to wake to see,
That beautiful smile, sadness erased and happiness shared.
Every essence of love, in a dream weaved and for her left.

When sleep from all around aroused and conquer,
A thought to heart came that spoke in verses sweet,
Oh’ hope is a magician that brings a new trick to the soul,
Into that hope surrendered and embraced sleep in her image.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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The Wandering Bird.

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Oh’ I wondered about a wandering bird,
Who don’t belong among the migrating flocks.
He crieth not nor he stay far from others,
Ah’ somewhere in the depth of his eyes I see,
A shattered dream, lifeless, in drowned pain.

The long lost Sun found his ways back up North,
The thawing winter brought new life across the plains,
As life sprouted bit by bit all around so ached more,
The shattered dream, Oh’ now a faceless fabrication.
Along the flocks back up North silently he flew.

Though the winds warmed, rains fallen, trees hesitated,
So upon a bare naked branch he sat, listening,
To the falling dew as far away in the East the Sun sprouted,
Oh’ up at the sky he looked as if in prayers he nodded,
Then into the depths of the Spring storm he flew.

Rain drops dripped from the covering hood,
As aimless, away from naked trees I walked,
Ah’ pieces of a shattered dream from the soul screamed,
Onlookers passed by, frowning, Oh’ my meaning I defined,
Only for one soul and the bird symbolized my soul.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Alexey Alabuzhin on Unsplash

An Old Drama.

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Faded shadows scares none in morning so pleasant,
Those shadows that followed two loving hearts,
Ah’ they fell apart into the light from his loving heart,
Oh’ loved he beyond his own imaginations and her.

The sad tunes he heard ah’ in beat they rhymed not,
With a heart that beat in tune of an anthem of love
From her heartbeat sprouted and tweeted
By a weaver in counterpoint in the rhythm of his heart.

Those sad tunes ah’ in their rhythm in ecstasy danced,
Those shadows whispering spells of manipulating craft,
Ah’ dark paths into their souls slowly gnawed,
And two souls O’ loving souls in awful perplexity stood.

Love denied and uncouth drama unfolded,
Heart ached, sleepless nights, hearts slowed, dreams faded,
The pleasant world around ah’ they all became,
Monstrous monuments of loveless suffering.

As the tears from eyes fell, ah’ prayers sprouted,
From Earth, from Air, from the falling Rain and Frost,
Darkness left and romance to the end of the tunnel, moved,
Shadows and their whispers, into melancholic oblivion, faded

Light stayed, love flourished and she looked, she learned,
The loving heart ages not, love of his kind exists in rarity.
Ah’ even silence bowed with a prayer Angels to heavens carried.
And returned in haste making him and her smile at each other.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Dio Ezar on Unsplash

The Dream Translator.

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Oh’ my love, my fantastic feelings define you,
The good and bad in me passionately refines you,
Ah’ the world wish and maybe you brutally wish I can betray,
My conscience and yours by feeling another in my heart.

Love for me is not a toy I play with and sleep leaving it,
Especially my love for me defined and refined me to be yours,
Oh’ a tyrant I am to my own feelings to hold you tight,
In a heart broke but in hue of a smile for my memory you gave.

The worldly ways, so fanciful they maybe for all,
The ways of mine so feisty maybe for worldly ways,
But that which defines me ah’ they origin in my soul,
And blend into my blood and flesh and becomes me.

The very essence of you in love or in dislikes,
Ah’ in my own senses they defined and became me,
So leave I cannot, you from my senses as you are my love,
How can I leave my own self as my love lives me?

So love me or not Oh’ live your life with happiness filled,
In no fear or in any remorse about me you may feel,
Empty my time will not be as myself repeatedly refines,
Thoughts into dreams and dreams into poetry translated.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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Colors Of Drowned Dreams.

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The sun up in the further sky like a one eyed car shined,
The winter clouds froze up seeing the might of each other,
Houses like addicts in quest for uncontrollable highs, smoked.
Horizons filled with loneliness like an exotic dancer, undressed.

About passing days, no knowledge in passions I seek,
For in them the fortunes and misfortunes of other souls, reside,
Just as an onlooker bothered by none, bothering none, I rest,
Ah’ dreams in many combinations into my life I painted.

Most dreams as dreams they lived and in occasions woke,
Some died as time added numbers to my growing age,
Some where drowned compassionless by a hurrying crowd,
Oh’ they know not the mind of their own or the painter’s soul.

Those dreams they drowned where I painted my love,
As those were painted with words in verse, I weaved,
None cared, none lived it, none ever understood.
Colors of those drowned dreams, Oh’ in your rejecting eyes I saw.

Oh’ dreams are like seeds in winter times,
Like pieces of marble under the frozen grounds they lay,
But when through the times of warmth Earth tilt and moves,
I pray colors of those drowned dreams will fill your love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved -2019.

Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash

A Dancing Partner.

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I drove around the city side and then to the country side,
Life thrived all around even in the freezing cold,
Still silent stayed my mind to venomous thoughts,
As the passing wind left a scent from her rosy cheeks.

Love is not like a season that comes and leaves,
Love is a feeling to my heart she brought through her smiles,
And love never will be left in a historical memory lane,
As love lives through every beat of our heart.

The wet and cold winter through every bit life expanded,
As life for many waited for the fury of freeze to be over,
Love indeed and spirit always waits to be awaken, to sprout.
Ah’ what wonders one can expect when in love two souls meet!

Try hard not to scare the blooming heart,
The phantoms of life, Oh’ they are murderers of dreams,
Try hard not to fall in the fantasy tales,
The gossiper’s addiction will not cure with love and smiles.

The falling snow will not last forever nor the darkened clouds,
Thick cold air will pass when light seen bright in meanings full,
The cycle of life O’ will gallop faster than stallions can,
Relax the leash and look in his eyes to feel the warmth of love.

Oh’ I sang and sang and drove East to West, North to South,
No leash around me felt, ah’ bitter cold once more asked me to dance.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

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A Reason To Smile.

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The energies flown through the night came
From a time passed through heights of unknowns
The unknowns to each other we are,
Ah’ in lifeless days they drown.

A pathos song the falling snow sang,
As silent I stood watching the melancholy,
Somewhere wandered conscience in quarrel,
Saying “Silent I cannot live with your love”.

Scavengers came out though the weather that danced wild,
And at them in kindness I looked and shared,
The tit bits of food in the freezing cold I can share,
And at me they looked and as if in prayers they stood.

Drown not O’ Darling, Drown not in memories where I lost,
Fault of mine or of others ah’ nothing matters not,
For in love many battles one may lose and yet, love we will,
And to you about the future unknown I give no promises.

My empty backyard even at mid-night bright lit stayed,
Ah’ the fallen reflected light from some far away star,
Holding on to a dream unseen in my mind’s eyes I saw,
All the happy moments we share and burying sadness.

Oh’ is that the promise of future to you and I,
Or is that an escape from the pains of present times,
Ah’ I know not about times anymore as your eyes I miss,
Still seeing you beside even in a daydream gave me smile.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash
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