Wrong Paths And Blames

Wrong Paths And Blames

The golden hair covering her left eye,
and moves to the exhaling breath,
Looked through the vale of her blowing kisses,
holding on to the fake pearl necklace,
Touching her naked body all over,
Dancing to the tunes someone else wrote,
Falling into a fate she never hoped,
Intoxication from whiskey dissolved,
Into her eyes filled with lust,
Invitation to share that lust,
And passions that runs through nerves,
And to her from the depths of my heart I asked,
“Can I have a little innocence of yours, if any remains in you?”

The wind blew and the green branches danced,
Like a ballerina when tunes of summer birds filled,
And through the lake banks I walked and walked,
Mind in meditation calmed and sun far away faded,
How long can one walk as a reality like a curse follows,
And to the wind with a tone of aggression I asked,
“Why you come back again and again to leave,
Once more, leaving mind in pain?”

The whole nature paused as if facing a stupid question,
The water calmed, the wind left, the birds fast asleep,
Then from the depth of my soul conscience took a feeling,
And asked me with a tone of sadness,
“Why did you left someone you love so much,
And through wrong paths walk,
And in anger blames everything else but you?”

Images Of The Day

MandySoong, 19, makes sushi in the display window of a shopping centre whilewearing only her lingerie in Singapore August 29, 2008. Soong hadpromised that if she won a Girl Next Door competition in a local men’smagazine, she would strip down to her lingerie and prepare sushi in ashop window in Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district.REUTERS/Vivek Prakash

Boxingpromoter Don King (C) stands behind Russian heavyweight boxer NikolaiValuev (L) and his challenger John Ruiz of the U.S. during the officialweigh-in in Berlin August 29, 2008. Valuev will face Ruiz for the WBAheavyweight boxing title fight in Berlin on August 29, 2008. REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

Olympicgold medal swimmer Michael Phelps (C) rides down Main Street USA withMickey Mouse during a parade at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom inLake Buena Vista, Florida August 29, 2008.  REUTERS/Scott Audette

SouthAfrican actress Charlize Theron arrives for the red carpet at theVenice Film Festival August 29, 2008. The Burning Plain movie byMexican director Guillermo Arriaga is shown in the competition at theVenice Film Festival. REUTERS/Max Rossi

Supportersof the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) push against a gate aspolice officers stand behind, in Bangkok August 29, 2008. Protesterstrying to overthrow Thailand’s government launched an attack onBangkok’s police headquarters on Friday as demonstrations against PrimeMinister Samak Sundaravej spread from the capital.  REUTERS/Stringer Thailand

Germananatomist Gunther von Hagens poses next to a preserved human bodyduring Koerperwelten (body world) exhibition in Brussels August 29,2008. Von Hagens’ exhibition consists of more than 200 authenticpreserved human and animal specimens, including whole bodies as well asindividual organs and transparent body slices.  REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

AMuslim boy holds a placard during a peace rally in front of a mosque inTaguig city, south of Manila August 29, 2008. The Philippine militaryhas asked the government to quickly replenish ammunition stockpiles assupplies were running low after nearly two weeks of fighting withMuslim rebels, according to documents seen by Reuters on Friday.  REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

Schoolchildren attend a prayer meeting to pay tributes to the victims of therecent clashes between Hindus and Christians in Orissa, in the northernIndian city of Shimla August 29, 2008. Hindu mobs ransacked a churchand clashed with Christian villagers in eastern India on Thursday,police said, as Italy said it would summon India’s ambassador to demand”incisive action” to prevent more attacks. Indian authorities havestruggled to control spiralling religious violence in the eastern stateof Orissa. REUTERS/Anil Dayal

Images Of This Day

Carstravel down a flooded street between fields in Okazaki, 230 km (143miles) west of Tokyo, August 29, 2008. Heavy rain flooded hundreds ofhomes in central Japan on Friday, leaving one elderly woman dead andprompting evacuation orders for more than half a million households,police and media said.  REUTERS/Kyodo

Callie,a classic poodle, poses for photos at the American Kennel Club in NewYork August 28, 2008. The American Kennel Club with a national poll haselected the Poodle as the breed of choice for the Obama family dog.Over 42,000 votes were cast, with the popular breed narrowly edging outthe Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier, by only a few hundred votes.  REUTERS/Brendan Mcdermid

Aman carries a poster of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as aLebanese soldier secures the main road to Beirut International Airportduring Abbas’ arrival August 28, 2008.  REUTERS/Sharif Karim

Militarypersonnel perform safety checks on a Mirage fighter plane during avisit to the air force 499th wing as part of a model unit’s tourorganised by the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense, in Hsinchu,August 29, 2008.  REUTERS/Nicky Loh

British actress Tilda Swinton arrives at the Venice Film Festival August 28, 2008. REUTERS/Max Rossi

I don’t know when I will post my next poem. I have two more free days, those who know me very well know what I will be doing the whole month of September.

Have a great weekend.

Interesting Images

Avisitor looks at a mock skeleton of the cartoon character Tom of ‘Tomand Jerry’ by South Korea’s artist Hyungkoo Lee during a specialexhibition ‘Animatus’ at Natural History Museum Basel, Switzerland,August 26, 2008. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Georgiantroops look at a Russian helicopter flying over head as they withdrawfrom the village of Mosabruni, just inside South Ossetia, after Russiantroops moved into the area, August 26, 2008.  REUTERS/Adrees Latif

Ananti-war protester rests during demonstrations in central Denver,Colorado on the second day of the Democratic National Convention August26, 2008.  REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

U.S.Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) and his wife Nancy hold their 10-month-oldtwins William (L) and Ava (R) on the convention floor as Ava claps forKansas Governor Governor Kathleen Sebelius during her address todelegates at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver,Colorado August 26, 2008.  REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Democraticpresidential candidate Senator Barack Obama watches Senator HillaryClinton deliver her speech at the 2008 Democratic National Conventionin Billings, Montana, August 26, 2008.  REUTERS/Jim Young

No Poem for this day. But prepare for a long one.

A Great Time

When I am watching the USbasketball team receive their gold, I know one thing, this Olympics is over.The closing ceremony starts in another three hours. The wonderful music theyplay during the medal ceremony touches deep. After knowing what Olympics is formore than 32 years of my 39 years on Earth I know it is one of the mostwonderful things humanity ever done to bring people together. From a veryyounger age I never believed in national boundaries and the Olympic movement isone phenomenon that unites us in competition and leaves those who compete notas champions and losers but as who they truly are, humans.

 There were manymemories in the last two and half weeks. Michael Phelps making history, NastiaLuikin showing how to show poetry through gymnastics, Jamaican sprintersshowing how much a human body can be stretched to achieve the ultimate speed. Ican list a whole lot of things more taking pages and pages of things youalready know. But I am not going to do that as like in every games I watched,heard and read about I am little emotionally overwhelmed and my sincere thanksgoes to all those who left a mark with winning smiles, tears of pain andshowing everyone we are one.

  Now I need a lot oftime to really recuperate as I slept very little in the last two and a halfweeks. Chinadid a remarkable job in organizing these games in the most spectacular manner. Onecan always say pollution, under aged athletes and political propaganda. Stillhats off to them for the great job they did in organizing and being part of thenew world from within the Forbidden City.

  The United States Olympic committee has got a handfulnow as we leave with many disappointments. But one should understand we didbetter than the last Olympics in the number of medals we got and equaled theGold count. I hope there are people who are going to go back to the drawingboard and start over to be an Olympic champion and we sure will be back on top.As for the Gold count we will be back on top but for the time being we have tolive with the bitterness of giving the bragging rights to China for winningmore Gold, yes, they got all our gold, well, when I am about to go to bed thisthought came to mind, China taking all our gold? Isn’t that a social realitytoo?

Here is the wonderful”Molihua” (Jasmine Flower) Olympic Medal Presentation Music Enjoy

Perfect In The Eyes Of Bush

Just you decide ….

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

President Bushwaves the flag backwards at the 2008 Olympics. As Keith Olbermannquipped, “It is the best summary of his presidency, which is:everything looks perfect from his point of view.”

I am no conservative and not an extreme liberal. Still I want to see someone other than a conservative in the White House. Because I want to see if that guy is going to show the flag in the right way to the struggling middle class people in America.

Angelic Blessings

Big Foot Found or Not….mmmm I don’t believe it. No bodies only some DNA. They won’t say about the place. Sounds like a modern day hoax. I wonder why the media gave them that much attention.

Now look at this guy.


A man in an ape costume is seenoutside a hotel where a media conference is held announcing the claimthat a deceased bigfoot or sasquatch creature has been found in Georgiaon Friday, Aug. 15, 2008, in Palo Alto, Calif.(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

If I am not wrong. I believe Iwrote a poem with the same name some years back. I don’t know how manypeople exists from that era who constantly visit my site. Well, Imyself don’t remember it, then how can anyone else remember it. Anywaywrote it and hope you all enjoy it. As for me I am enjoying Olympics. Iam a big fan of Olympics and my keen following of Olympics started whenI was seven years old. At that time I remember my sister, brothers andcousins speaking about the wonderful gymnastics of Nadia Comaneci. In1980 my cousin went to Moscow to see the Olympics and brought a lot ofmemorabilia. In 1984 we bought a T.V but the telecast did not reachedour little town(Alleppey, Kerala, India) so my older brother went tothe nearby city (Cochin, Kerala, India whcih is about 40 miles north ofAlleppey) with a bunch of VHS cassettes and recorded most of thehighlights and brought it to us everyday. In 1988 I was in college andit was fun watching Olympics with friends. 1992, wow, I was at hometook vacation and watched the whole Olympics. 1996 same thing tookvacation and watched the whole Olympics at home with my cousins anduncle. 2000 in Milwaukee, WI. I was alone and watched the Olympics athome. No need to take vacations as I was out of job. 2004 I was inOverland Park. KS. working at sprint watched it with my mom most of theevenings. Now aha… I won’t say where I am, but I am not alone. Myspecial congratulations to Michael Phelps and Nastia Liukin for makingus all proud with their fantastic performances. Both of them are truepoetry in action.

Someone recently asked me, if I have agirlfriend and if I found love. The answer is, people who can lovepeople like me are extinct.

Angelic Blessings.

The golden rays of sun left no mystery,
As darkness with a feel of guilt arrived,
Triumphant winners took it all and slept,
Losers licked their wounds and thought in pain,
Many for the image of the morrows begged,
Still known is only the past, that limped away.

Some stars opened their shutters,
A little bit of light from far away thrown,
Like glow worms flickered and in slow motion moved,
The guilt of the night left and more beauty seen,
Up way up between heaven and this good old earth.
Oh’ night unraveled beauty, most in sleep never see.

Ah’ what wonderful patterns one can see,
When from the depths of the never ending universe come,
The little glow that to the souls of us speak,
Verses written before sun, moon and earth created,
But the light only in background of darkness flickered.

Through the darkness in silence came,
The morning looking for the reasons to brighten,
Then you opened those wonderful eyes of yours,
Through those eyes shown to the world a wonderful soul
From it took the light and the morning brightened,
And those stars faded leaving,
Angelic blessings upon our love.


Thisis an Elton John song.. from the album Captain And The Kid. I lookedfor a video of this song and found this wonderful animation video madeby someone in youtube. Listen to the lyrics and watch this video. Thisperson did a great work with this song.

The Wreath Of Fire.

The Wreath Of Fire.

The glitter from eyes long lost,
Darkness, through blank thoughts danced,
Pain of unknown origin whipped again and again,
The castles built way above than one can see,
All fell apart into the invisible life.

Choices made they bound life like,
A string filled with thorns tight,
Everywhere when to escape tried,
Only more pain came from those unruly monsters,
Who bound and bound a life into shattered mirrors.

Every bit of that mirror reflected,
Every moment spend in consciousness,
Behind it all in clarity can be seen,
The fire of love decorating every moment lived,
Some ended in fire consumed,
Some stayed when fire put out.

Those remained outnumbered those lost,
But when grounded to dust by the binding string,
It itself left an image with wreath of fire ornamented,
For the stupid to laugh once more in mockery of life.

Michael Learns To Rock – Breaking My Heart

Understand Me Or Die Trying

For people who know me very well they know that the main site of mine is LonelyPoet.Com. Now for couple of years I tried to keep this as the main site. I tried to divide sites with poems there and blog here, later I tried to merge it all into this site. Leaving the other site. There was a time when I left xanga for a reason and spent my time only in that site. I came back understanding nothing matters anymore. The problem with LonelyPoet.Com was I built the website with Invision Power Board software so it was an interactive site. That became a problem there as people started fighting and every other day I have to warn people or ban their IP and later it became filled with spammers and porn site advertisers. Now I moved the site to WordPress and don’t allow any comments there, which brought some peace of mind to me. This site also is going to be that way. Those who want to read my works can read it either in LonelyPoet.Com or in Xanga PoetryBox. To all the people who commented on this site understand, my decision is not based on any of your actions and please please please don’t take it personal. The last time I tried to make this a read only site, someone did the same. Couple of others blocked me, some parents emailed me saying their kids are good kids and all. Don’t do anything. Its just that I am trying a different way to reach out to you.
Alright. I will visit your sites and leave comments nothing changes in that way okay.

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