Unknown Powers.

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Grow in my mine O’ pleasantness,
And with the dreams I see flourish,
For in every dream a message through you I give,
To my darling who in every bit synonym with you.

Falter not, Oh’, sadness in my mind,
For the loses outnumbered my success,
The living reasons found no place,
In time and space for me to succeed.

Stay not in silence Oh’, my success,
For the days have come for you to rise,
And erase all aches of past that helped me grow,
And love her even when she said “No”.

Days were dark and nights were darker,
In the time that followed my falling,
But darker and darker mind plunged to refrain,
From love of all kinds as nothing else I sensed with love.

Out me and from all around me life just drained,
And nothing I sensed without a feeling of love for her,
Sadness became a companion that joked with me,
Happiness became the elusive bird who forgot to sing.

With my love for her bit by bit from me I erased,
The darkness that consumed my dreams and left,
Sadness and emptiness without feeling the touch of her,
Oh’, then realized I my love filled with a power unknown.

That unknown power came from every smile she smiled,
Far away from me not knowing the power unknown she felt,
Are from the pleasantness I felt in my thoughts and dreams,
Where nothing else with my senses I feel and fill but her.

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Photo by Daniil Lobachev on Unsplash

Love Beyond Knowledge.

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Thunders screamed out loud and all-around fell,
None of them scared my fighting soul,
The deceptions of the mocking world ah’, drowned,
Along with the fallen thunders and lightning bolts.

This is my fight for the love of my life,
This is my love within my life embedded,
And that love has only her face who cares,
Through her games and color filled smiling face.

This is a fight for which outcome I alone cannot decide,
The battle of emotions from far, tearing souls in pathos,
And echos of fears of a shadow unseen always follows,
This is a fight never will I abandon as unforgiven I will be.

Unforgiven by the God who made me from dust,
Unforgiven by the parents who bear witness to my birth,
Unforgiven by the time given to me to live love filled,
Unforgiven by you who loves me beyond all knowledge.

May all hopes of yours dry our sadness to dust,
And strengthen our souls and hearts to gather,
Life step by step we learned as two unknown souls,
Now stand to unite through each other’s senses learned.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Karina Tess on Unsplash

Shade Of The Lonely Tree.

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When fall comes with cold fires and burns,
Leaves and buries the ground all will think,
Oh’, the shade is gone and we all will wither,
Like the barks of trees that cracks in frost.

The world will turn and air will warm,
Then the sprout of the spring will refresh,
Faith of us in the beauty of love spread,
Ah’, another spring nests in the horizons.

The world has turned and the wonders came,
Love for me stayed asleep in a hidden corner unknown,
Ah’, I prayed may that not be the corner of her heart,
And no leaves grew in the Lonely tree where shade I sought.

Fear not about the love of mine for you,
For the world can turn and turn and sprout again,
And stars can brighten and fade and be blown,
But my love will float, for your soft fingers, to be captured.

The dark clouds shined but still wept like a weeping willow,
Drops gathered and through the cracks on barks flown,
Nothing bothered a waiting heart nor the body that carried,
Love for you, every drop felt in the warmth through me spread.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Aamir on Unsplash

An Episode Of Happiness.

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Ah’, the parted day, so much beauty you left,
But not the fallen dream fading,
And only left an aching heart,
And eyes with tears filled.

In what weird ways I scared,
The love to panic, in sleepless nights, wait,
For me to become a monster and come,
From under her bed or dark corner of a room.

In those thoughts in every waking moment, I prayed,
“Oh’, God, give me the ability to induce love,
For me in her than fear that drains her heart of love.”.
Ah’, a touch of air on my neck I felt.

Looking up I felt shadowless time walked,
Carrying life of many kinds untiringly,
And aloud I said “Take down the mask and learn,
About what you hide behind the mask, Your Love”.

Conquer the fear for none of that is real,
Conquer me who on one knee waits,
Ah’, happiness maybe one episode of a drama,
Why not you and I make real that drama of Love?

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Rikonavt on Unsplash

Day Of The Sleepless Mind.

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The wandering mind cared nothing,
About the world or the silence from you.
He ran with the squirrel then with the cardinal flew,
Took the spring noon wind upon the dried face,
And at the evening slanting Sun waved.

The gone down Sun within him took,
Today into history and feelings as memory,
Oh’, yet another day from life fell without you.
Night filled the sky with stars but blanketed,
The view from my eyes with dancing clouds.

Mind through the darkest corners of life searched,
Through all actions and words of past searched,
None I found for any wrong to you or anyone I did,
For which my punishment is the loneliness I feel,
Still, images of that smile brightened the darkest hours.

Night slowly shortened, morning shook away the darkness,
And mind stood unwavering as in every corner light filled,
From pebbles to butterflies carried the beauty of a smile,
Everything I felt spoke “Oh’, she is the enlightenment of a soul,
We all feel through your eyes, so stay on awake for our bliss.”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

Look Back.

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A memory of that hurtful past haunts,
Us into You and I and breaks hearts,
Spring eve thunders sounded like screams,
To us, to save our souls back into Us.

Every moment away from my eyes you stay,
Every word in your loving voice spoken,
Oh’, the screaming thunderstorm they join,
In pleas and tears that fall all around Us.

Dreams are dreams and reality and dream killer,
Oh’, why make our own reality and hunt our dreams?
Why not stand united hand in hand and live the reality?
The reality that you and I love each other beyond dreams.

Look back not into the hurt-filled days,
Not the sleepless nights in fear and doubt spent,
Look back at me with the love you feel whenever you smile,
Make not time a linear crook, look back and give our love a chance.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Thibault Debaene on Unsplash

The Dark Hooded Scholar.

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Through the winter cold, the wind wandered,
The menace, the world shivering feared,
Wild geese sat on frozen lakes and slept,
The dried-out branch gave up life and fell.

Nothing inhuman in nature made him stop,
Under a dark hood, in white background, he walked,
The branch crushed under his feet, the geese looked,
The wind, ah’, breathless upon the weeping willow sat.

The blue jay scratched her beak on the bark,
And sang an old song seeking ears and eyes far away,
The hooded wanderer looked up and smiled,
And to the bird in a subdued voice, he spoke.

“A full moon will rise in warming spring to bring,
The doors of chaos and confusion to close,
Look around, ah’, all around you will find,
Fear from mind sprouting and slowly spread,
Through dark and light fear of an elephant.
In a closed out cave and everywhere you will feel,
That elephant but you knew not the elephant was there,
All through the times but no attention you gave,
As pretenders of love and lovers of obligations took,
All your mind and now alone you sit with nothing.
Be it the stars of luck or times magic run,
The philosophy of relationships you must revisit,
Let not the history of parting and pain repeat,
Be the one who spread love, not anxiety and fear.”.

The bird looked in curiosity and raised her head,
Lurking to another branch and started a new song,
About the scholar from past to present walked with love.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2020.

Photo by Hassler Mendoza on Unsplash
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