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Thirtieth Day Of July – 2019.

The first phase of morning in hazy smog birthed,
Borrowing time from the revolving universe once more,
Narrow hearts slept like logs of woods in the river floating,
My heart slept not as love filled in remembering her angry eyes.

The blazing midwest sun reminded me of her angry heart,
I hope and pray her anger brewed and brewed and became,
The essence of her love that brings to the language of my heart,
Every day or night to gather the beat of my heart for her feel my love.

Such are the verses the pulse of my heart into my veins write,
Oh’, then they became part of my blood and to every corner spread,
The material of me then from my soul takes the light of love God gave,
The love that grew with me from birth till the day I met Little Boss.

Oh’, there was a time when to my conscience I said,
“There is nothing more I can lose for I love none.”,
Then you became my dream, and that dream I translate,
Into verse of which the essence you read and smile.

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Photo by Azamat Zhanisov on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Ninth Day Of July – 2019.

“Gather the vibe from my heart, Oh’, Morning.,”, I pleaded,
But the life of the morning through a different path moved,
As my written fate through another planet roamed,
Ah’, I felt the vibe in my heart of my sweetheart.

The noon like an old phantom crept deep into life,
Birds stopped singing for the world in summer heat,
And the pain like flood waters rose and choked,
The dreams I saw about the happy life with her.

When evening played the summer symphony and shown,
The mirages of art no human with paint and brush can imitate,
Oh’, it rained and made the trees dance through all senses I wished,
But all I found was my endless thinking that lead to unhappiness.

Oh’, all overrated unhappiness and barking mind means nothing,
As evening brought Little Boss to read my heart sprouting smiles,
Then about happiness I thought and no dread to mind came,
As every thought about reasons brought to mind Little Boss’s smile.

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Photo by Hubble on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Eighth Day Of July – 2019.

Silence roamed free in the last phase of the night,
As dance of the light rehearsed between late night stars,
As sleepless tiredness held my brain and vowed,
To break me into a somnambulistic warrior of romance.

And to those feelings of tiredness aloud I said,
“Oh’, she said, “I am much older” and stabbed,
The romantic harder than you all ever can,
But she knows she can’t kill me as she loves me.”.

The madness of the summer day wildly tried,
To masquerade the insanity with sunshine,
Oh’, no magic manipulation can kill my love,
That gnawed the day away but my love shone,

Bright with the face of my Little Boss and reigned,
My heart, my soul and the essence of my time,
And to time and the pulse of the world I said,
“She is the love, soulmate, my twin flame.”.

The night didn’t even tried to take a swing at my love,
And fell apart in thunderstorms as my soul deep felt,
The untouched love of Little Boss bit by bit she feels,
And that love has only one face, my smiling face.

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Photo by Soroush golpoor on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Seventh Day Of July – 2019.

Day woke up into the busy life of a weekend,

As I forgot to see the beauty of the morning twilight,

And through the eyes of the busy man I looked,

Second by second life into the day drained.

Left I my home, my town and somewhere in town my love,

Oh’, Little Boss, I wished I can say bye to you with a kiss,

Love indeed is a fantastic feeling that blurs reality,

When parting, Oh’, hearts ache, eyes well, and dreams sprout.

The train ride much more relaxed and fun filled,

Than any flight or drive I can take to OZ land,

Kind people I met, found new styles of thoughts,

But every thought began and ended with Little Boss.

When passing by great rivers I thought,

Oh’, is there a dream I should float away,

Ah’, yes my conscience said and I floated,

The nightmare where I lose my LIttle Boss.

Peace achieved my mind and silenced,

Doubts and fear, answerless questions,

Then when destination came to me I said,

“Oh’, make me the blessing she seeks everyday.”.

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Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Sixth Day Of July – 2019.

Night has laid footprints in my heart,
As my heart with bright light-filled,
Every bit of dark thoughts and views erased,
As love-filled became days and nightly walks.

“Drive me to a path unwalked” to the dark pleaded,
And every step became a sensation of a new line of verse,
Through those dreamless nights didn’t I love you, my dear,
Oh’, Oooo, Ooo, the spotted owl replied and I smiled.

Daybreak brought to mind endless scenes of daydreams,
Sleep silenced mind away from the fiction of life,
“Give me a twinkling star that shines for my luck.”, I said,
When noon came consuming mind with love for her.

“What prayers shall I pray?”, when at Friday prayers I prostrated,
Should I pray for my happiness with her or should I pray,
For the happiness of her, ah’ mind tried to row on two boats,
Then I prayed, “May I be the happiness she never known.”.

Evening and night, Oh’, yet another fantasy of the rodeo clown,
As search for reality beyond hopes and dreams, I prepare,
Ah’, mindless I may be in your eyes in my love for you, Little Boss,
Mind-filled I am in my thoughts and prayers for you.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Fifth Day Of July – 2019.

The morning came up with a fuzzy and bloated sun,
When I was arguing with my own conscience about value,
Of my love and value of life without love and I lost,
Then the sun flared up erasing the bleeding horizon.

The day gave me a broken feeling even before noon,
But I didn’t know time in tears weaved the broken parts,
And part of that weaving was in my heart, Oh’, though I miss,
My Little Boss, I strung words of a story of our life together.

Evening fell face down into the lake and drowned the sun,
The night challenged what time of the day did but I lived,
Another dreamy day that found a star in history to remember,
Recorder of memory, remember my love-filled prayers for her.

Oh’, late-night, fate did a stand-up comedy in my conscience,
Those jokes drowned me beyond recognition into sadness,
And sarcasm filled into my thoughts and time to me pleaded,
To erase dark dreams for a fairy tale to begin to grow.

Surreal life danced in tantrums and to ease mind I looked,
Oh’ past is a dark demon who left me paralyzed in love,
The present gives fear to the one girl I love with all my heart,
Oh’, when into future I looked all I see is my Little Boss’s happy face.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Spencer Davis on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

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Twenty Fourth Day Of July – 2019.

Latenight twisted and turned and scattered,
Ah’, none cared but only a handful of people,
Whose nightmares are beyond sleep and night,
Who awake stood to be part of imaginary dreams.

In the bit of starlight that found a new way,
To reach the plains of the American states,
And in that little starlight touch bloomed,
Wildflowers with erotic scents and plain colors.

Such a lavish splendor Nature unleashed,
None to see but an aging poet who lived,
In the love that gives him warmth and breath,
Oh’, his soul found newness of love in every second.

And the nightly gloom got erased by a summer morn,
As life found a new way in the new day born,
The twists and turns of the day, Oh’, well hidden,
As many smiled even when they know they are torn.

Through such charismatic chaos time pushed the day,
And I too ran with time then slowly I stopped,
And to time in plain language, I spoke: “This way,
On this day means nothing as not a sign of her I see,”.

“Nothing tells me my time that she cares even a bit,
Of my existence in you and your existence for her,
If my love means nothing, Oh’, time you and I are,
Nothing but curses in the grand scheme of life.”.

The bitterness gathered in mind even in saliva felt,
Oh’, I am not a cursing sage who lives in dark,
I am not a wicked man to become anyone’s curse,
I am just a man who loves you, my Little Boss.

A good thought that is, gave me a reason to sleep.

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Story Of The Day.

Twenty Third Day Of July – 2019.

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Looked, heard, touched, ah’, smelt, and tasted,
The sanctity of the pulse of this given time,
Oh’, morning come to me take all that I feel,
And through your rays spread for my Little Boss to feel.

The noon came knocking on my doors and I asked,
“Are you early noon time Angels?”… the pine cracked,
Though no wind I felt flying around in naughtiness,
Ah’, the vibrations of the soul nature too felt.

Distraction in the form of a mid-twenties beauty came,
Her feelings about the wisdom of a man came as praises,
Oh’, I pleaded to conscience and kept my sincere sanctity,
Nothing can replace Little Boss in heart as soul filled she is.

Away from home and electronic magnificence I left,
The net got good, bad and evil bound in so tight,
None can consciously differentiate without contaminating,
Soul, heart, and flesh and bones but the loyal lover.

“I boast honey, I boast, this hour I am the best lover.”,
I said to myself and in the wonders of energy I built,
The sweetness of love by no other lovers ever felt,
Then in humility God Almighty I praised.

Evening and night baseball tortured me as we lost,
Even in that every moment in my mind I kept,
The darling, the dearest and the twin flame of my love,
Oh’, even a thousand years of penance can’t repay,

The feeling God give when with love about her I think.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Heidi Yanulis on Unsplash

A Disappointing Lover.

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There was a silent wind that flew and touched,
My cheeks and nose and into my ears whispered,
“Tell the bird about the dance of your heart,
In dreams and real following the steps of your love.”.

The summer sun looked down with a kind eye,
Forgetfulness about an old untamed pastime boasted,
And a young heart, playful in music, Oh’, I met,
Little I know that a heavy, old me attracted her.

I looked up and down as she praised how wise I am,
And to that, I said, “Not wise enough to escape your attention”,
I walked along and asked about her and she loved to talk,
In my mind, I whispered, “Is this the love you want to follow?”.

The wind hit on my face hard and the wrongs I know,
Told the young girl I care about her, my Little Boss,
Took my phone and shown the face of her, my background,
The disappointment on the young heart I saw on that face.

When walking away I felt the wind no longer touches me,
The sun turned harsh and pounded like a punishing thug.
Smiled at another mid-twenties girl in my afternoon walk,
And in my mind, I asked: “How many more I must disappoint?”.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

Story Of The Day.

Twenty Second Day Of July – 2019.

From a scattered lot, ah’, my mind I gathered,
When Little Boss to me revealed her anger and spite.
Little she knows that there are no other ways for me,
For in her heart is the key to fulfilling our dreams.

Oh’, on one-side knowing about her celebrated,
Deep inside a drop of tear to hide so hard tried,
In that success, I blended the salty tear and loved more,
As the morning let me sleep through upon the lap.

The day through noon and afternoon twists and turns tried,
Nothing worked as the tunes of romance mind found,
The battle I won made me write, write and write again,
As from the future I wrote to the present the story of our love.

The Sun lost his might and strength of warmth as he fell,
Into the western horizon and taking all strength I too left,
A wonderful baseball game, ah’, in thrilling ways we lost,
Then night gathered all gloom and filled every vein of mine.

My spite and anger found a wonderful sepulcher,
As my love for her increased every minute awake I stayed,
The night walked in a pace so slow, ah’, I spoke aloud,
“Why don’t you find a twist and turn that will make me glad?”.

The answer I know was not that far as a little drizzle fell,
Upon me by Mother Nature to tell me she heard me,
The smile upon my sadness filled face spread,
Gave a feeling that in dreams Little Boss will love me more.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM – All Rights Reserved – 2019.

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash
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