Today morning I was flying from Kansas to my hometown and some of the things I am working on these days as poems or mini stories passed through my mind. At that time I was looking at all the people who were sitting around. I just told myself in my mind, these are all very complex people sitting around made complex by their own choices. If nothing complex is there. They will not be flying at 5:00 in the morning. Then I remembered something I wrote a while back

“Life is complicated when one act bad and think about it,Life is easy when one think right and act upon it”.

I smiled at the pretty girl sitting on the other side window seat. She first gave me a strange look and as if understood me smiled back. I closed my eyes and went to sleep knowing.. I have a choice in everything God gave me.

The Frustrated.

I made a hypothetical scenario the perfect life or a perfect man in a perfect world.. I tried to live it for a day. In about 2 hours I wrote this poem and went out and smoked a cigarette.

   Some people may want to shoot me for what I said.. If it is not truth I said I will stretch my head for you to shoot. Live the truth, say the truth and be the truth. Or you will be….

The Frustrated.

Edges of life so sharp felt,
As night in many ways tried,
To bridge the gaps with darkness known,
But from far, further than night and day can cast spells come,
The light from stars unknown to mankind,
Oh’ at that Angel I said,
“Meanings of love so many ways defined,
Meaningless they sprouted all around like weeds,
And they flowered to became mankind’s worst enemy,
As female lovers scream worst the passionless whores,
And twist and turn in the madness of drug bitten music,
They are the queens and the mongrels who follow are kings,
Still to this world mercy and blessings of Almighty you bring,
Oh’ none knows the light the never ending light of kindness”
The stars brighter than in any other night shined,
The nightingales in melancholy sang,
The mind for silence yearned,
The dragnet of fate from all around tightened,
The historical inevitability from all around squeezed,
Tears in the eyes of future moms filled,
And bastards conceived and as future generation hailed.
How lucky I am I knew not,
How wonderful the world we live I now know,
Bitterness is yet another reason for me to know,
The blessings many turn to curses and call it moments to cherish in life.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

Warmth, Like From The Light Of A Glow Worm

Warmth, Like From The Light Of A Glow Worm

Sealed in heart images unborn,
Sold to the world feelings of love in verses,
And the world betrayed, Nothing in return gave.
The violence as the same stayed,
Romance a myth became,
Truth in mistrust dissolved,
As echoes of a heartbeat misunderstood,
As the drumbeat of obsession.

The valor of the winner he know not,
The storms of jealousy he survived,
Deeper and deeper life drowned,
As hopes in sincerity spoke,
About the magnificence of the present,
About the yester years lost
But dissolved in the eyes of her,
When about the future he asked.

Dreams like a parasite grown,
With an iron grip around the soul clutched,
Wants never matched the needs,
As mind a halo upon the body crowned,
A halo of unfulfilled dreams in yester years lost.

The eyes of her with his past wreathed,
The past of him with shadows covered,
Those shadows the leftover filth of his dark past,
Ah’ in action and thoughts the material life of him crooked.
In him grew a master thief,
Without any knowledge of another he can steal,
Then like a rat hide and like an angel smile,
For the fun of self like a devil he betrayed.

The mystery of a perfect liar,
The magic of the cunning fox,
All his talents at the world he used,
To walk through the alleys dark,
Lust filled nights with laughing whores shared,
Romance for sex fulfillment he used,
Then like a used cloth away thrown,
Mangled conscience of women he used.
Truth and faith never a place found,
In his dictionary of life with lies and crookedness filled.

From darkness for the light he searched,
And the light of life from her soul he saw,
The meaning of truth with ink of her innocence written,
Oh’ those words his sins of past away they pealed,
But those fiery wreaths burned her eyes,
And the truth of his love for her, blinded.

Past cannot be a fantasy forgotten,
Future cannot be built on past,
All meanings by the present derived,
And fools don’t understand,
The present we dwell on was,
An unpredictable moment in a dream in past we saw.
Oh’ among those fools he walked,
As a blind man as darkness among them danced,
Warmth like from the light of a glow worm he felt,  
Followed it and light without fire he found.
Light in a soul, with character of greatness filled.

Every moment from the moment he saw,
Her with eyes only through sins till now passed,
Forgiveness to Almighty again and again he asked,
As in the glow of her soul he felt,
The divine touch of God in glory none else found.
Though her love he never earned,
Though her hands he never touched,
The sanctified feelings through her showed,
Erased all the ways of sins from his life.

Ways passed by like serpents in hurry,
Time passed by to him and all else unknown,
Imaginations beyond the realms of senses grown,
Though darkness filled empty minds and crushed,
Heart and veins as uncared and unloved he wandered,
Even in the scorching summer sun unloved man frozen felt,
As a love filled world all around squeezed,
He chose the ways of loneliness though unbearable,
As in the utmost periods of desperation he felt,
Warmth, like from the light of a glow worm.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2012.

One of the best birthday so far.. of the 21 things in my To Do list 20 things have already gone wrong hehehe
I like these kinda days. I turned 15705

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