Story Of The Day.

Twentieth Day Of July – 2019.

Sleepless night, ah’, how wonderful it was,
Then I got up and to my yard walked,
And felt warmth caress of the night ready,
To leave me alone once more in the scorching sun.

The into the dark night I looked and sang,
“Wake up morning and fill that which I can’t see,
With brightness from my soul filled with love,
Love for my Little Boss my heart always will feel.”.

Then I saw morning light break the shadows of night,
Stars bowed out into the furthest corners of past,
Fortunes or misfortunes this day going to bring none knows,
And I said, “Be it for the good of me that makes her happy”.

Love felt well as afternoon settled into time,
I let time pass through me and my wonderful day,
Oh’, this weekend may bring changes I never imagined,
I thought and smiled, but, ah’, nothing of value happened.

I raised my head, I cleaned my thoughts and I asked,
“Oh’, God, don’t my love have no value at all?”,
Regretted I for leaving a question to God,
Forgiveness I sought and to forgive her I pleaded.

Late-night all around me ran all confused,
As the love for my Little Boss from my soul glowed,
And made the night feel on the wrong side of time,
All settled, and I settled, in unknowns and imaginations.

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Hundred Years Of Love.

“Ten thousand dreams I may have seen,
From my childhood days until the day I met,
The lady that completed my life long search,
For the one to whom I can connect all my life to”.

I stopped to look at the young girl looking up at me,
And she asked “Grandpa, how did she look like?”,
To that innocent question I replied with my own innocence,
“Prettiness through her soul felt outshine all prettiness I have seen.”.

Then memories came and I looked for that first feeling,
That came like a lightning and into my heart with fire wrote,
Love that held my breath, held my blood, stretched every vein,
Ah’, that ecstatic feeling through every sense told, she is the one.

The little soul looked at me in astonishment and asked,
“Was she prettier than me?” and gave a shy smile,
I gave a shy smile back and in all honesty told,
“Your grandma gave you the beauty you are, princess.”.

“Leave your great grandpa to rest, honey,” The call came,
And I whispered to that little girls ears “Let me think,
And will tell you more about her”, she smiled and whispered,
“You should tell it all, Hundred Years Of Love”.

I lied back on to my easy-chair and thought a bit sighed,
Then I smiled and in my mind said, “Hundred Years that passed,
Like hundred seconds and left me to relive every moment,
Hundreds of times, Sure, I will tell it all you”.

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Story Of The Day.

Nineteenth Day Of July – 2019.

“Do you have a talisman to give me Mother Nature”,
I pleadingly asked as the happiness I saw she spread,
Made me not just happy but want to spread happiness like her,
And be happy seeing the happiness of others.

Some say Love is happiness and happiness finds ways to love,
I looked for love and waited for love and found my love,
Oh’, Little Boss, you ever felt a little bit of my love,
Before you rejected me and forced me on knees to pray.

The noon was a bogus monster who didn’t scare me,
The afternoon stirred up summer furnace and heated,
Every corner as thirsty birds decided no to sing,
And skunks ran away from odor of halfnaked sweaty women.

Evening tried to stir up a wind but she stood like a stone,
Trees stood bowed in the heaviness of the leaves they grew,
And the twilight came with the dusk as sun too left sweaty,
“Oh’, summer you are hot but calm down now,” I said.

Late-night woke the poet inside me who ate too much,
Then thirsty like a pacing dog drank all juice and soda,
All the sugar drowned him like a stone in a river,
Still, he wrote, wrote and wrote again about his love.

“She is lovely, she is dearest, she defines you Mother Nature.”.

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Story Of The Day.

Eighteenth Day Of July – 2019.

Night left a mark on my heart that deeper felt,
Even the bright-lit summer morning gloomy looked,
As morning left nothing for me to think and erase,
That shadow of what night left became the anomaly.

Life, ah’, the series of events that give us a connection,
To the self and many other big, small, living and unliving,
Then to every event in life comes a balancing act,
Many times we forget to balance or we know nothing.

The anomaly lived and the day died before mind realized,
I chose to run in a day blinded by what I know not,
Time the healer, Space the facilitator of life to flourish,
No chance for both I gave as answers for unknown questions I sought.

Deeper and deeper I thought as my own conscience I felt,
Left me to ask more questions to mind as thoughts about Little Boss,
Brought anger, fear, sadness and then her face in memory,
A million rays of happiness and, ah’, a drop of happy tear I shed.

Then to time I asked, “Why you forgot to bring me a chariot?”.

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Story Of The Day.

Seventeenth Day Of July – 2019.

Oh’ that fat old moon and the lazy night tried,
To keep the twilight and early morning sleep,
But in the lullabies by the early birds sang,
The morning woke to give me a happy dream.

As time scrolled through the late morning to noon,
I took life to leisure and pleasure of baseball park,
Summer warmth became a lady to date the lonely man,
And to her too I said “I am in love with me Little Boss”.

Tiredness took my hand into an evening nap on chair,
Somewhere in subconscious remained a sad feeling,
Ah’ late evening my thoughts dreamed about happy life,
Still a sad man tried to cry through happy times.

The cold air deep into my house basement sank,
As summer unleashed a wrath for reasons unknown,
The calmed down mind still sobbed once in a while,
When thought about everything else but the present.

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Story Of The Day.

Sixteenth Day Of July – 2019.

The silent night at the full moon again and again gazed,
As sky slowly in the east turned burning bright red,
The moon fell far into the ocean to bathe and be ready,
To show his pretty face to the romantics on the other side.

The brightness of the moon in my mind slowly faded,
As a memory of Little Boss took me to bed and dreams,
The phantoms of morning all around me screamed,
A grin stayed on my face when about her, I dreamed and slept.

The stillness of the afternoon spread far and wide even on to Sun,
Who blazed and gazed across horizons for a new look and sense,
All he achieved was another day of burning and the world mocked,
And celebrated another fantastic summer day uncaring the sweaty sun.

Evening and early night tried their circus to distract,
Me from a calamity unkindly stalked me, unknown to me,
But the stalker failed to hide and with stalker I fabricated,
Yet another story to tell myself in my soliloquy and laugh.

Late night stood bright with another bright-lit moon up high,
Oh’, his adventures on the other side of planet thinned him a bit,
But the halo he left on my mind around my Little Boss glowed,
And made the romantic feeling of love fattened a bit more this day.

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At Miller Park Watching A Baseball Game.

Story Of The Day.

Fifteenth Day Of July – 2019.

Why would you sleep Oh’ night,
When such beautiful dreams you show,
In the depths of sleep where none hurts,
In talk or actions without discrimination.

Oh’ Little Boss, you very well in those dreams acted,
Sometime as an onlooker, most times as a companion,
Love between us flourish in that world unconditionally,
And unchallenged, as dreams within dreams romance wrote.

The morning like an aging warrior all around spread,
Slow but steady, Ah’, what insanity the world made,
Humanity indeed made calamities a victim of their act,
Still divine patience out paced every evil lurked through hearts.

Many wonderful thoughts about new age romance nailed,
Me in sitting and thought about thoughts and newly weaved dreams,
Thousands of images fabricated, places unseen, yet filled hearts,
Yeah, dreams about love indeed, greatest construction of humanity.

Baseball park, snubbing lovely ladies with thoughts,
About Little Boss as none I give a second look,
Love indeed makes a man morale and decent,
Oh’, no comfort I seek other than the love Little Boss.

When decided to write through the late night I thought,
The meaning of the future cannot be known by me,
Even if I can, the surprise of a life once in life, I want,
I am indeed a great lover, and a decent man who deserves her.

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Story Of The Day.

Fourteenth Day Of July – 2019.

When the last phase of the night began,
The sleepless poet upon his love-seat tired sat,
Deep in his soul broke loose the sadness of the unloved,
Only the nightingale upon the maple sitting heard his soul.

And she sang taking the pulse of his sadness as rhythm,
About the walls around his love trying to fly free,
Holding the hands of the Little Boss from his soul he loves,
Hearing the song, morning sitting in mother nature’s womb wept.

When walking around the poet felt those tears falling,
Upon him from the maple where the nightingale sleeps,
No sign he found of the bird as morning left in a hurry,
No bridge to noon he saw as baseball park filled his thoughts.

No thought can break his streak of finding a new way to love,
His Little Boss who unseen and unheard for him finds a way,
Through the digital magnificence to let him know,
Heard his heart, felt his love, but only in sixth sense returns.

Evening and early night left without any remorse,
As night grown much older in front of him stars taught,
Another way to love his Little Boss unconditionally,
And in that little gladness in his heartbeat Soul danced.

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Story Of The Day.

Thirteenth Day Of July – 2019.

The usual pulses of the morning came and touched,
Mind dragged away from the world to imaginary,
Where phantoms of gone by days of the past,
Demons of the present time that spins at the same point,
And villains of the future hiding behinds shadows don’t exist.

Warmth of summertime in my fun fantasy joined to learn,
How an unloved man love with heartbeats and touch of soul,
Oh’, my love was made as sand castles in the written fate,
The shattering well seen, while the plans of fate were written,
How many more mornings to pass before this fate obliterated.

Noon mercilessly dragged me to reality that laughed,
As memory lost the sense of time and came in haste,
Leaving all went for the afternoon picnic but mind still held,
Strong feelings that led mind into remembrance of Little Boss,
Oh’, subconscious know not the difference between fantasy and reality.

Evening held her breath as my mind to Baseball I thought I can divert,
Nothing can stop my sweet Little Boss thoughts from conquering,
My mind into day-dreams and sleep and a lot of soliloquies,
Many sandcastles were built and torn away by the waves of time,
One face speechless stayed in mind like Evergreen in winter.

That face I took into the depths of the night for I know,
I need no light to see the past, present and the future,
As the light from that face embedded in my soul shines,
Brighter than the fuzzy moon up there swallowing clouds,
To become full yet another time in her paths none knows.

That face is of Little Boss, the only love this poet can sustain.

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Story Of The Day.

Twelfth Day Of July – 2019.

Wonderful summer morning across the mid-west blazed,
The insane half naked wandered sticky with oily sweat,
As the spinning of life at one point meaninglessly stuck,
Morning left a feeling asking “Is there a talisman to free you?”.

Noontime passed, afternoon came and sang lullabies about love,
Left images of Little Boss in mind enjoying life with me,
Ah’ how wonderful it all felt as sleep and dreams danced,
Through my senses and made me smile again and again.

Evening stubborn stood to know answers from my conscience,
Oh’, I am a peasant and ignorant who knows nothing,
All I am good at is what world enjoy no more,
But, the love and the feeling of her love brings to me gladness.

A sad man in tiredness of his sarcasms may fall asleep,
I am no sad man as the gladness through my verses share,
Makes me a fulfilled man every day and night without doubts,
Oh’ dear, my dearest soul, Little Boss, know this truth,

Even from far, maybe unknowingly, you love me.

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