Happy Halloween

In a way everyday is Halloween costume day isn’t it? And it is all an act isn’t it?  at home, with friends, at work… one just shows a face that fits the situation. The winners are the ones who does the masquerade wonderfully done and the true person just gets buried inside smiles, laughs and the intoxication of material life.

Finding Sadness.

It’s been a while since I really, really wrote anything worth reading. So you all who understand me know that I am trapped in material life. Well I need this to earn a living or I will be sitting in some basement, yelling and screaming at my blogtv fans. Said that, I did a blogtv show after a long time the weekend before last weekend and I understood I am still the man people with skepticism look. It will take more than a lifetime to understand me. So beware of the LonelyPoet. Stay away, as far away and show mad faces or dress like a freaking slut. Loving me is something many hate to do, but listening to me? mmm yeah there are some who love to read this madness and listen to things half of which they don’t understand. Most are just kids who love to listen to things they don’t understand.


This poem was planned last week; I thought I will write it in the weekend. Daang for some weird reason I went to McDonalds and drank milk shake. Kaboom my stomach went crazy. Couple of days I was creeping around the toilet. Now I am okay sitting at work going crazy as I know I am not the number one guy another company chose so I got to wait to see if the other guy accepts the job or not. You all know waiting is something I hate to do and most of you know, that’s what most of the one whom I love, love to make me do. Now about the poem, yeah I looked around and found very many happy faces so I took my office pad and wrote this.


Finding Sadness.

 The half moon up high stood,
With a permanent grin,
Even when morning sun gained,
His glory melting mist night gathered.
People in their busy lives wandered,
Some through almost invisible devices spoke,
Some held devices that like flip-flops appeared,
And smiles all around with the morning spread.
Lovers in love found gladness,
Business deals made business men glad,
Birds chased partners in their game flew,
Children from school buses in cheer sang,
Wind with warmth new momentum gained,
Street corner singer touched deep in the tunes he sang,
As his guitar in sync along with him laughed,
As hand in hand many walked,
Just to spread the gladness they found.
Oh’ happiness all around flew,
Every creature smiled and their eyes bright like stars shined,
Even the corner stone a crayon smiley face shown,
Ah’ Mother Earth to keep this time longer, gently slowed.
The poet alone through the crowd walked,
His ways none noticed as none for him cared,
He himself lost in thoughts forgot his destiny,
Looked around and the happy moment on Earth he found.
Frowned he as again and again all around he looked,
As if someone or something he missed,
And through every street he ran every corner he searched,
Everywhere he went he was chased,
By happiness of the world in many, many ways,
Where all the sadness gone he wondered,
And to the center square street he turned,
The window on the shop in clarity shown,
The whole of him, a reflection for long he stared,
Then away with no smile on face he walked,
As he learned where all the sadness in union celebrated.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved 2010.

The Innocent Touch.

Life some days can be insane. This is yet another day that went wrong from all directions and fired back just wrong in all directions. Easier to say than live it. Recently I thought what do I want? The answer is not simple, I don’t need money, I don’t need any worldly pleasures. That’s just the simple way to put things forward. It gets very complicated from there. Maybe I am a material illusion of a spiritual truth none can ever comprehend.

I don’t want to confuse you folks. Here is a poem. I don’t know why I wrote it though hehehe.

The Innocent Touch.

Swaying up and down the swing lived,
Through many childhood in years passed,
Up onto unseen air the swing pushed,
Listening to the giggles of happiness of childhood.

The flying dust, the butterflies, the small surprised sparrow,
Oh’ all changed in the very many years galloped,
New faces, new voices, new costumes  all came and gone,
But the fun on the swing, Oh’ still remained in sway up and down.

Good times came, good times gone, all stirred up all around,
Oh’ about good and bad, what a little child should know,
So the swing went up and down to the giggles listening,
Shine or rain the swing can sway up and down.

Times have passed many good and bad days came and gone,
Children left the swing for the younger ones,
Many times the moon passed the earth,
Many, many times the sun and earth at each other looked,

Minds from dreams to dreamless went,
Every event with drama filled,
To take a deep breath none got time to spare,
In truth less souls illusions filled.

Monuments of millenniums stood bare naked,
The little child cared not for any monuments at all,
She went to the swing and climbed and swayed,
Up and down and the rusty cranks of chains in her giggles, drowned.

Then not from far an onlooker looked and with a smile left,
As deep in his soul he now knows,
All that stay stale must be moved with an innocent touch,
Then all that went around will come around.

No thoughts of worldly life touched him at all,
Life may have grounded every means of him,
No traditions, faith, color or class came to kill and die,
Only the sway of an old rusty swing in his mind filled.

His pace in steadiness with the wind quickened,
As in his soul giggles he once left at the swing, again filled,
Another child born again at the swing,
Ah’  there will always be a child to make the swing go up and down.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2010.

The Year Of The One Time Flower.


In two years I wrote three books one almost ready to be published. My announcement is yesterday I started writing a new set of poems that collection is called “The Year Of The One Time Flower”. Sorry folks I cannot put any of the poems here as I have an agreement with someone willing to make it an e-book I will not post any of those poems here or in my blog sites. 21 Poems about some things happened in real. All written metaphorically.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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