A Happy Man.

This is a simple poem written with nothing in mind. I just thought I will write whatever comes into mind and look at what I ended up with. All sorts of things I normally don’t do when I write a poem is there in this poem.

A Happy Man.

The anger in loneliness I felt,
The sadness when unheard by the world I felt,
The frustration when ignored by world I felt,
Oh all by the view of one smile erased.

The silence that consumed all my words,
Many beautiful words went unheard,
Life flown away like tweeting bird,
Ah’ all given back when at my eyes you gazed.

Steps to a wonderful life gathered,
All around us as the songs of nature heard,
Brightness of day way beyond day lingered,
Ah’ as your face more than the full moon blazed.

Oh’ with your love my love you touched,
And my heart in the care of yours clutched,
Ah’ in my soul no more I feel untouched,
As from my heart doubts about love away you chased.

Ah’ the lover who slept deep in my soul woke,
And stories about dreams he saw he spoke,
All the dreams ended with the smiles you awoke,
Oh a happy man that left the world around amazed.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

10 Husbands, Still a Virgin

Ten times she married and all ten she divorced,
Different professions they all held,
But none impressed her for long and all were gone.

Then came the lawyer who in love married her,
On their wedding night to her husband she told,
“Please be gentle, a virgin I still am”
“What?” the puzzled groom asked.
“How can that be if you’ve been married ten times?”
 With all charm at her new husband she looked,
And in a sweet low voice to him she told,

My first husband a sales man he was,
And kept on telling how great it was going to be.

My second husband in software services he was,
And was never sure how it was supposed to function,
But to me he said, he’d look into it and get back.

My third husband from field services he was,
To me he said, everything diagnostically checked out well,
But he couldn’t get the system up.

My fourth husband in telemarketing he was,
Known he when he had the order,
Didn’t know when he would be able to deliver.

My fifth husband an engineer he was,
The basic process he understood,
But three years he wanted,
To research, implement and design,
A new state-of-the-art method.

My sixth husband from finance and administration he was,
He knew how he thought,
My seventh husband in marketing he was,
Nice product he had,
But never sure he was how to position it.

My eighth husband a psychologist he was,
All he ever did was talk about it.

My ninth husband a gynecologist he was,
All he did was looking at it.

My tenth husband a stamp collector he was,
All he ever did was…. Oh’ God I miss him.

Now I am married to you a lawyer,
All excited I am, she almost screamed,
When her narration she finished.

The new husband in confusion to her asked,
It is good to hear your excitement but why?
She told him almost in tears,
“A lawyer you are O honey a lawyer you are,
This time I am sure I am gonna really get screwed.


The poem I posted above was written out of a joke my friend gave me. Have a great weekend everyone.

To Love Roslyn

Roslyn is a wonderful charming girl. The problem in dealing with her is she looks way too younger than she is. She is about 24 years old but looks at least 8 years younger. Though no second look I gave the first time I saw. That smile made me very curious, then to a query from someone “How do one love such perfect beauty?” Here is the answer

To Love Roslyn

Spread through your smile, love, electrifying,
As gentle and gentle those eyes blinked,
The charm of kindness every vein absorbed,
No better ornament God can give Earth for her patience.

The western breeze through your hair moved in and out,
Great words and stereotyped love you don’t deserve,
As the essence of divinity one should learn,
To weave the web of love, with glow from souls as strands.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Embrace Of Your Invisible Hands

Grace asked me again to write another poem… well poets at times are stubborn characters and won’t write anything until they are in a mood. But when a girl like Grace asks in all sweetness, this poet will write in all sweetness he can. Here it is.

Embrace Of Your Invisible Hands

The color filled light of morning like a bird sung,
About you the queen of the east,
In words all around the nature echoed.

“Seen a beauty in Angelic glow,
Oh’ from her eyes love like a river flow,
When touched her forehead only gladness felt,
Gladness that took heart and in adoration forever kept.

Ah’ when upon her eyes touched they blinked
That gave wings to this wandering wind,
With those wings of love forever fly I will,
And touch heavens in the depths of hearts in love I will.”

The beauty of you from material sight maybe gone,
Still the echo again and again heard,
And the embrace of your invisible hands again and again felt.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

The Love And Beauty I Searched.

This is a good friend of me Grace. She is the one I used as a model to write this poem, as she requested me to write a romantic poem looking at her. I really don’t have the permission to put her picture in this site. I never asked that’s the truth. Still she is a charming, wonderful and above all a caring soul. Now don’t misunderstand me by guessing I am in love with this girl…woo, the time of me falling in love is over. Yeah, yeah yeah I know you all will say, there is no age to love and love see not age and all, blah, blah, blah… when it came to me those whom I loved and still love a lot just turned their faces away. Well as for Grace, I don’t talk to her with anything in mind so she knows it is okay to talk to me.

 I would’ve never told about Grace to anyone as there is nothing serious between us just that the situation in which this was written demands truth.  As for the poem I needed to keep it as simple as possible as I know otherwise she will not understand the poem at all.


The colors of life spring time shown,

And about wonders of beauty they spoke,

All around the nature they crown,

Beauty from your beautiful eyes they stole.


And to those colors I spoke,

In words and language none else known,

Ah’ those words made you smile,

Smiles that made universe in gladness sizzle.


The world of humans, fairies and angles in that sizzle woke,

And sang verses of chants in praise,

Of the wonderful soul that made all worlds wake,

From those praises, verses of love I found.


Those verses again and again I recited,

And the feelings made me gentle and calm,

All around the world for that love and beauty I searched,

And now in your eyes in all purity that love I see.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Night Night

Night, night hug me hard, Let the dream filled sleep in my mind creep, Let the feelings of unfelt float me through worlds unknown, Until, morning comes through the rays of sun, And wake me with her kisses on my face.

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