Waiting For The Bell To Ring.

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Sun again and again set in the west,
Light went out for many for good,
As the light they left, many minds filled,
With memories of happy times passed,
Some achingly remained filling themselves,
With hopes and hopes on melancholic hopes,
Many stood in silence when sadness sang,
And then there are those even in the darkest hours,
Waited for that happy gong to ring as
Every breath of them defined a new ray of light.

That gong in front of the hospital placed,
Where people with uncurable diseases treated,
Pain through their veins and flesh danced,
In tunes, only in nightmare most heard,
Yet, through their love and compassion, they find,
Ways to heal and when to the wild world they leave,
They ring the gong with sparkling eyes and loved-filled hearts.

I wish and pray when a breath I can spare for their cure,
I praise their will and speak words that give them strength,
Strength to unite every sense of theirs in the cures they find,
And dance to the tunes of that gong, every time they ring.

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Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash
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