The Whispering Witches.

The Whispering Witches.

The settling summer dust I watched,
Those left over by the winds that left,
I pity them when upon them I walked,
Ah’ with a wicked smile upon those dusts I walked.

Sarcasm all around me echoed,
And beneath a face warmth of summer buried,
A face without a loving smile left.

She left leaving a heart in pain,
She left an emptiness all around,
She left a mind to weave nightmares,
She left me in the chaos of self doubts.

Let her go, reasoning inside mind spoke,
Let her go, conscience told,
Move on, many modern day folks told,
And to all with sadness filled anger I asked,

“Where were all of you when to win her heart I fought?
Why did you all stood as a standard and weaved?
An ego in my mind no love can penetrate?
Ah’ why didn’t I listen to her heartbeat and danced,
When you all, the whispering witches, day and night haunted?”

The settled summer dusts shown,
My own footsteps far away from reality,
The world of love fell apart burying,
A pair of footsteps whispering witches around me searched.
Footsteps of a face without a loving smile left.

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Forever Continued

I have some allergy problems. I feel like something is crawling between my knees and foot and there is nothing to be found. It kinda irritates me to the core of my nerves. Well, nothing can irritate me more than knowing the reality written in this poem. Go figure. Anyway.. I’ve had a great weekend and now preparing for a blast during the Harley Davidson Festival in Milwaukee during the weekend.
Have a great night!!

Forever Continued.

The fallen dream looked up at the falling leaves,
And fall buried the dream under, unrecognizable,
Every bit of life stood against the love felt,
The pen moved on paper, ah’ verses in essence of her fashioned.

Left the last dream beneath that pile of rubble,
Rubble of the ruins of my life without her,
Oh’ those dreams without her like fish out of water,
Died without breath trying to suck every bit of me for her meant.

Love for her became a penance standing,
Inside a furnace but without withering I stood,
Oh’ what wonderful ways to dislike me she found,
Still in many wonderful ways the bit of love in her for me I praised.

No forgiveness I searched nor any regrets I felt,
As forever the only love I felt from her is a bubble washed ashore,
In the sea of love to another she give,
Spreading that little bubble all around me ah’ my penance I continue.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013

In The Rhythm Of Your Heart

I bought a new computer. No simple teen weeny laptop or the girly touch screen ipad/notepads. A massive desktop. 32GB-RAM 3TB HD and all the goodies that goes with it. Cost me about $2400. You know what this means… I am going to be back doing shows.. so poetry haters beware, poetry lovers…. here I come. May take couple of days to figure out this Windows 8 OS. Enough of all that.
Here is my latest, sweetest and greatest poem…

Have a sweet, sweet day.. I hope I will be able to make one more post before leaving town for the weekend.

In The Rhythm Of Your Heart.

The inner child woke listening,
To the lullabies I wrote and sang,
Oh’ those songs for you I wrote,
For your happiness I wrote,
For your peace of mind I wrote.

That little child with baby steps walked,
When about to fell held my index finger and stood,
Then giggled in gladness, filled with innocence,
Wiping away all anxiety, smiling for love,
Ah’ smiling with love when those songs he heard.

Years passed, the child never grew,
A lot more than tunes he learned,
When new patterns filled with your silhouette given,
Ah’ learned he to dance to tunes unheard,
Learned he, to gather new rays of sun to see.

Drifting through my mind and listening about you he learned,
Only your happiness can give him peace,
Only your smiles can make him smile,
Only your peace can make him sleep,
And for that without stop he danced;

In the rhythm of your heart.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013

The Learned Lessons

A week that started in turbulent ways ended very peacefully. I love that… Love.. hmmm I know what it is…it is a kite I tried to fly and broke away from my reality.

The Learned Lessons.

Heartfelt the wonder of love,
Heartless-life became senseless,
Silence with wrath wrapped,
Ah’ to recover the lost love I tried.

The lessons again and again learned,
The misfit mongrel for love should not wish,
About love when suggestions and gestures spoke,
Louder than words the dislikes of mind.

Learned the lesson to live with disappointments,
Learned the lesson to live unloved,
Learned the lesson to remember her in everything good,
And learned how to sing lullabies and put to sleep the awaken hopes.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

Addiction To A Pain


When he first met her she had a boyfriend. There were many poems written, seasons passed, disagreements, arguments, she changed boyfriends, He tried to find other women. She declared him as a ‘self proclaimed’ in his art in a good way and asked him to move on many times. He tried to move on but his movements were circular and still is circular. He is not a critic of things but I ended up criticizing her and her anger was felt miles away. He tried to move on again and tried and tried and tried now tired. He cannot look back, he cannot look ahead…he looked above, he only felt that there is only one thing consistent in her life…him. He smiled and his smile became a laugh of insanity…. “Beautiful Insanity”

Now read This.

Addiction To A Pain.

The evening before smiling faces opened,
The gruesome summer rain all around horizons lingered,
The dried out skin with sweat melted,
Ah’ the frowning brows bended like a stretched bow,
Ready to fire arrows of romance in the smile,
Just upon the lips sprouted,
When another dream about her, mind weaved.

Then to his mind he said,
“Never forget a smiling face;
though smiles are given for free,
a smile from the depth of the heart is in rarity these days.”

The dream never saw springtime,
As life filled with fogs of doubts,
And growling from nothingness heard,
And fear filled, where love to sprout, failed

Then a monster with thousand heads birthed,
Each head held venom of a thousand serpents,
But in hunger the monster wandered,
Nothing in sight, nothing can be heard,
Thirst and hunger Oh’ unbearable became,
And the monster found its food and drink in abundance,
Inside the silence of her into which it preyed,
And into her silence it rolled.

Every word of her love he wants to hear,
Every smile of her filled with her care,
Every thought in her about him he thought she held so dear,
Ah’ all in despair said, wrote and all received,
The venom of a monstrous serpent that hurt without wounds.

Though age left his mark upon him,
And time will scratch him beyond recognition,
Still the vibrations of his soul will find ways to stay addicted,
To the pain of the venom of the monster rolled in her silence.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved-2013.

A Reality I Know And Care.

If I say Welcome Back that not be enough. I thought this site is going to be lost like I lost BlogTv.Com. But with the good and hard work of many we made it out fine I hope it stays afloat forever from here on. So here I am once more re-opening the PoetryBox. I have closed this many times before but this time I promise. I will not close it again for any reason at all.

 As a poet I haven’t changed much I need a direction though. I tried to think through many past events to be in a better state in the future. What it all lead me to believe is the following reality… the only reality I know and care.

A Reality I Know And Care.

Simple actions in the age of naivety,
When understood, ah’ arrows of love already been fired,
Air Mother Nature spread pierced and set ablaze,
Oh’ like a promise given, I know not to take arrows back.

No demeaning words of mine will taint you,
No chaotic thoughts expressed in verses can paint,
The reality of all the feeling I feel,
Nor the pain of the uncut wounds I feel.

My love for you is as real as light with which you see,
My love will become more real when in darkness you will see,
Nothing shinning, nothing on fire, just light of my love I wish,
You felt just as I once felt the love of yours.

That’s the only reality I know and care.

© RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2013.

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