Gone By Days.

Gone By Days.

The golden feathers of a bird in the spring sunshine glittered,
Oh’ upon her soft feathers wind glided,
Alone she rested and in thoughts maybe,
About the flight when summer warmth in air dance,
And in the cold morning of the fall fly,
Through the falling leaves low,
The ones once were green and large and gave,
Shelter and cover from mother nature’s wrath.
Then about the migration paths to find,
Leaving the howling winds and the piercing frost,
When to the southern thin and warm air fly,
But nothing down south can comfort,
Like the big green leaf’s touch,
When the piercing sun rays of the late summer noon binds,
When rain down comes and upon the leaf and splash,
 And under it when with soaked feathers sit,
With nudging little ones for cover squeaking,
Yet another season unfolding,
Yet another set of events to come,
So much dynamism,
So much fascination,
Yet, results of events and actions,
Same as gone by days.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010.

Using Xanga From Windows Mobile

I have a Treo 800w and I was looking for a tool I can use from my phone to update my blog on Xanga. I tried using the internet explorer but finding the submit button with Pocket IE is like hitting the powerball. Next I tried email posting, wow the post showed up after about 9 hours. I started googling and eventually figured out to use Windows Writer with my Treo here are the things I did to use it.

This is for those who don ‘t know how to use Windows Mobile with Xanga.

Go to this link  Writer For Windows Mobile

Download Writer-NoInsatall-Beta2 and sync your phone with your computer and transfer it to your phone. I tried the directly downloading into my Treo. But the page keep on loading again and again.

Once you get the zip file into your Treo unzip the file and extract it all in a place where you can easily find it.

Go this folder /writer-noinstall/writer there you will find the executable named writer click on it. The writer for windows mobile application will come on. First it will ask you to do applications set up

Here are the settings.

Language -enUS

Savings Type- XML

check encrypt passwords servers

in Publishing articles I checked all the boxes

Click Save Settings.


There scroll down to Account Manager Click on the button

Click on Options–>New Account

In the Blog xmlrpc file URL:

Enter- htp://api.xanga.com/metaweblogapi


<<<your user name on xanga>>>>


<<<your xanga password>>>



make sure the mark server automatically is checked. Click add.

You are pretty much Okay to go. Go back and scroll up and click on the button New Article… enter your post and publish it.

It works for me. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.


Hope the Windows Mobile users will be able to blog more freely.



To Cheer Up A Drowning Mind.

Time in mind and all around grown old,
And wearing the worn out coat of winter left,
The new born daughter of time chased,
Everything living like a teenager confused.

As her colorful charm all around she spread,
A good thought old man time left, back to me came,
Ah’ made me feel same, like years back it did,
And the daughter to listen to my soul, through smiling flowers rested.

Then soul about the thought through thoughts spoke,
In through soliloquy then through thoughts again and again soul spoke,
Hours and hours in daytime let thoughts consume,
Many, many hours in sleep, through dreams whispered,
All in a nutshell from my soul meant.

Oh in your eyes forever twisted my mind maybe,
But in my thought a truth I trust,
That truth is love of a kind rejuvenated,

Everyday since the day we met,
In dreams with your hands held weaved.
Feelings of your own heart why not trust?
Feelings though far, far away and invisible,
To my soul and into my dreams you share.
Why not feel the truth than live a lie?

The listener got up and away she walked,
The same old story once more heartfelt she heard,
Bringing April rain for nature to dance,
To add more blooms to cheer up a drowning mind.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Plea Of The Lost Lover

Solo dancer will you show me steps?
Steps expressed the feelings from your heart.
Oh? follow I will upon those foot prints,
As first steps to your heart.
Serene Singer, will you hum a tune in your heart born?
A tune to this spring wind counterpoint,
Leaving loving feelings in the minds of all living,
For me to image your love in tune with my verse.
Silent lover a heartbeat of love will you give?
A beat with the feelings of this fading spring rhymes.
And blow life into every soul in hope,
A beat a billion more times for heart to beat inspire.
Sketching artist, will you draw the eyes of mine,
So that those eyes can look at you at least once in real,
As choices have taken you far,
Far away from my love.

A New View Of Beauty

When in the east, sun woke
Towards the west I looked,
And more glory than the spring morn sun on your face I saw,

Into those eyes merged,
The rays from every corner of nature reflected,
And each ray from your eyes rebirth,
Showing the world a new line of poem,
A new view of beauty.

In your soul with trust my love I leave,
As in your soul my love will become,
A poem of beauty, a prayer of sanctity,
And an anthem that echo beyond eternity.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

Loveless Actions

Loveless Actions.

Tired legs along unrighteous paths dragged,
Sounds in mind to thunders in nature dubbed,
And phantoms of gone by days wandered,
In dark cloaks, bare-footed and with smiles mocking,
The realities like wild creepers all over me creeping.

Oh every reality through reasons unknown torn,
And with unearthly nightmares bound.

No more wonderful feelings felt,
To nurture every loving feeling for you felt,
As with the phantoms your images merged,
Images your loveless actions from my mind plucked.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved 2010

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