The Good Old Screams

Happy Halloween Folks.

The Good Old Screams.

Darkness from all around crept,
And into the deathly cold mist of October filled,
Fallen leaves scattered and by the earth eaten,
Evening predators big and small out their holes crawled.
Through the mist they passed,
Big sacks upon their back they carried,
Blood dripping spears and swords some carried,
Some zombies had knives through their neck and head pierced.
Darkness followed wherever they went,
Nightly flowers of weeds in fear drooped,
The scary owl to scare them aloud booed,
But seeing their looks into the dept of night flown in fear.
Darkness all around the alleys spit, silence,
Even their footsteps silence consumed,
And their footprints by dark gloomy mist erased,
Fear, ahead and behind, above and below them danced.
The wolf from the cloak of darkness came,
Breaking silence at them he howled,
And when seen them as the devils of the night,
In fear and respect bowed and left.
The glow worms hearing the wolf woke,
And came around the walking devils to see,
The eyes of evil in first hand in their little glow,
But from their view to an alley those walking devils turned.
The corner house where a glowing pumpkin welcomed,
All of them with a permanent devilish smile,
Those devils hard at the door knocked,
And to the fear of all screamed, “Trick Or Treat”.
The door opened and into their sacks fell,
Gold and silver coated candies that made them smile,
With smiles as evil as the rotting pumpkin they walked,
Walked to the next door with the same old screams.
Oh’ they know not up above and in between clouds sat,
The real devils by real Angels kept away,
For just this night when little fake devils can scream the good old scream,
“Trick Or Treat”.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2011.

I thought of wearing the costume of ‘Narasimha’ the Indian mythological character for Halloween. But now I clearly know I don’t need any costumes to scare anyone as being me and loving the one I love already scared her out of all normalcy

My Suicide.

For those who think life is a business. Time to wake up and understand you ain’t good at this. You are going to get FUCKED up.. yeah.. I said it.. The path you are in is taken by many many others.. I once told.. I wish she learns from the wisdom of past than from her mistakes. Looks like that wish did not come true. Well.. none of my wishes ever came true.
Sun can shine, turn, turn and go, Mood can turn, turn and go, With them upon earth I too turn, turn and go, But my soul is still stuck on you, Stuck on you MY DARLINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG


There are incredibly talented poets who should just do what they are born and destined to do. Some just lose their direction and purpose and try music, dancing and all other mockery of poetry just to gain popularity. There will come a day when they realize the most beautiful part of life is the poetry and the gift of understanding that part and expressing it is no simple task. Wasting time and energy on other things is equal to suicide.

Sad But True

When you hear the word Metallica you will think about hard rock and heavy metal screaming. Listen carefully you can understand, lyrics written to the syllables that fit the note. One should understand gems are found in the depths of darkness and heat. Love is the result of deep understanding from the depths conscious and unconscious putting every other emotion upon the coals. It is like a heavy metal song, one should listen carefully and if you do what one will find is a gem. It is not often done, what happen these days is even love is a fucking fashion statement. Sad But True.

Jamaica Farewell.

I heard this song when I was very young and truly enjoyed it then. I kept on remembering this song for a while and kinda left it in memory for a while and just today saw an interview of Harry Belafonte in Colbert report show. He sang couple of lines of this song.. wow.. really nostalgic moments. Enjoy

The greatest achievement of democracy is the power everyone equally feels. The worst failure of democracy is that power manipulated by crooked politicians by our petty differences.

I Can’t Steer My Heart Clear Of You.

Listen to this song the lyrics is amazing. On a weird day, towards the end I reflected on a relationship and I said. I can’t steer my heart away from you. Connecting to the title of this song. Incredible lyrics and awesome singing with smooth music.
My sincere gratitude to all who support me.

Music: Elton John
Lyrics: Bernie Taupin

Take me for granted, I think that I could stand it
After all these rough seas
Left me reckless and abandoned
Say the spirit’s willing, chance a new beginning
Break down the cold front
Give me peace and understanding
And you wait, and you wonder
Will she still beat the drum and bring the thunder
Will she still be the star to see me through
‘Cause I can’t steer my heart clear of you
No I can’t steer my heart clear of you
It’s the way it’s been, ever since you sailed
Out of a storm and into view
And should I drift away, the compass holds the clue
You control the weather
And I can’t steer my heart clear of you
Make me your penance, show me your innocence
Everything is history
From the aching to the pleasure
We enjoy the torture, the slow pain that it taught us
Everything gets twisted
Let me burn or bring me water
And you wait, and you wonder
Will she still beat the drum and bring the thunder
Will she still be the star to see me through
‘Cause I can’t steer my heart clear of you
[repeat chorus]
You control the weather
And I can’t steer my heart clear of you.

© 1997 William A. Bong Limited

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