Image Of A Lost Lover.

As most of you all know I am a blogger. I write blogs, I read blogs and even do live video blog shows. For the last couple of months I did not do much of blogging and I sincerely apologize to you all for that. I must confess I wrote a lot of poems here suggestive of my feelings for one person. In every poem of mine there is at least one word that tells about my love for her. Now I must confess I am not reaching anywhere with all this. I am getting older, no matter who says what the truth is that. Now when facing a dead end in every corner, this is a time I need support, unfortunately I just don’t have it. I will be writing and I will be reading and once Ramadhan fasting days are over I will be starting my live video blog shows too. Its just that I failed in every possible way to make me feel better. There I just told the truth.

Image Of A Lost Lover. 

The river flown like the song you sang,

The song composed in the rhythm of my heart,

Through valleys and meadows the river ran,

And through the heart of the plains river sang,

The song that told tales of every moment of your life.


Through the river I swam,

Listening to the giggles of the blasting bubbles,

And heard how days passed when in happiness you thrived,

And also heard how days and nights you pushed,

When life at you fired, arrows filled with sadness.


Through the plains and meadows and valleys I ran,

To see the ones heart that known the rhythm of my heart,

To hear in real the whispering voice through mists pass,

To look in those eyes where sadness comes and turns,

Into happy feelings the world around in smiles welcome.

The leaves of trees grew, greened and fell in applause,

The flowers smiled and in prayers shut their eyes,

The mists filled all around and all over touched,

All made me feel the love of her in the depth of my soul,

But only feelings I felt, as far, far away unseen she stayed.

The meadows, valleys, rivers and lakes I never left,

As filled in all is the glory of your love,

In all material way unknown to you I will remain,

As deep in my soul of mine forever that unseen image will remain,

And deep in your soul forever the love of yours for me will remain.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2010.



The Tired Tempest

This is the month of fasting. This year the heat wave is really keeping me underground. Literally, most part of daytime I spend in the basement where it is about 10 to 20 degrees cooler. I normally don’t do much of writing during the month of fasting. Sometimes a phrase or even a word can trigger a writing spree. Well there is no spree this time.   

 Hope all are doing good these days. Hold on to your jobs the times ahead can sway you worse than a roller-coaster. The facebookers will get this poem probably tomorrow day time. Stay in shade folks, don’t try to be too adventurous and get out in the sun and burn your pretty skin. Let it cool down.  

The Tired Tempest 

 The silence of the summer noon broke,
As from the west, east, south and north came,
Wind dancing all around horizons and howling and roaring,
The sky tall trees he bend, the grounded dust he picked and showered,
Ah’ what naughtiness mother nature’s child the world taught.
Went up high and at each other the dark clouds he pushed,
Those sleepy clouds unknowing at each other punched,
Ah’ thunders broke out and lightning to the ground fell,
Hail from the clouds he picked and juggled, some to gravity fell prey,
In the end mother nature in anger roared as all in chaos scattered.
All around the horizon again he ran crying,
Ah’ his tears through clouds fell and the dusts settled,
Rivers and lakes swelled and happily flowed,
Crickets and birds sang songs in counter point,
Mother failed to catch her naughty child and in fear away he went.
Many years, many places, Ah’ many faces he saw,
Mother still worries as his face for long she haven’t seen,
The true face Oh’ not many seen as for many a nuisance he became,
Deep inside he is just trying to make all smile and laugh.
Misunderstood Oh’ all, away their faces turned.
Then there are those who in laughs followed,
In the dust he spread they bathed,
And the hail and rain they loved to see and hear,
And for them as much as he can, his wings he spread,
But a hidden smile Oh’ makes him sad.
Horizons his playground he made,
Deep oceans made him cool,
Wild forests along with him danced,
Flocks of birds along with him sang,
Still a smile away from him smiled, brought him down tired. 

¬©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2010. 

Ashes Of Hopes.

Okay Everyone I am not going to be online much for the next one month. Said that I may come in between and update if there is something to update. Have a fantastic time everyone.   

Ashes Of Hopes. 

Long, Long hours like flower petals spread,
Breath went in and out but mind relaxed,
So far away reality may be,
Still there are times when sun shine on me too.

The way into the mind dreams found,
But only ways as empty remained,
Oh’ how wonderful the unfulfilled dreams shined,
The glitter turned to vapor and they melt and as tears flown.

Waited not for long in sadness,
This world neither deserve my charity,
Nor I expect someone’s kindness,
Oh’ the space and time of mine, God given blessing.

This time will pass and another piece of time will come,
Even the unborn child’s mind will not be empty,
But when through time after birth passes,
Oh’ only the darkness of the ashes of hopes one can find.

¬©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved. 2010 

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