The Void.

I am back as there is something I was having conflict within my conscience, I entered into peace and now I am a free man. I know one fact there is only one person who is going to feel bad about this peace, that’s me. But it needed to be done and I should have done this a long, long time ago. I procrastinated and paid a heavy price, physically, emotionally and spiritually. But there is so much I can wish for and there is so much I can do and then there is that one factor of what exactly I ‘need’ to go on. That ‘need’ over shadows everything else. I am only taking the air I breathe rest is all for you my dear. I got her into mind through manipulation of emotions. It is like a controlled fire. But there are times when that goes out of control and it did. What I did in recent days was just putting off the fire. So there is peace but without that fire, cold air will fill in.

   Day before yesterday night before going to bed I said.. “Welcome Back To The Fantasy World Of Lone, where everything means exactly as defined by the LonelyPoet because there is none else to define otherwise.” And I went to bed without much thought and woke up without much thought and lived couple of days without much thought and now writing this without much thought.

  There are many questions I myself don’t want to answer so please do not ask any questions and fill in the void where the fire was put off, with sadness, I am all set to feel the freeze in the blazing sun rays that will dance around.

The Signature Of A True Human Is The Smile He/She Brings On The Face Of Others.


Never Bitch With Me.

There is a girl who is trying to act like a bitch after spending times with bitches and bastards. Now here is what I can tell that girl. Even if you spent a 100 years with those bitches and bastards, you will not become one because the first man who truly touched your heart is me laughing

She is blocked from entering all of my sites. If ever I see her in real I will go away. If I see her on the road side dying, I will let her die. If I am the one who is going to die and she offered help I would rather die than take her help…

Tattoo On The Soul.

Tattoo On The Soul.

The chisels of nature through winter gnawed,
And brought out the wonders underneath hidden,
The frozen lands, trees and the howling wind,
All by the hands of a mother for us all cleansed.

Birds in the light rhythms of the light breeze sang,
No more wrath old man winter can unleash,
As he in the beauty of Angels stood stunned,
Angels, who brought the light of spring and spread.

Every eye a different eye, seen it all in wonders of mind,
The God given wonders through seasons to seasons moved,
And through time we pass in years measured,
And through time a soul will pass with happiness filled.

Ah’ happiness for the reason of you my dear,
A darling with heart and soul with kindness filled,
A darling whose penance is her compassion to all,
Who erased from my mind anger and envy to all.

Oh’ my soul eternally in happiness will dance,
Happiness to my soul you brought my dear,
You who left a tattoo upon my soul that shown,
The smiling face of yours drawn, with the ink of your love.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012

New Wave

Started working on a new E-Book “The Autumn Diaries” There will be 25 long poems in the book to tell a love story. It will be released on July 4th of this year. Plus I am working on some funny stuff, lot of learning etc, etc, etc.

I am in front of a mirror and that mirror shows my face in a way I haven’t seen it and may never see again. I ask for nothing, I wanted nothing, I wish for nothing… still why I see tears on the face I see on the mirror? Answer me.. Why? I can’t answer that question for the reason why I have tears is known to only one girl.

Don’t with break time, back to poems.

Dealing With The Flow

There are people, who swim in the flow and eventually drown in the flow, then there are those who swim against the flow and disrupt the flow and then there are those who try to stop the flow… All these are hyper losers as the best thing a human need to do is walk beside the flow.


The Last Encounter

I accidentally “Like” the page of someone. I later corrected the mistake and “Unlike” the page thinking I am some weird guy who cannot pay attention to what I am doing. Weird is the word that started the following poem.


The Last Encounter.

Wilder thoughts, in weirdness spoke,
About unknown faces and voices heard,
Those unknown faces and voices O’ as mirages dissolved,
Into thin air and as a naughty wind danced,
Yes the thoughts wilder like wild horses ran,
Over frozen lands, burning desert sands and sharp edged mountain cliffs,
Then near an ocean he stopped,
Looking at the depth and vastness of the beauty,
Then my own image in the water seen,
Ah’ the image disappeared like an unknown face voiceless,
Thoughts to frozen lands and mountain cliffs retreated,
As it is the love of her I once more as an ocean encountered.

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