Love Made Me An Unknown Man To Myself

I was sitting in the middle of the night thinking about the way life always gets reset without us noticing it. I looked back at some events in the last one year and it only made me smile. Maybe I am a very lucky man to smile at many things that happened and I am a very lucky man to get chances over and over again. That very thought made me say the title of this poem. Rest of the poem just flowed from there.  

Have a fantastic day.

Love Made Me An Unknown Man To Myself.

The sea like the vastness of imaginations spread,
In depths, dark and mysterious secrets held,
Silence in some corners in stillness loomed,
And roaring waves with unknown vengeance unrolled.

The vastness of sea and imaginations merged,
As near the never ending shore I sat,
The wicked winds with fury against my mind flew,
Splashing waves into imaginations, diluting images in mind.

Mind a Pandora’s Box none want to open,
And through the vastness of time mind upon imaginations flew,
Backwards through every moment with her in apologies,
And in tiredness of my dreams, time in exhaustion fell.

The galloping time returned me to a reality so ugly,
The pathos of a tune many times heard lingered,
Still for a moment about her I remembered,
And a million roses in the folds of my heart danced,

When against the wicked winds walked,
Once more to the vastness of the sea I looked,
Ah’ somewhere in the depths of that sea lost,
A man in all truths I no longer recognize in me.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

The Admiring Spider.

My model Julia had some issues so we were not able to communicate at all. So all works on that series is paused but not stopped. I thought I may have to abandon the whole thing but no she contacted me and informed me about her difficulty. See this is good, as keeping in touch and informing me about the issue she has. Otherwise I will be waiting forever, which I hate to the core of my life. But unfortunately there were and are people who loves doing that. I feel poor, helpless and abandoned when someone makes me wait. So I will be back on track with those poems soon.

When I was browsing through the web I met a girl called Gulnara she I believe lives in Poland. I don’t know much about her and I was trying to chat with her but her English was terrible. The event I am speaking in the poem happened and I saw the whole thing on Video..Read the poem you will know what I mean.

The Admiring Spider.

Through silence step by step the spider moved,
Looking at a beauty, who in digital magic sat amazed,
Her flowing hair she caressed, her bright hazel eyes watched,
Some words of praise, some words of insult and many meaningless love.

Step by step up the spider moved,
And wondered “Oh what a wonderful beauty”,
And in his own praise looking at the beauty he sat,
“Aaaah” the beauty screamed,
Looking at the spider up the tripod climbed,
Not knowing the admiration in the mind of the crawler.

Fear upon the face of beauty spread,
Even in fear her beauty brighter shined,
Then the beauty from view of the spider disappeared,
Oh’ what disappointment through the spider spread.

The world with good and bad filled,
Fear makes the world a more dangerous place,
And the spider seen not the beauty behind,
“Tup” it sounded and the beauty won her fight,
The dying spider took one more glance,
At the beauty who looked prettier in her victory.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved.2012.

Flight Through Falling Leaves.

Here is the next poem in the series ‘The Magic Of Julia’ I wrote this poem right after Julia left and her pretty face was still in mind in full. As I walked outside I felt that she is still with me. That triggered the idea.


Flight Through Falling Leaves.

The seasons passed and flowers left,
Many other singers to warmer pastures flown,
The color of sky by grey shade of light painted,
And the cheeks of the spreading cold the wind kissed.

One by one the leaves all around him fell,
The green ground with brown dead leaves filled,
The rain from heavens with cold breeze fell,
The setting sun everyday left one last warm kiss.

All around he flew with a song so warm,
And in that warmth the morning mist melted,
And upon the drying out weeds fell,
As through the falling leaves in the plains he flew.

What kept the nightingale warm a mystery,
Mother Nature through her wonders waited,
To learn the reasons of gladness that kept him warm,
As every bird left their nests and away all flown.

Death everywhere in a wild dance loomed,
Still way above leafless trees in early morning heard,
The song of a bird that in every mind embedded,
The image of a smiling girl with blue eyes filled,

With love new born and shared in every breath she took,
Such is the magic love in minds can bring,
No cold, heat, rain or snow can slow its spread,
As with the image of Julia through the falling leaves he flew.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.

The Dream Of The Nightingale.

The second poem in the series. There are some changes from the original as I edited mostly the last two stanzas. Enjoy

The Magic Of Julia.

The Dream Of The Nightingale.

The rhythm of a dancer step by step felt,
Into that rhythm his heartbeat synched,
Oh’ nothing can limit the power of a dream,
No limit on what one can dream, placed.

In the valley of dreams he flew,
Along the winds who took him high,
And he saw butterflies kissing flowers,
Oh’ beauty on beauty all around spread.

Then from above the flicker of her wings he saw,
The flying beauty through air moved,
Her wings spread and for the prefect flower she searched,
And every flower for her gentle touch yearned.

Down to the flower filled valley he flew,
And the rhythm of his heart gave music,
And the valley in the gentle wind swayed,
As scent from flowers along with him spread.

Along with her over smiling flowers he flew,
And every flower brightened as over them she flew,
His heart in their gladness pounded,
And they both in unison upon a tree rested.

Oh’ the gladness from his heart to her he shared,
And her wings slowly to his heartbeat moved,
And to his surprise the face of Julia filled the dream,
The beauty of every butterfly turned to reflect Julia.

Ah’ the naughty wind awoke him by blowing pollen,
Though not to his pleasure in inevitability he woke
From her eyes the color blue filled the sky,
As everything his view saw filled with Julia’s image.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.- All Rights Reserved-2012.

The Magic.

Here is first of a new set of poems I am going to post.

The Magic Of Julia.

The Magic.

Moonlight through phases came,
Covering darkness of night in veils,
The nightingale alone to the wind sang,
About a pretty girl far, far away lived.

“Fill the mind O wind with the scent of her,
Whom Mother Nature can’t live without,
The compassion her blue eyes gave,
The adoration her fingers gave,
Ah’ my tunes only reflection of her speech,
The moonlight veil the glow of her,
Fill my mind and yours O wind with the beauty of her.

Daylight wakes when in love she smiles,
Oh’ time of this era in her beauty sanctified,
And footsteps of history will remember,
The glory of her compassionate soul,
The good in the heart, the greatness in her actions,
Beautifies every mind by her beauty encountered”

The nightingale paused, veils removed,
Sun took his glory from the subject nightingale sang,
The nightingale from memory once more seen,
The beauty divine as an honor of his voice shown,
As glory of sleep consumed his conscience mind,
The beauty deep in his sub-conscious danced.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.- All Rights Reserved-2012.

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