To Cheer Up A Drowning Mind

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To Cheer Up A Drowning Mind.

Time in mind and all around grown old,
And wearing the worn out coat of winter left,
The new born daughter of time chased,
Everything living like a teenager confused.

As her colorful charm all around she spread,
A good thought old man time left, back to me came,
Ah’ made me feel same, like years back it did,
And the daughter to listen to my soul,
Through smiling flowers rested.

Then soul about the thought through thoughts spoke,
In through soliloquy then through thoughts again soul spoke,
Hours and hours in daytime let thoughts consume,
Many, many hours in sleep, through dreams whispered,
All in a nutshell from my soul meant.

Oh in your eyes forever twisted my mind maybe,
But in my thought a truth I trust,
That truth is love of a kind rejuvenated,
Everyday since the day we met,
In dreams with your hands held weaved.

Feelings of your own heart why not trust?
Feelings though far, far away and invisible,
To my soul and into my dreams you share.
Why not feel the truth than live a lie?

The listener got up and away she walked,
The same old story once more heartfelt she heard,
Bringing April rain for nature to dance,
To add more blooms to cheer up a drowning mind.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Photo by Neal Kharawala on Unsplash

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

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The Tired Tempest

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The Tired Tempest

The silence of the summer noon broke,
As from the west, east, south and north came,
Wind dancing all around horizons and howling and roaring,
The sky tall trees he bend, the grounded dust he picked and showered,
Ah’ what naughtiness mother nature’s child the world taught.

Went up high and at each other the dark clouds he pushed,
Those sleepy clouds unknowing at each other punched,
Ah’ thunders broke out and lightning to the ground fell,
Hail from the clouds he picked and juggled, some to gravity fell prey,
In the end mother nature in anger roared as all in chaos scattered.

All around the horizon again he ran crying,
Ah’ his tears through clouds fell and the dusts settled,
Rivers and lakes swelled and happily flowed,
Crickets and birds sang songs in counter point,
Mother failed to catch her naughty child and in fear away he went.

Many years, many places, Ah’ many faces he saw,
Mother still worries as his face for long she haven’t seen,
The true face Oh’ not many seen as for many a nuisance he became,
Deep inside he is just trying to make all smile and laugh.
Misunderstood Oh’ all, away their faces turned.

Then there are those who in laughs followed,
In the dust he spread they bathed,
And the hail and rain they loved to see and hear,
And for them as much as he can, his wings he spread,
But a hidden smile Oh’ makes him sad.

Horizons his playground he made,
Deep oceans made him cool,
Wild forests along with him danced,
Flocks of birds along with him sang,
Still a smile away from him smiled, brought him down tired.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM.All Rights Reserved. 2010.

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

A New Spring Bloom.

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A New Spring Bloom.

Dragged down from the world of imaginations when you told,
Love left the nest we built and only anger and bitterness remains.
Silent I stood as in haste you dragged your aching heart.

The unfortunate, the misunderstood and in despair I lived,
To know more about me and more about the world.
Ah’ I learned there is gladness in every event.

The happiness I found made me more important than the sadness you gave,
My love never touched your heart nor any love sprouted out of yours,
Lifeless minds around you made you numb to the affections of mine.

As the spread out world fast moved round and round through time,
Ah’ what fantastic images to my conscience came and bloomed,
But all faded to the frozen winters of my memories about you.

Metaphors and similes filled mind back to romantic imaginations,
And bitterness and anger melted to soothe the aching heart,
Ah’ spring morning dew bloomed a face into my love.

A face I thought in veils of colors and creams covered,
Oh’ the dream shown without the worldly masquerades,
Slowly like spring she bloomed my heart in verse filled smiles.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2016.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Smile Of The Snowman

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Smile Of The Snowman.

The mid-winter evening fell prey to the gathering,
Of the dark clouds from west came and spread,
All around the horizon like an invading army.
Then upon everything fell, the white mischief of nature.

The next morning woke up to a feet of snow,
Then in the fun of all took birth the snowman,
His big bulky belly and thin hands,
No clothes but a hat, but all smiled at the well-drawn smile.

He stood like the warrior guarding the town,
The freeze gave him more life every day,
All who looked at him smiled and walked by,
And kids and grownups all at him waved.

The freeze went with the arrival of the nesting days,
The trees shook away the last bit of frost,
Little birds squeaked with all their body strength,
The snowman went underground as only his hat can be seen.

As flowers bloomed and later warmth of summer came,
In golden evenings everyone scattered in summer fun,
The games of love once more played with full hands,
And love left with the golden rays of the evening sun.

When the soul was once more left unloved,
Looking at the dusty torn hat I remembered,
The only realistic smile my mind can remember,
The smile of the snowman in that winter freeze.

©LonelyPoet. All Rights Reserved. 2009. This poem is part of a book “Flames From Frost”. A compilation of poems written during winter times.

Photo by Connor Irwin on Unsplash

The Elusive Shadow

Blog Post About This Poem

The Elusive Shadow.

The potency of the essence of life to know,
Oh’ time many through their lifetimes spent,
To learn the ways all connect,
And the ways many disconnect through bare reality,
But the truth, the ultimate truth one learned,
When nothing of this world one understood,
Yes, that truthful moment when umbilical chord detached,
In pain or gladness none knows why one screamed,
The truth is, from then on, there are no limits to what in your mind fills.

From that moment of detachment one starts,
The search with passion and emotions filled,
To anything and everything to attach,
Some in pious gestures and words try,
Some with arrogance and anger ones own mind betray,
Some like pathetic mongrels moan,
Oh’ why ones own fate one should write,
When what one must do is to live what is already written,
Ah’ those unknown verses of fate known,
When soul of each other without any senses we felt.
Still you know not what between us stood and now stands.

What darkness in your past spread I know not,
What in your eyes filled tears, I know not,
But from everyday of your past dripped,
And into a long dark silhouette became,
A shadow the world called,
But with all my love and then with material strength I failed,
To venture beyond that shadow who moved,
In the chaotic rhythms of a world with evil machinations filled.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. All Rights Reserved-2012.




The Lucky Man.

The horizons upon your eyes reflected,
And from it grown a pleasant feeling,
Deep in my heart that told me how you felt,
Then to all the lovers in the world I told,

“Look at me not Oh’ lovers look at your lovers eyes,
For in through those eyes you will see,
The fulfillment of a lifetime of desires,
Filled with love none else will feel and understand.

Gather every breath of yours,
And into your soul blow the air,
Filled with the scent of her love,
For the world to see that love evolved as your love.”

To the horizons I once more looked,
And saw stars waking up from all corners,
Oh’ then a smile spread through every luck of mine,
Once more telling how wonderful to be the love of yours.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM All Rights Reserved. 2010

Photo by Talles Alves on Unsplash

The Loving Gardener.

Another updated poem. The relevance of this poem with current events are given after the poem.

The Loving Gardener.

The shining sun upon all creations of God, smiled,
Silence way upon the hill took her sleep,
As morning through the valley spread, unopposed.

When weeds with their flowers in pride stood,
And later with the naughty wind danced,
And gave a handful of pollen to spread far,
Oh life once again screamed, in every corner of nature.

Gardens of all kinds people built,
As old and new houses alike brightened,
In the middle of them in new colors of all kinds,
Giving thought, how wonderful hearts of those owners are.

Steps always slowed around the Garden Street,
As to see at least one owner mind always wished,
Never ever anyone seen in those gardens with flowers filled,
Still the smiles of flowers, made mind to dance with them.

On that day, as usual eyes made legs so slow,
And then I saw her pruning a rose plant in the evening light,
Every flower in shyness waited to be touched by her,
As far more beauty on her face one can see.

Can’t stop as the world and her may only think all wrong,
Still heart stopped for a moment or two,
Then to me with a smile she looked,
As if reading every thought in this poetic mind.

Every beautiful feeling every sense in mind ever came,
Merged all and gave the ink to write these lines in mind,
And looking into her eyes in my mind I said,
“In your eyes a hundred lines of verses sleep,
Lucky I will be if at least one line of verse I can wake
With the blessing from those smiles I can steal,
And let the world knowing that soul will always live in love”.

Then I knew she indeed read my mind,
As in giggles she ran back to her home holding,
A bunch of lucky flowers that felt her touch,
Giving one more glance and that pretty smile,
When closing the material door,
Leaving spiritual ones open.

©RIAZAHAMMED.COM-All Rights Reserved-2009.
Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

First of all my sincere apologies for not doing shows for couple of days as I promised and in one of the live shows I said I am going to release a brand new poem. I was not able to finish the poem.

Back to this poem. When I first wrote this poem I didn’t have any specific person in mind. I was in Overland Park, Kansas. USA. The whole thought got triggered when I saw people preparing for the arrival of spring. Sowing seeds and planting perennials. The relevance came years later…

In 2014 I was working part-time at Boston Store. I was in charge of the Young Men’s area and I saw a movement among the ‘Levi’s” jeans racks and I went there to check. I saw a girl there who happens to be from the corporate. I introduced myself to her and we talked a bit and she left. Well, she left an impression in my mind. Life took me out of the store and I was going through some turbulent times. I fought with a manager and walked out of that job. Still I walked around the mall and store almost everyday. After more than 2 years one day while I was walking in the store and one of the Senior Associates was coming with another manager and she told “Go and put on your badge and get back in here, We need you” the manager agreed. At that time I was in 15 different minds to join or not as I have another job to do during day time. Then right between them I saw the corporate girl walking towards us. I said “Yes, I will come back”. When I was walking out of that store I was trying hard to remember these four lines

“In your eyes a hundred lines of verses sleep,
Lucky I will be if at least one line of verse I can wake
With the blessing from those smiles I can steal,
And let the world knowing that soul will always live in love”.

Well nothing much happened after that though, as romance always don’t happen to people who feel connected. And I ended up having zero ideas how to talk to someone who is not really interested in talking to me beyond “Hello, how are you”. But for a poet yeah those small encounters is all matters to write and be inspired.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash



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