Broken Hearted Men Never Weeps.

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The wish for silence all through veins howled,
And the veins stretched and stretched around time,
And through endless space far beyond the pace,
Of light and imaginations screaming flew.

Ah’, in it all in every microsecond sprouted,
The agony of a man alone sat, unloved,
His dreams resonated with dreams of men,
Who were all betrayed in the name of love.

Love defined and refined through the five senses,
Love forged and weaved in dreams of lifetimes together,
But love lost in the fabrications of passionless fashions,
And uncouth humans who couldn’t smell the spiritual world.

Spiritless love swallowed and vomited the world celebrated,
Ah’, marriages and vows, and compassionless prostitutes,
Every living breath a thread in the net of brutal betrayal,
Yet, she fabricated a smile, she married, she celebrated.

The one who sat got up, and into that world walked,
The screams first got louder, throat broke when to speak tried,
Eyes tried to weep but subdued by emotions into empty sockets,
The fallen passions, compassions, and truthful words he picked.

He walked, he ran, then he stopped to see all those followed,
All stood stunned, men of all ages with love-filled eyes stood,
No tears from any of those eyes fell as truth of lovelessness,
Learned and said, “Broken Hearted Men Never Weeps.”.

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Photo by Kimson Doan on Unsplash
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