The Abandoned Video

Hi Some days back I posted a poem here called “The Abandoned” I told that poem was first sung as a song in another language and then later I wrote the idea of that song as a poem in English. Last night I did a blogtv show and during that show I recorded the poem, first whistling the tune I wrote for the song, then I sung the song I wrote in my mother tongue Malayalam. Then I recited the English poem. Enjoy the video.

The Abandoned. Broadcast your self LIVE


It was a great weekend. We celebrated Eid. Eid is the day of celebrations marking the end of 30 days of fasting. I spent Eid with my brother and his family in Kansas. Some pictures I took can be found here .

Here is a poem I wrote called “Prayers” this is bit of a different style. Breaking the flow with things of a dark kind. Hope you all enjoy it.

Here is a picture I took while I was driving from Kansas to where I work today morning.

Red Sun Rising Over Midwest United States. on Twitpic


Feelings known in a lifetime spent,

On just one moment filled with love,

Oh’ that moment only in dreams I spent,

As rusted mind rested over lazy migraines.


Gather me O evening Gather me,

From the wrath that scattered me,

Wrath morning and noon given,

The frozen chill peppers in ice cream cones given.


Through the jungle like a hungry wolf ran,

Thorns and stones pierced all over,

Still the hunger to be the love of those eyes,

Oh’ no pain, no hurdles ever mattered over that.


Only in love to you I approached,

Though blood from many veins this wolf drank,

Ah’ what benefit you may have if given,

A skeleton of love with no meat and blood.


For all that a myth I hunt,

Forgiveness a myth, as headless ghost wander,

With my bow and arrows that ghost I will hunt,

Arrows pierced dipped in blood and through air fired,

Air filled with verses of love chanted,

Chanted in meditation of prayers,

Prayers meant only for you and your love.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Abandoned.

 Not much changed in the last 24 hours. Watched two football games last night. Heard Federer lost. Cursed Kanye West for bullying a beauty. Ate, Slept, Ate again before fasting started. Now at work.


The poem, long time back about a year back someone in xanga told me if I could write a poem in a different language as English is not my mother tongue. I told her it will not be easy for me as I am not well versed with my mother tongue to write in that language. Still I made up a tune and started singing in that tune to make the poem.  But  I never reached anywhere with what I made. The tune is still in my head. However taking some part of that Malayalam lyrics I wrote, I started making a poem. There is a bit of reality in this rest is part of that song I wrote. If people have visited me during my blogtv shows you would have heard me whistle the tune. I always used to whistle the tune during the shows.


Here is the poem in full.




The walks facing the setting sun buries,

The pain of the day and sometime some pathos come,

As a tune or a line or two in that tune I may sing,

On that day when to bury a pain I tried,

Sung these lines in a tune in my mind sprouted.

“You the one from view faded,

The one behind the veil of past hidden,

Oh’ glory of yours always will fill,

In the smile filled memories of those days”


Yeah, smile filled were those days,

Smiles given and taken in hopes and dreams,

And about those days only this I can say.


“Didn’t I waited for love,

Waited and waited and in waiting I waited,

Ah’ in through waiting birthed,

Dreams of all kinds with you.


Every dream ended with a new flower shown,

In images of your silhouette made,

A God given gift of beauty and charm,

Spreading into the depths of soul.


The full moon in dark you became,

Erasing every bit of darkness from my soul,

And in the moonlight birthed wishes,

Wishes by those moonlight kissed.


Every sense of mine filled,

With dancing scenes nature shown,

And in the heart every sense filled,

With wishes seen in the light of your face.


The wishes grew green like the sprouts of spring,

And they waited for the rain to bring flowers,

But no blessing of rain came, no sign of daylight,

And for the wishes to flower no spring time given.”


When walking alone through well paved paths,

Empty hands inside pockets placed,

Searching for the reasons why wishes no spring time seen,

Once more from my mind rise my own song,

““You the one from view faded,

The one behind the veil of past hidden,

Oh’ glory of yours always will fill,

In the smile filled memories of those days”


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Unknown Dancer.

 It was a lazy weekend… most of the day time I slept. I thought I will clean my apartment but  naa I didn’t do it. Just watched football. It was good the Packers won. OMG they literally pulled my guts out before they won. Young Aaron Rodgers need to learn some good leadership skills. Hope he learns fast before teams like Ravens and Steelers will come at them.

 Not a lot going on folks. I hope everyone is busy winding down the summer. Well we have an extended summer this year. I am all set for fall and winter. For some reason this poet loves fall and winter.




The seasons changed I thought,

But nothing new nature brought,

The sun staring at all in strange ways,

No corner uncovered he left untouched,

With his warm, sparkling rays.


Another summer beyond horizons fading by,

Drawing pictures in the deck I sat,

Looking at the humming bird flying all around,

When seen the beauty of that wonder bird, I remembered,

A beautiful dance memory can never let go.


Rhythm from heart with musical notes came,

And emotions every movement depicted,

Symbols of expressions hands wonderfully shown,

And stories of romance without any words the dancer told.


The depth of a mind I saw, the depth of care I’ve known,

The feelings of love I felt, and every beat of my heart I tuned,

In the rhythm of her dance, in amazement of my own senses sizzling.

What wonderful sights I saw, what wonderful music I heard,

Ah’ what wonderful verses I recited, unrhymed, yet understood.


Oh’ in it all what is real and what is unreal I forgot,

The story dancer told ended, dance stopped,

The dancer at me stared, Oh’ I know her not,

Only the dance, the music, and the verses I know,

And she meant only to say a story for someone else she wrote.


She faded away far, far beyond all summer time,

The all tired poet succumbs to sleep he forgot to sleep,

And the man stood stunned with eternal sorrow.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Intruder.

Hello hello how are you doing on the wild Friday. I woke up at 9:14AM after a wild night booo at around 2:40AM I woke up with severe stomach pain. As many of you may know my belly is the biggest part of my body and when it pains oh’ boy. That killed my sleep. Then I slept at around 6:30 in the morning.

Now this poem. This is the name I thought of giving to a poem which I posted earlier this week called “The Lonely Lilly”. The very idea of this poem came from that dream. Someone intruding into my home. Well…I hope people will not get turned off by the two metaphors. Enjoy


Beside the river the house stood,

The surrounding of the house empty,

Oh’ from outside the beauty of the house not seen,

Mother Nature’s naughtiness fully seen,

Parasite’s brutality fully grown,

Dark patches showing the age of the house,

In majestic proportions the house filled the land.


The front door like a smiling face stood,

Open all the time though none in through it ventured,

The side windows like ever opened eyes welcomed,

The true light of the house inside seen,

The big hallways leading to living room,

The dinning room can kill hunger of all kind,

As all the rooms stood big and tall,

Colorful drapes adorned the outside light,

The air inside so wonderfully scented,

Anyone inside will feel the comforts of feelings,

Feelings unique to each room in this wonderful house.


From far up north came the intruder,

Creeping though the gates and then searching,

For a place to grow and show charms of a different kind,

The intruder spoke wise words the house understood,

Unblinking eyes everyone from far saw,

In the prettiness of the flowers intruder gave.

Creeper crept all over the house masking age,

Flowers big as hands hanged from sides,

Then the intruder got into the house through open door,

Finding warmth inside from the winter cold,

Feeling of a different kind inside every room intruder felt,

Rhyming with passion of each room filling own scent,

Then in spring time with flowing breeze dancing,

The intruder through the passing seasons consumed,

Every corner of the house changing and merging,

Into the house and house into the intruder,

Then the door closed forever as none else the house wants,

To walk into the house even in the darker days to come.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

From Being A Total Loser.

 I know this day will come when I finish this poem. There is a story in this which I made from one event taken out of my life. But my doubt is who is going to read this story written in verse. Well let me tell ya, try it, if you find it odd stop reading it. But let me know what you think if you finish reading this. This poem is long, 122 lines long. So have some free time before you start it. Someone will love the ending of this.




The orphaned childhood all alone spent,

Obedient, disciplined yet by all neglected.

Many times to scream he tried,

But stopped in faith and belief in the unknown God.


Every time in life he fell,

Nothing gave him any thought,

As through the constant prayer for betterment,

Every bit of negative energy in him, tarnished.


But adolescent years went by like a storm,

All he dreamt fell apart and what remained,

A pair of tear ducts ready to explode,

Even the girl he loved, smile-less bid farewell.


Disappointment replaced faith and astray he felt,

With his hands raised he said,

“Oh’ God in every failure of mine to you I turned,

And away from me your face you turned,

The world in which choices to me you gave,

Oh’ maybe those choices you never liked,

But no seer of future I am and I never could,

Sure to find peace in disappointments I will try”


Never again his hands he raised,

As leaving all to help the poor he sailed,

Into the wild depths of Africa,

Ah’ people in those war-torn states carried,

Unbearable pain and scars un-healable,

There too an odd man in the pack,

As everyone at him with suspicion looked.


Night and day, in heat unbearable and thunderstorms he worked,

Helping the needy, feeding the poor, cooking for children,

And in it all he found the worst reality,

Of all the disasters from his past.

Though months among the oppressed he spent,

Still at a man of different color, language all looked,

Like a predator from some unknown planet came.

When war, politics and religion all mixed together,

Lost he all hopes and in pain aloud he cried.


Once more he learned in this world he don’t fit,

And left the civilized world for the wilder world,

In the wildest wild among creatures scary,

Trees high and tall and grass neck deep,

Snakes and crocs and beast of many sizes and color,

Among all a strange looking creature with an axe and knife,

He became orphaned again from all civility mankind made.


In the scorching sun for many days he walked,

Thunderstorms danced all around trying to scare him down,

Darkness howled along with an owl unseen,

Nothing came anyway close to the fear mankind gave.


Many days along the river he walked,

Again and again the long lost past in my playing,

In screams with thunders he competed,

In tears he beat the flow of the river.

A million times up at the sky he looked and asked,

“Why, why, why all that had happened, happened?

Why none of what I wished, hoped and prayed for, not happened?”


In a cave near a hill night he spent,

And one morn woke up hearing a growl,

Lion with blood filled eyes at him looked,

He took his axe to give one last fight,

But noticed the lion a lame one who can’t run,

Ran away from the cave to the deepest wild,

And the lame lion, hungry and tired in the cave stayed.


Wandering without sleep even at nights,

As that saved him from the food chain in the wild,

One day near a big tree all tired he fell asleep,

Big noise woke him up, this time Elephants,

A baby one got stuck in between two strong trees,

The mother Elephant trying hard to save her child,

With his axe near to the tree, mother and baby he went,

The mother Elephant stayed away as she knows well,

What an axe is for and what an axe can do.

Took him not a lot of time as the struggle of the baby helped,

To release from between the trees,

And the mother and baby in salute left.


Many, more days through jungle he walked,

Many times from many wild beasts he ran,

Seldom slept and one moonlit night on a rock he slept,

Then in a dream a sound he heard say,

“Didn’t I gave you food and shelter as an orphan boy?

Didn’t I saved you from a loveless heart?

Didn’t I saved you from the slanders of brutal minds?

Didn’t I saved you from the claws and teeth of many beasts?

What did you do for me in return? Shout aloud and cry,

For things and life not meant for you.”


He woke up in tears knowing the bad deeds he did,

Ran away losing all hopes as he knows no more living he needs,

Ran to the cave where he saw the lame old lion,

To give himself in charity to that lame old lion,

Oh’ there he found the lame old lion by hyenas killed,

And now he faced imminent death by the tooth and claws,

Of Hyenas who all in laughs and cries towards him came,

With a smile again up to the sky he looked,

“What will you do to save me from these beasts?” he asked,

He answered his own question

“Some unknown good I did I myself can’t remember”

Elephants from all sides came with loud cries,

And Hyenas ran away from him knowing,

They are no match for the big dark beasts.


All tired on the savannah grass he lied,

From there he saw the mother and baby he saved,

They walked a bit then stopped and back at him they came,

The mother took him and put him on her back and walked,

Lying on top of a lot of strength he understood world respect,

And the very many ways divine love works,

And remembered well the one good deed he did.


How many days he laid there he knew not,

How long the elephants kept him he knew not,

His mind went lightless, no thoughts came to him,

Then he heard the divine voice to him say,

“Why you ran before I finished my say,

All your sins forgiven for that one good you did,

Smile less may be the past that left,

Smile filled will be, the rest of the days”


He woke up in hospital bed in thankful tears,

Where to his surprise his pretty sweet heart he found,

The one who left smile less now in all smiles and tears hugged,

She told him how much she searched for him as she lately learned,

What true love means and no differences of any kind matters,

When love is from the depth of heart in all sincerity,

He hugged her again and again and kissed her,

Then held her close and tight and up he looked,

Then upon his face a smile spread,

A smile of that kind for the first time in his life he felt.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

A Glow In Mind

I was away in Kansas for the weekend.. It was pretty good.. Relaxed well for three days now back at work. Nothing special.. Just a new poem for you all.


The world goes in speed unimaginable,

Light travels faster than anything material,

And into that material world born,

A day from the depths of darkness night spread.


Lights of all kinds from everywhere made day brighter,

The Earth moved faster than any machines mankind made,

And mankind needed or not moved faster than they can.


My clothes, something to eat and drink and myself I grabbed,

What I ate to end the nightly fast I know not,

When drinking tea I knew milk to bacteria fell pray overnight.


Driving through the high way as fast as one can,

And all wanted to reach where they should be an hour earlier,

Morning grew older as the angels of noon up from bed yawned.


The more the day spread more complicated life became,

Whining colleagues, daring deadlines and restless hours,

The disagreements, the agreements, disappointments, the triumph,

I smiled when success upon and all around me pried,

When success left me astray with answerless questions, I frowned.


Every second, a new flavor to the life of the day, added,

The adventure of racing back home in the evening,

Morning people were busy, now daytime made them insane.

Panicky all are to reach back home, once home all know,

It’s just the same old home, couch, T.V shows and dinner,


Panic gone and emptiness filled in mind and to the bed drags,

When closing eyes to the darkness filled room darker,

Oh’ mind glow with thoughts and images of you my dear,

And brightens every corner of soul with love,

In love, peace and to dream filled sleep.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

The Lonely Lilly.

I am not going to tell a lot about this poem… A little spooky hehe


Bright may not be the moonlight,

But the half-moon still very well shined,

The summer sprouts fell asleep,

And through the darkness came,

A cool breeze upon the pleasant moonlight gliding.


Sleep from inside me woke up and gripped,

The slow drowning leaving emotions one by one,

The muscles rested though no lullabies heard,

No dames to hold on to, just a surrender,

Upon the futon in the hall way,

Away from all into a world unknown.


Phantoms with ugly faces danced in nightmares seen,

Their screams and mocking laughs,

But these days, more than any monsters loneliness scares.

My subconscious mind screamed and back at them howled.


From behind upon a stallion it came,

Knocked me down with vengeance and tied me up,

To a deep dark cave where nothing I saw,

Darkness danced or were they shadows of doom?

Then slow pat on the forehead with a stick I felt,

“Open your eyes and watch me drown”

I heard the voice of a mid aged woman,

When from sleep into the dancing moonlight I woke,

Not so far, but not so near the Lilly pond I can see,

And into the pond slowly she walked and disappeared.


Fearless near to the pond I went,

Then to every sense of mine came what each sense can feel,

The story of a maid who became her master’s victim,

And after lust gone not knowing what to do,

Into the pond drowned her mercilessly,

His crime with the help of a dark angel she avenged.

And near the pond the light of her soul she tied,

Every lighthearted will run for life,

But this poet in all curiosity towards the pond walked.


The wind stopped, the half moon upon the clouds rested,

The sun in the east wearing his armor,

For the conquest of the day to come,

Up close to the pond when I reached I saw,

A single fresh blossomed Lilly in the dim moonlight,

Plucking the flower back to my new home, I walked,

Knowing and feeling a soul restlessly will wander,

In all probability until the end of time.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

Strange Sunday Dream

This was a wild day in many ways. Oh boy, the stock market went south. I was sleepy all day as I couldn’t sleep much last night. Still I kept a smiling face around. Maybe down the time I will say it was a good day. Sitting around office all sleepy I was leaving comments at different xanga sites. When I was leaving a comment about a dream I saw last Sunday I thought I should write about it. There you go…. I started writing and in two hours you all have a Strange Sunday Dream. Enjoy







Sunday morning with a light cold breeze birthed,

And brought to me laziness that into every bone crept,

Oh’ Sunday mornings are like a maiden who caress all over,

But that day this soul, to the world of dream she left.


In the dream a wedding party I am in, I saw,

Friends, family close, relatives distant,

And many, many pretty strangers in pretty dresses, I saw,

All having a great time at the marriage of my brother.


The decoration around Ah’ how wonderful they are,

Flowers from many parts of the world all adore,

Pretty plants to the beat of the rhythm of the guests, danced,

Confetti and curtains Oh’ they added beauty to everything.


Food of all kinds upon the tables filled,

Indian curries, Middle Easter Caboose, American Stakes,

South Western sauce, Greek salad, Italian pasta,

And many other colorful foods I can’t name.


Music for the dance of all played,

Guests of all age to the modern music danced,

My brother all glad in smiles shook hands,

Of well wishers and between them walked.


Mother dealt with the old ladies around,

Missed my dad as he is no more,

Sister cared for the middle aged ladies,

And no young lady, my little eyes missed.


My brother’s new bride smiled spreading charm around

Her friends stood around, looking at young guys giggled,

And into each others ears whispered,

Oh’ what they said, I never cared.


My brother’s new bride to my side came,

And was asking my welfare when another girl joined,

The one who joined knew all about me,

And spoke in detail my ways of past.


The brother’s bride’s smile now into laughter burst,

As story after story the young lady said,

I smiled and more embarrassed I felt,

Then the curious me, at the talkative girl looked,

The girl, who about me in all details spoke,

And to my surprise I found,

It was none other than my brother wife in real.


I woke up laughing myself so hard,

And later told my brother about the dream I saw,

That evening my sister-in-law called and asked,

“Yourself don’t marry, now you are trying to break my marriage too?”

Among all the laughs between us she couldn’t say more,

And my brother’s giggles I heard,

Behind her in some hopes unknown.


©RIAZAHAMMED.COM. 2009 All Rights Reserved

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